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  1. Hi, I recently acquired an LG OLED TV which looks fantastic, particularly with HDR content which take the TV up to around 800 nits (normal SDR is about 300). From what I understand, HDR footage is just normal video but with an extra luminance mapping to tell the display how bright to make various parts of the image. When you record with a camera that does HLG, I don't believe there's some extra sensor in there that measures the light. It's just simply giving luminance levels to the recorded video. So with that in mind, I was wondering if anyone here knew how to convert LOG footage
  2. RogerRabbit

    Fuji X-S10

    They're fantastic. AF works great. Image quality is great. The 23 even has a slight rainbow flare at f1.4 which is a nice characteristic. My only grip is that they don't look great and the aperture ring isn't clicked, so I end up moving it a lot by mistake, although that's less likely to happen now that I can control the aperture with the front dial.
  3. RogerRabbit

    Fuji X-S10

    Got mine Grip is great. It really should be standard on all their cameras, especially now that most of their newer lenses are bigger and heavier than their older ones. Controls are great. I can put the lenses into A position and control the aperture using the front dial when in Aperture or Manual exposure modes. Things generally feel more intuitive and when I want to change my exposure triangle my fingers dont have to move around 3 different parts of the camera. I haven't done any tests with video yet but if its the same as the XT4's h.264 mode then it should be fine. Obviou
  4. It's a shame because their SOOC image for both stills and video is stellar. They just never came up with features that appealed particularly to people, and then they kept diluting their portfolio with odd products that further split their R&D capacity (the Z50?). They spent years releasing crop sensor cameras but only unexciting zooms for them. The Z cameras are great (from what I hear) but their strategy of releasing relatively large and expensive primes killed it. They had an opportunity to take on Fuji and Sony but flunked it and then flunked it again by releasing version II's with incr
  5. Part of the appeal of the RX1 was the size. It was expensive but you were getting something almost impossibly small, which was a unique selling point. I don't know who this camera was made for..
  6. It's a common misconception that focal length or crop affects compression. If that were the case then smartphones and other small sensor cameras which have miniscule focal length lenses would have super distorted images, but they don't. The only thing that affects compression is your distance to subject. Wider focal lengths just mean a wider FOV, which will reveal more distortion, particularly when close to the subject.
  7. RogerRabbit

    Fuji X-S10

    I'm waiting for the gray market edition
  8. Amazing. Love the uber chad face in the thumbnail too
  9. RogerRabbit

    Fuji X-S10

    I love the look of this camera. It looks like a Nikon FE. I'm seriously considering switching to this from the XT4 because of the better grip and the PASM dial (controversial I know) but that lack of h.265 and 4k60 is a little bit frustrating.
  10. Not sure if the GFX 100 has it but the X-T4 has a HDR mode which basically does what phones do in merging different exposures together with a single shutter press. It's super handy and gives superb results. Also gives more dynamic range than my Samsung S10
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