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  1. Here you go, My smallest yet. Canon 50D + Voigtlander 50/2.8 (DKL mount) + YashicaScope + Aivascope Focuser 8 ( + lots of adapters from china + rapido to have the yashicascope held properly)
  2. I use one myselft, the back thread is exactly similar to Sankor 16D. So any clamp for Sankor 16D is good
  3. Thanks a lot to all the competitors. This is a great idea for a contest and I love it. For the story, I went ahead and tried to participate. I picked a setup from what I had lying around, went to shoot and was pretty please with my day. However, when I saw the footage on resolve, it was so shaky that I couldn't use it. This was my last hope for this camera, and I had no time to re-shoot :s Just for laughs I went to shoot with this stuff. (Don't try this at home, this is the crappiest camera ever made for video) I can't wait for the next round ! Congrats to all participants you all did great jobs !
  4. Don't know about this LSR magic adapter specifically. But anamorphic adapters do not like large front element on taking lenses, and SLR magic adapters are not usually sharp under f/2.8. I'd say you'd better save money and try to find a nice f/2 or f/2.8 pancake lens
  5. I'll have to disagree, I have an X-T1 that I mainly use for stills and the occasional video. It is just the best camera in terms of ergonomics I have ever come across. Everything is accessible, and I never have to open the menu. Just love it. I used an A7S2 and GH4 recently, and I felt like every setting needed to go into a submenu of another not-so-obvious menu. I guess it's just a matter of taste, but I really love the Fuji handling and general use
  6. There is a Mir-37B, Elmoscope-I and HCDNA on the setup shown Was testing it to see if was was light enough. (answer is : depends how strong you are :D )
  7. I have to disagree, I have an AF100 (basically the predecessor of the EVA1) and have been using the EVF every time I went handheld (around half the time I used the AF100). I don't think the EVF is useless to everyone. That said, the only drawback I see to the EVA1 is the EF Mount. A shorter flange mount would certainly make a big difference to me. Everything else seems great !
  8. I you put everything on rails you will be fine You can also attach a single focus solution so that you don't have to focus the meteor
  9. I have everything to power both the monitor and BMMCC from one sony NP-F battery but couldn't try it before I got my EVF. I still have to sort that out.
  10. I find the battery life very decent. I shot a small event weeks ago. 2 batteries got me for the entire afternoon with a bit of juice left. I guess it depends on the recording codec a bit. You can also power it using the 12V input on the camera.
  11. The 50D records 24,25,30p 1080p video. You need Magic lantern to enable it once, but the setting stays up, so you can record video without a magic lantern card. Video quality is between the 550D and 5dmk2. Yes this camera is outdated for stills, but I never found it limiting in photography. You get, decent burst shots, nice colors and a very good build quality. Only high Iso is lagging behind new cameras.
  12. I got an Alphatron for cheap Here is my run and gun anamorphic setup (still have to find shorter cables!). Here on a tripod but I use it on a K-3 pistol grip :
  13. I have a BMMCC, bought it a few months ago a shot twice with it. I really love it, the image quality is great ! I use it on a small run and gun setup (both spherical and anamorphic). I used a monitor at first, but a 7 inch is just a bit too big. I got an EVF since. You should go for a small monitor or EVF and you're good to go. I really love this camera, the codec is strong, DR and Colors are very good but I don't now how much of an upgrade it is compared to the BMPCC. I only used 60fps a couple of times but the quality was very clean ! The only thing I have still to get is a cage, as I don't know how strong the HDMI port is on these.
  14. I used Rawtherapee for a while, very happy with the raw processing, it is very powerful and come also with a lot of film simulations (HaldCLUT). The organising side was a bit low on features though. You may want to try it, it's free and open source.
  15. That's very true But it takes very nice pictures as a compensation, and you can still shoot 1080p with it (very close in quality to a 5dmk2, so there is aliasing and moire, but colors are great)
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