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  1. We made a huge mistake. We were recording from GH5 to atomos ninja. And after all big commercial project, we saw that all footage is covered by information of atomos ninja. We didn't disable display's info. We are in huge problem. Now, we trying figure out what to do. Is there are some ways to clean that displays info from footage? Please, help someone, because we are in huge ass :D
  2. After reading comments, i research and compare a lot of times and my mind starts to think as same, as you say i think, you are right. i will wait a little bit, thanks for all
  3. GH5 + Metabones + Sigma 18-35 = out of my budget :/
  4. I work with promo videos, also shoot shortfilms for myself sometimes. I need more versatile camera, to go and shoot. BMMCC cam isn't look like that, it is more professional and needs more to think about your shot, maybe i'm wrong. I will take a look at XT2. Something else?
  5. Hey, everyone. So, now i'm using NX1, i love this cam, but several reasons spins in my mind to leave him. First: i don't like colors that i'm getting from it, i can't expose properly and DR is bad. The second one: after couple of years all gear would cost pennies and new updates as NX2 wouldn't be. All other things i just love: ergonomics, IQ, Full HD 120 fps and etc. Now i'm searching for a cam that performs well in DR, shoots pretty sharp FULL HD 60fps, has mic plug in and would be good to have IBIS. Budget is up to 2000euro including lens. I searched by myself and found Panasonic G80/85(with metabones speedbooster) and Sony A7s. Panasonics has IBIS and a chance to use it with Sigma 18-35. But also has really low bitrate, only 28 at FHD (maybe there are some hacks?). Sony A7s dynamic range is better, higher bitrate. But lack of IBIS and lens isn't versatile (mm range and high aperture), also it would cost a little more. A6300/6500 i heard that they perform very bad at FHD, dynamic range, rolling shutter. Any ideas?
  6. @Kisaha thanks! I'm using old version, Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM with cheap adapter from china K&F, canon mount, works very well for me.
  7. So, this is my last project. I also have some problems with shadows. If place is dark, the shadows and blacks just broke. Shot with sigma 30mm 1.4 and samsung 16mm.
  8. Hey, Samsungers! So, i used these two cheap adapters: Canon: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canon-EOS-EF-Lens-to-Samsung-NX-Mount-Adapter-NX5-NX10-NX100-NX200-NX300-NX1000-/191627462262?hash=item2c9de30676:g:2FAAAOSw8vZXNFgW Nikon: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Roxsen-Nikon-F-mount-AF-S-G-Lens-To-Samsung-NX-Mount-Adapter-NX5-NX11-NX20-NX200-/400912526863?hash=item5d583fae0f:g:9rgAAOSwv0tVRvyt And i'm not satisfied neither from these two. Canon adapter isn't stiff with body, it moves from side to side 1 millimeter when i rotate focus. Nikon with my Sigma 18-35, fastest aperture is about 2.2, i can see that's closed a little bit and when i rotate more than it should be, then aperture is opened, and also it isn't fit perfectly, feeling looseness. So, friends, did you discovered some really nice adapters and can recommend to others? I wanna that lens would be stiff as native ones :D
  9. Hi, people! I'm filmmaker from Lithuania. There is only two weeks as i have this amazing camera. I explored all this forum and i want to say huge thanks, for people, who sharing their experience in shooting videos whit this tool after sometime, i will share my works, shoot with this camera. Best regards! P.S. In case someone didn't saw, the Filmconvert already has Samsung NX1 camera profile. Big applause for them! Check this out: http://filmconvert.com/download/camera-profile
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