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  1. Nice, looking forward to the final product.
  2. Where can I find your A7III LUT?
  3. Cool, thanks for the reply. Also, did you use continuous autofocus and how did it perform?
  4. Nice. Shot in Vlog? I see the Mavic Pro 2 is no slouch either.
  5. Dang, what are the chances that iPhone gets this feature as well?
  6. Awesome, I thought so. Thanks for the reply. Can you DM me if you made any changes to the settings in camera? Or was it post work?
  7. I know this was a while ago but do you remember if it was ProColor or ProColor HDR? Also, did you tweak any of the settings?
  8. HLG3 rec709 and call it a day.
  9. Stay at 0 to +3 if you're using the Colorizer ACES IDTs/LUTs.
  10. Ha! Great description. I'm finding Standard and Cine2/Cinema work good in a pinch with minor adjustments and I think the sweet spot though is SLog2/Sgamut3.Cine with +10 Sat. Then CST in Resolve to Arri or just an ACES workflow.
  11. Agree with Mako about the 85mm (I still need to get one myself). I currently use the 24-105, 50mm 1.8 and the 10-18 (in APS-C mode). It covers most of the bases for now, until I can grab a couple more primes and that 70-200.
  12. Yeah, skin is tough. But Standard and 2/3 under even a full stop under if protecting highlights looks amazing. Some minor post adjustment and it really looks good.
  13. I have the 24-105, it's fantastic. Great all arounder.
  14. Well, might sound funny but tried Kraig Adams' settings (Standard - PP off) at 2/3 under exposed and it's amazing what you can pull out of shadows - without noise penalty. I'm now more confused. I guess if it looks good...
  15. Or maybe it will.... https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/leaked-is-this-the-first-image-of-the-new-sony-a7siii/
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