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  1. Hello! If all goes well I'm making a feature film next year on an Arri Alexa camera. But, I need a cut-away shot of a baby in the film. And that baby happens to be mine...Considering he's only a newborn for so long, I was going to shoot some videos with my A7iii. With the hope that I can fudge it and make it seem part of the film shot on Arri Alexa. My question is: Should I shoot it in one of the S-Log modes. If so, which one? I've heard mixed things about shooting Log with the A7iii. Some folks saying that because of it not being 10-bit, you're not really gaining many color
  2. Super interested in purchasing this, but also holding out for the Pro LOG for A7iii. Is there a rough estimate on date for that? Thanks!
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