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  1. Thanks. Here's Slog3 pack https://sellfy.com/p/zZb3/#
  2. Hey everyone, I created custom Slog2 S-Gamut3.cine to REC709 LUTs because I wasn’t not very happy with the official LUTs or the ones that included with Davinci Resolve. Inside the archive you will find technical Slog2 into REC709 LUT as well as more stylized LUTs for specific looks. I also included versions with exposure compensation -1EV for overexposed material and official LUTs by Sony for your convenience. Get it here
  3. Comparison with standart LUTs
  4. Looks great! Can you preview and delete clips in the camera?
  5. Disclaimer: I'm not trying to compete with EOSHD profile. The LUTs that I'm offering have a different look and it's better suited for people who like to tweak footage in post. I’ve been working on these LUTs for the last three months and after hours of extensive testing with different clips the result is pretty good. You can see the example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ8dFKmvMkQ The cameras the you see in the example above are Canon C100 and Sony A7SII. I also did tests with A6300 and in theory you should be able to test it with any Sony camera that has S-Gamut3.cine setting but from my experience FS7 and FS5 have slightly different color, so it might not work properly. It also might not work on clips with mixed lighting. Every camera sensor responds differently to certain light sources, so it’s impossible to account for that too. Check the product page and my blog for more information and examples: https://sellfy.com/p/pyqB/ https://colorandpost.blogspot.com/ Feel free to contact me if you want to review the product or test it with FS5 or FS7.
  6. and it's not 4k...why are they nominating films that are not in 4k at least? doesn't make any sense!
  7. I think it should help with ugly macroblocking when you're shooting on C100 in less than ideal lighting conditions. At least on the paper it should
  8. I think that C300 MK2 is a little bit noisier that MK1. Maybe it's because of Clog2, but that's my experience working with both cameras.
  9. C100 is the best camera you can get under 2000 dollars, even under 3000. The weakest spot of this camera is AVCHD, but it's fixable with external recorder.
  10. You can do and use whatever you want but don't say that something is better when you fail to describe why it's better. There are definitely a lot of benefits in working in ACES but only in certain workflow. Working in ACES just because it's wider color space does not make any sense.
  11. You cannot monitor ACES because your screen is set to sRGB or REC709 and you also deliver it to REC709 screens. What's the point of having a wider color gamut if you cannot see it? You can adjust your footage with contrast and saturation sliders without using LUTs to avoid too contrast problems. ACES was created to be used in different departments to avoid color shifts when you go from edit to vfx and back. Using ACES in a single system workflow and web delivery doesn't make any sense.
  12. You have no benefits in working in ACES nor you can't monitor it to see any difference. Why are you working in ACES?
  13. This should help you with creating your own LUTs: https://cameramanben.github.io/LUTCalc/ You can also create transformation LUTs from Slog to Slog2 or 3 if you prefer, but I don't think it's necessary. I would suggest to transform your color space from original S-Gamut to S-Gamut 3.cine and then do a REC709 conversion, because original S-Gamut has a pretty bad color. It's funny when people suggest to work in ACES without knowing what ACES actually is.
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