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  1. Thank you! It's crazy two of my favorites in terms of image quality are shot with a GH1. Now I really want to get one to try myself πŸ˜„! The image looks so nice and smooth. @kyeThanks! The codec on the EOS M is better than I had expected. I only did some minor grading but the image responds really well. The only thing that I am not that happy with is dynamic range. Guess I am spoiled by shooting everything in log the past few years πŸ˜„.
  2. WOW! I never thought it would be a Lumix G6. The color is really amazing. And of course the cinematography is really on point. Your video is one of my favorite! I actually thought your camera is a GH2. But now I see even the GH1 and a kit lens can produce very good image. I think I even voted your video as the best image quality πŸ˜„. And congrats to everyone else. I was having tons of fun reading the reveals. @leslie Who would've have thought of using a webcam? Let alone with an anamorphic adapter πŸ˜„? Maybe I should use my girlfriend's 4K webcam next time. @kyeThe before and after is simply amazing. Your videos really show the importance of editing. Basically turn a AU $17 action camera footage into something very stylish. @anax276Your work makes me want to get an Olympus E-M5 just to test it out. Great image quality. The color is very good. I thought you must have done some grading.
  3. Looks like I can keep my camera! πŸ˜„ Congrats to the winner! And to others as well. You guys are all amazing. My setup is a Canon EOS M and a 7Artisans 25mm F1.8. I got the EOS M in a local store in Hong Kong. It costs me HKD $680, so bascially USD $86. Of course it is a used camera but I don't think the original owner used it much. As for the lens, I brought it from my friend. It is HKD $400, so about USD $ 50. It is really amazing that one can buy such a capable setup in under $150 US dollars! The moment I picked this camera up I fell in love with it. Even though it doesn't have the best ergonomics, I just want to shoot something with it immediately. And the colors is great. The auto white balance is actually really accurate. I would say even better than the other Canon cameras I have used! While the 1080P is quite soft, in my opinion, it looks more vintage than cheap. That are plenty of details. I don't personally like overly sharp image anyway. The lens is a manual prime lens but that isn't a problem. The focus ring is quite smooth. The build quality is nice enough. The vignette is very pronounced but I think it looks good so that doesn't bother me at all. At first I was planning to do a simple and low budget "music video". But due to some horrific things happening in Hong Kong, I didn't have the time and opportunity to do it. So I have to use the footage I shoot during a trip to Disneyland with my girlfriend and her friend. That was my very first time using the camera. My biggest challenge is that the EOS M does not have focus peaking. My eyes are quite bad. I need to rely on focus peaking to manual focus. That's why I missed my focus quite a lot in the video πŸ˜„. Other than that I find this setup really easy to use. I shoot the whole video handheld. 1080P 24P. I even use auto white balance exclusively and it just works. I did a little bit of color grading and some stabilization in post (only for those panning shots). Many people buy the EOS M to use it with Magic Lantern. But for me, even without the Magic Lantern, the camera still works very well, even in 2019. It just becomes my new favorite!
  4. Voted. I am really looking forward to the reveal part! πŸ˜„ Can't wait to see what kind of camera and lens were used to shot all these beautiful videos (except mine, probably)!
  5. As a filmmaker it is natural for you to rather play with film-making ideas than doing marketing. Heck, I was a marketing student at university, had very good scores for all marketing related classes, and my project was approved and put to use by ACTUAL CLIENT, yet I also hate doing marketing very much. Especially the social media thing. That's why there are professionals out there to help you fulfill your marketing need for the film. More often than not, they are going to do a much better job than most of us. Of course their service is not for free. So the cost for hiring marketing agency should be considered in the planning process. That said, your content is really good and the overall package is quite solid as well. The pictures in your IG is very good. The texts are quite decent as well. Your biggest problem is in your hashtag. Hashtag in Instagram is sort of like a keyword in the index of a book. People look for a particular keyword and that keyword in the index takes them to your content. So, if that user has already known your film, of course they can reach to you by using hashtag like: #flyingfuranimalrescuedocumentary. However if he had never heard of you but is interested in dog rescue, they are going to search for keywords such as: #dogrescue, #animalrescue...etc. Instead of using hashtag that are very specific about YOUR documentary, try use hashtag that are specific for the TOPIC of your documentary. As a dog lover and videographer, I wish you good luck and success!
