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  1. Dang, what are the chances that iPhone gets this feature as well?
  2. Awesome, I thought so. Thanks for the reply. Can you DM me if you made any changes to the settings in camera? Or was it post work?
  3. I know this was a while ago but do you remember if it was ProColor or ProColor HDR? Also, did you tweak any of the settings?
  4. HLG3 rec709 and call it a day.
  5. Stay at 0 to +3 if you're using the Colorizer ACES IDTs/LUTs.
  6. Ha! Great description. I'm finding Standard and Cine2/Cinema work good in a pinch with minor adjustments and I think the sweet spot though is SLog2/Sgamut3.Cine with +10 Sat. Then CST in Resolve to Arri or just an ACES workflow.
  7. Agree with Mako about the 85mm (I still need to get one myself). I currently use the 24-105, 50mm 1.8 and the 10-18 (in APS-C mode). It covers most of the bases for now, until I can grab a couple more primes and that 70-200.
  8. Yeah, skin is tough. But Standard and 2/3 under even a full stop under if protecting highlights looks amazing. Some minor post adjustment and it really looks good.
  9. I have the 24-105, it's fantastic. Great all arounder.
  10. Well, might sound funny but tried Kraig Adams' settings (Standard - PP off) at 2/3 under exposed and it's amazing what you can pull out of shadows - without noise penalty. I'm now more confused. I guess if it looks good...
  11. Or maybe it will.... https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/leaked-is-this-the-first-image-of-the-new-sony-a7siii/
  12. Really like what this guy is doing, trying his SLog2 settings today....
  13. Thanks for posting. Did you adjust any other settings in camera? Or is it default SLog2 but with SGamut3.Cine?
  14. I would stay away from SGamut - too much green and difficult to adjust in post. Not sure about the external recorder thing, so far it seems a minor improvement over internal recording and not enough to justify the purchase and/or extra weight. (I know you're not asking me but thought I'd chime in) I think I'm sold on SLog2/SGamut3.Cine and the ACES IDT/Luts from Colorizer. HLG2 in 709 is okay but it seems gritty or something, I can't quite put my finger on it. Not bad, just probably not my first choice since my new found workflow with SLog2.
  15. Picked up the ACES IDT and LUTS from Colorizer. Saved some footage with it, thanks for the heads up. I'm also liking HLG2 in 709 - wish I had tried that sooner.
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