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  1. How do you guys find the LCD screen? Is it good for manual focusing? And what about the battery life? And the micro HDMI port? I've been very interested in this camera for a while, but not sure should I buy it. It's still a little bit pricey for me (about $2200 for body only). And my income is not secured until next year.
  2. First of all, thank you for all the replies. I never thought of this before. So basically the battery life is getting worse after prolong use? Then it's no go for me. Can't really buy things that only work for a while. I will mainly shoot short distance. But is the signal stable enough? I will probably save up to get the Sennheiser G4 then (can't buy the Sony in my area). The deity looks very interesting as well. And for this project, I will just rent a G4 to try it out.
  3. So I'm going to shoot a short film and I need to invest in some wireless lavalier microphone to work with the shotgun microphone. I may use it in my future interview works as well. Here are some of the systems I'm considering right now: Rode Wireless GO, Saramonic Blink500, Comica BoomX-D I have not used any of them before. What are you guys' experiences with them? Any other recommendations? Any tips? Thank you.
  4. Yeah that sucks. The trend is the same regarding wedding here in Hong Kong as well. That's why wedding videos in Hong Kong tend to look very horrible. Poorly exposed images shot with wide lenses, tons of unnecessarily gimbal shots... etc. Luckily I am in the event business where videos get paid more. It's only because of COVID I am next to jobless for 8 months. The S5 looks very nice and I actually like Panasonic very much. Hope you have a nice experience with the S5.
  5. The description of clients is so true. Many simply don't value the skill of a videographer. They think they hire us because we own a camera and if they do, they can easily do our jobs. How hard can it be, when they're already making videos or taking stills with their smartphone? To convince a client the value of quality gear and skillful videographer is very hard until they can see the result. I have a client who thought I charge too much so he decided to hire his friend to film the next corporate event. Then he knew I didn't get paid because I owned a big and bulky FS5. Anyway, I
  6. aaa123jc

    Sony A74

    If it has a full HDMI port and 10Bit 422, there will be great and possibly tempt me to buy it. Sony has done a lot of great improvements on their cameras lately. The only reason I didn't go for the A7S3 is the lack of proper APS-C option. Most of my lens collection is not full frame.
  7. After doing videos for three years, I've learned an expensive camera does not always equal to an expensive and beautiful image. Part of that "Arri" look or cinematic look as people call it, is created before the camera starts to capture. The videos now I can shoot with very cheap camera are so much better than what I used to shoot using a Sony A7S2. Give the best camera in the world to a newbie and he is going to still have bad result. Something I only learned after quite a few bad investments. What I want to say is, a thick image with great contrast and saturation has to be creat
  8. The image quality is very good on this camera. Got me excited to try it out myself.
  9. This is a surprisingly meaningful video. Makes me think about life. My girlfriend and I used to shoot videos just for fun. Very silly stuffs, really. We knew nothing about videography so the videos are just bad. This changed after we do video professionally. We don't shoot those silly videos anymore. We only shoot paid jobs and testings. It's like we have forgotten making videos are not always about work. Making videos are not fun anymore most of the time. Maybe that can help with my depression. Who knows?
  10. The free version can do the majority of what the studio version does, except for noise reduction and certain OFX. It also supports multiple nodes and most of the color grading functions. For most users, the free version offers enough features to use it even professionally. This is the beauty of Davinci Resolve.
  11. To be honest, for my current computer (basic model iMac 2019) and my other computer (5+ years old PC), every types of 4K footage are a bit too much to handle, for some reason. Some run more smoothly, while some simply don't run at all. But so do some high bitrate 1080P footage. Once you add a lot of effects, they all act the same and I need to make proxy. In my opinion, the main reason why many shoot 4K is that the 1080P in their cameras are simply not that good. Many commonly used cameras have great 4K but 1080P ranging from not good to really bad. On the other hand, I am happily shooti
  12. Yeah, I usually prefer a smaller rig because I like to handheld a lot. A heavy camera is great for handheld, but too heavy, not so much. Thanks. I think I will just export H264 to YouTube because the compression is quite bad. I never thought of uploading 4K upscaled though. I believe the YouTube compression for 1080P and 2K or 4K is different. This is something I can't understand. Like why not just have one standard. My question though, is more like should I shoot 4K 422 10bit (ProRes 422) or 12bit ProRes Raw. English is not my native language so I may not be elaborated as
  13. I think I need the shogun inferno to get the full function. The FS5 only output raw through SDI and the SDI module of Ninja V doesn't support raw. From my understanding, I have to choose the raw output option on the FS5 and the inferno will decode the raw signal and give me ProRes. I could be wrong though. And yeah, the inferno is very big and bulky, so it's probably less fun. Thank you for the advice.
  14. Thank you. After reading your comment, I feel like maybe I was thinking too much. I still don't know why I worry about this shoot so much. It's not like it is my first paid job ever. I have been doing event videography for three years now. Maybe I just don't feel like I am a filmmaker because I have never done any narrative film or documentary. I just know how to expose and get shots that are useable, and make the "story" in editing. And having to be a proper filmmaker and plan for a short documentary for the first time makes me kind of nervous. I don't know. Maybe I should jus
  15. Thanks for the advice. No, no need for 4K delivery and the client will just put the video on YouTube. I just think shooting 4K can give me more flexibility in post, such as cropping and reframing. I have many experiences using external recorders but never shoot ProRes Raw before, so I am a little bit hesitant to change my workflow. But yeah, I will definitely give myself a day or two to get used to the setup and especially the editing process.
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