  6. IMO, the first shot you grade is quite good. The one graded by your client is warm and saturated so I can see what he wants, but it is a little bit too orange. The sky is great but the skin tone is quite unnatural. The second shot is too dull and dark. You can just up the mid tone a bit and it will look so much better. The one by your client is again too orange. Sometimes it is best ask for what the client wants at first. Some people have strong opinion on this matter. If your client wants to have this kind of color grade, just give it to him, unless it just look too awful that it will damage your reputation.
  7. The dogs are super cute! So you should show them more. And you should know about your target audience which would probably mainly consist of dog lovers like me. For the Instagram, try to use hashtags related to dogs and even better, the breed of the dog in the picture. Some people just like certain dogs better. And they will look for specific breeds they really like. Use a few general hashtags and then a few more specific one. For example, #dogofinstagram, #dogoftheday, #cutedog, #dogrescue, #animalrescue...etc. You get the point. The good thing about Instagram is that you can see how popular is that hashtag. So use the popular ones. Your contents are great. Your target audience would love it! The only problem is that they had not heard of you. You just need to reach them. I assume that video isn't the trailer. But the trailer should be easily accessible for any new potential audience. The fact that one may be really interested in your documentary but couldn't find the proper trailer to have a look could mean you just lost a potential customer.
  8. I am really excited! Can't wait to see what kind of cheap camera you guys can get under $200. The reveal will be epic. And hopefully I won't lose my new camera πŸ˜„.
  9. Good light or lighting is the most important factor for a beautiful image. If the lighting sucks, you can have the best camera in the world, and it still going to look bad. On the other, a cheap camera with good light can still look very good.
  10. Thank you very much. I shoot stage performances quite often. Of course most of them are just children or students performing, but I still want to get good photos or videos for them. I always find shooting mixed lighting or weird lighting (like pure red, green) very challenging.
  11. I actually think the peaking in my GH5 is very good. Maybe it is a personal thing. I find the peaking in the Sony cameras too pronounce. If you shot at a higher f-stop, more than likely the peaking is going to be all over the image. Using monochrome definitely helps. When I am using my SmallHD monitor, I always have a page where it is monochrome and has only peaking. So much easier to see the lines.
  12. Thanks. Maybe it's just nostalgic but I really like this camera even though it lacks tons of features that I can't live without πŸ˜„. It reminds me of my very first camera and the first video my friends and I made back at 2006. Oh the good old days when 720P was considered as cutting edge technology πŸ˜„. Thank you. I nearly got assaulted. Thank god I went home 15 mins earlier that night! And my girlfriend decided she was going to be lazy that night and not walk the dogs. One of the victims was attacked at the place we usually walk our dogs 😨. The camera is just 1080P. I tried to shoot for more dynamic range but it is no match for our modern cameras. But the colour rendition is surprisingly good πŸ˜„.
  13. Yeah. And I used to BELIEVE every videographer who works professionally, albeit only as part-time, has decent manual focusing skills. Now I know this is not true, at least in Hong Kong. πŸ˜€ I didn't get paid at all for that gig. $1500 USD (approximately) gone. But this is my bad really.
  14. I mainly use GH5 and EVA1 for my professional work so I don't really have a choice. It is full manual focus for me. But this is because the auto focus of these cameras are quite bad and extremely bad, respectively. Sometimes I missed having decent auto focus system. Especially when I have to hand the camera to my friends (who come to help me for my job), and they are used to working with Canon or Sony cameras. I even had one time when my best friend filmed the whole event totally out of focus! Manual focus vs auto focus essentially depends on one's own preference. IMO.
  15. OMG! It looks so nice and creamy. Really love the image!
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