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  1. You can use Color Space Transform to convert your footage to REC2020 color space and ST.2084 and grade it by hand after that. You will need to connect it to your OLED TV using Decklink card in order to view it properly on the screen.
  2. Nikon is amazing if you do both photos and video. Beautiful image and great handling. If you're only interested in video there are better options, unless you don't mind using external recorder.
  3. When you shoot prores externally on Z6 the quality of the footage is remarkable. I don't think that you can get anything better image wise for under 10k.
  4. I did my tests a while ago and decided that it wasn't worth it. RSMB provides pretty good results when you have a simple object moving against a simple background, but in challenging situations like shooting from a moving car, it will give lots of artifacts. Also, rendering times are horrendous. It's going to be much faster to use fixed NDs then to apply RSMB in post.
  5. HLG is not a log profile, so it shouldn't be used as such. The reasons to avoid shooting in Slog2 or 3 would be compression artifacts, which can be avoided by using an external recorder. Slog 2/3 with S-Gamut3.cine will give you a much better result than Pro color and especially 709, which is horrible on Sony cameras.
  6. Thank you. Did you watch it in HDR? It's my first HDR project and I haven't tested it on many screens. Also, SDR downconversion is not super straightforward.
  7. I had so much fun shooting with Mavic 2 Pro. Felt like a kid who got his first video game console. H265 in 10bit holds up surprisingly well. I graded my video in HDR and didn't experience any issues other than slight banding in the gradients.
  8. I did a comparison video of Nikon Z6 and Sony A6500 if anyone is interested. It would make more sense to compare it to A7III but I didn't have at the time, and it looks pretty much the same as A6500 in Slog.
  9. You're not going to gain any increases in quality. The only benefit would be to improve performance when editing prores vs h264 or similar.
  10. The banding in your image is caused by heavy compression and there's no way to fix it other than shooting with external recorder. As for LUTs I would suggest to avoid official Canon REC709 LUTs because they have very aggressive curve and tend to blow out highlights very easily. You can see it on your model's face.
  11. Regarding 120p quality, I did tests with XT-3, and I now own Z6, and XT-3 has better quality in 1080p.
  12. I would be more than happy with internal Nlog in 10 bit.
  13. I agree. Accuracy doesn't mean aesthetically pleasing. Film is not accurate but at the same time has better color than most digital cameras. Famous Canon colors are also far from accurate.
  14. Is this a joke? The lighting is completely different on these pictures.
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