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  1. If you don't want to do business with them then take your business elsewhere.
  2. Yup. I work in high tech, so what would I know. Licensing IS buying technology, lol, that is how it is done. What did you think it was? A gift? There is extensive stealing of IP by companies in China. Basically they mostly ignore whatever patents other people have and just go ahead and just make whatever they want. That is a huge issue with the country, in theory there is IP protection but in practice it is rarely enforced, especially if the IP comes from a foreign country. Just because they are producing stuff instead of other people does not mean they are "innovating". Mostly they are simply copying other people's innovations, either through license or just by stealing IP. Often they are producing stuff under contract for some Western company, because it is cheaper to manufacture there. You might see a lot of stuff with "made in China" on the label, but it was actually designed somewhere else in the world. Of course there is some research going on there, but it is no where near the scale of what is happening in North America and Europe. Manufacturing is NOT innovation! Places like China produce a lot of stuff, that does NOT mean they developed it. Usually that (or the basic principles behind the design) is done elsewhere. The reality is that most innovation actually comes from North America, and to a lesser extent from Europe. That is not going to change any time soon. Even well developed Asian countries, such as Japan and Korea, are far behind in that respect. They are not Asians, they are Americans.
  3. Sony might like to think that the a9 is a 1D/D5 competitor, but it is not. In reality it competes against the 5D. Sony does not have a full pro camera. Cameras like the a7 compete against the 6D, as does the EOS-R. The R5 will fit into the 5D/a9 space, and will be priced accordingly.
  4. The Autel patent in question was actually from Canadians at a company called Dragonfly. Autel just bought it, they did NOT innovate anything. Most of what these Chinese companies do is based on western tech that has been bought or stolen. Western companies don't compete in these consumer sectors because of production costs, no other reason. The suggestion that "innovation" is slipping from the Western hemisphere is total nonsense. It is not. Stuff may be MADE in developing countries, but the technology underlying it is almost completely sourced from Europe and North America.
  5. The camera occupies the 5D/a9 space, so it will likely be priced at a similar price point. I would guess that an a9III with similar video specs will not be far off as well. It may be why Canon are doing these development announcements now, so as to generate buzz for their camera in the face of similar imminent products from Sony and Panasonic.
  6. It is not that innovation has slipped to China, it is just that it is not economically feasible for European/North American companies to compete in the low end consumer market for the most part. Plenty of drones are made in Western countries, but they are high end products not available to hobbyists. Usually they are sold to industrial/military/professional clients. That does not mean they don't exist.
  7. Yes it would. Nikon currently don't have a processor that can match the R5 specs and it is unlikely that they have the resources to invest in getting one. Hopefully the R5 will come out before 20202.....that is a LONG wait! Lol.
  8. Professionals will not be giving up their cine cameras. I seriously don't understand why people who think of themselves as "pros" keep pushing this BS. Professional video cameras offer a lot more in functionality and utility beyond specs that no hybrid can offer. Neither Sony nor Canon are worried about "cannibalization". The only people who think that is a thing are the people who buy hybrids and who use that as a rationale as to why their product does not have the specs a dedicated pro video camera might have. The real reason is that those high end pro video cameras have a lot more hardware and cooling capability included that allows them to achieve what the processor and sensor is capable of. There is no crippling outside of the limits imposed by physics and economics. The reason Canon went 8K was because their latest processor was capable of it. If your processor can't do 8K then you can't implement 8K. When it can, you do. Not rocket science. Canon have made all these development announcements because they know Panasonic and probably Sony have similar products coming soon, and they want to try to steal their thunder. They can't deliver an actual product just yet, but they want people talking about their cameras, not competitors cameras, and hopefully hold off buying competitor products until such time as the R5 actually arrives, whenever that might be.
  9. Like the Nikon DL series? It is a real camera when it is available for purchase. Development announcements don't count. It could arrive in 2023 or maybe never for all we know.
  10. Do you have your R5 yet? For now it is vaporware, lol. We will see what Sony and Panasonic will be producing at the same time as the R5 shortly, so hold assessment until all the cameras actually show up!
  11. They convert it to teal and orange anyway, so it doesn't matter how accurate the color is in the first place
  12. I would guess the problem is with MacOS rather than the ninja. The other possibility is that the SSD is in the process of dying. SSDs are pretty cheap these days anyway.
  13. The a7S series are supposed to be video centric specialist cameras for low light shooting, so don't expect the high resolution necessary for 8K. What the camera will most likely have is at best 4K60p (or higher frame rates) with a higher bit depth and either 422 or RAW recording. Along with updated software features such as improved focusing, tracking and the like. It will NOT be competing with the R5. The R5 may impact on what a future a7RV would look like, but that is not in the immediate future.
  14. The 1DXM3 appears to have it's own special processor though, I suspect the R5 will have a newer one similar to the DV7. It does have H.265 recording, so possibly a version of Digic 8 with a H.265 encoder included. Otherwise it doesn't make sense that the R5 would outperform the 1DXM3.
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