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  1. Definitely a possibility too! There is a lot of random luck involved.
  2. They're my first stop for camera gear! Lots of the time they just don't know the true value of the items they have, or are trying to clear out due too overstocking (Sometimes there's junk but hey, a $10 lens could still be fun) I'm still holding onto hope that one here in town accidentally sells an animorphic adapter for cheap
  3. Thanks everyone!! We ended up picking up a Sony A3000 for $149 USD at a pawn shop, it came with a 18 - 55mm kit lens, two batteries and a bag. (New Condition) Shes new too photography/Video and so I thought this was perfect! Tested it out earlier and am actually quite surprised by this camera! Probably the best $149 we have spent on an entire shoot ready camera! 20 Megapixels, decent low light! 1080p video that's basically on par with Canon rebel cameras (Different color but gradable) and with decent auto focus, even during video! Thanks again everyone
  4. Trying to find a camera for my friend, I have some ideas, but I thought I should see what the EOSHD community thinks! So here's my question... What's the best all purpose camera for under $300? Something that shoots at least 1080p video, and takes decent pictures! Thank you!!
  5. Thank you guys for the help! I just figured it out! I used card recovery to get my videos, my SD card is just poop I guess ? I appreciate the responses!
  6. I insert my sd card directly into the computer, Removable disk, PRIVATE, M4ROOT, CLIP Been using this for months, every other clip ive shot is there. I even filmed something new and its on there
  7. A6300 clips not showing up on Computer but are watchable on the camera. SD card: SanDisk extreme pro 90/mb's Anyone ever experience this issue?
  8. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076J11VJY If you could check out a short film of mine I just got onto amazon (its free with or without prime to watch) and possibly leave a review on there I'd love to see what you guys think Whenever I make a new project my first thought is "how is the EOSHD Community going to take this" haha THANK YOU! :D Shot with the BMPCC on the camper scene, and Rich kid scenes Opening scenes with the girl and the final beach scene is the T3i!
  9. ok, so I perchased Pro color a while back, but i am now wondering what the S-log 2 settings are? Also.. Why were they taken away from the updated version??
  10. The Rolling shutter is near identical from what I can see with the naked eye. But there is a 2x crop mode on the a6300 in 4k that cuts its rolling shutter in half and that's amazing! But honestly rolling shutter is irrelevant once loaded with ProDad Mercalli 4 -CMOS Fixr. Its essentially like having a global shutter in most cases. Also I tested iso 8000 just to see how it'd look and handle. I actually darkened the footage quite a bit in post! The room looked nicely lit and bright before I darkened it all about 3 times of the original in post. On the NX1 you'd be looking at messy footage at any
  11. It was actually a buddy of mines, we invested in different things together at the time and he ended up moving away so I went back to my t3i for a little while. I no longer have the Nx1 because of the answer above, buuut In my opnion after using the A6300 for the past 2 weeks I can already say in my opinion that its a superior camera and produces a much more cinematic image once loaded with Pro Color and S-log 2 and 3. Its motion, its non over sharpened look, low light capability (HUGE IMPROVEMENT that I didn't think id love so much) the increase in dynamic range with I did know id lov
  12. So I recently purchased the Sony a6300 to shoot a feature film on so I thought I'd test it out once loaded with the EOS HD Pro Color color fix (Found here: http://www.eoshd.com/2016/11/now-available-eoshd-pro-color-for-sony-cameras-including-a7s-ii-a7r-ii-and-a6300/) which gives the Sony much more of a Canon type color profile. (Review coming soon) I also wanted to see how using such color settings would look and grade once modified with S-log 2 and S-log 3. Which once the pro color settings are input into an S-log profile, its essentially like shooting in C-log. So i
  13. I ended up buying a used a6300 for $670 as it was such a great price. The extra dynamic range, larger sensor and low light is what made the difference worth it. I'm not worried about skin tone's as I plan on using Eos HD Pro Color with the Sony and that should solve that issue. Just wanted to say thank you everyone for your input!!! I seriously appreciate it! I was about to get a G7 but just needed that little extra that the Sony was offering.
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