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  1. That's because it is 30p; a 1dxII conforms to 30p in camera when shooting 1080p120 (4x slowmo). No you cannot change it to 24p either.
  2. Shield3

    Pro camcorders? They're pointless creatively.

    I've been using an A6500 + Zhyuin Crane + mostly the Sigma 30 1.4. Just watch the RS and the image is great.
  3. Who is throwing rocks? Just stating the FACTS here, which is the 35 1.4 G doesn't get anywhere sharp until F/4. I have owned a ton of Sony gear - A77, a99, a7s, a7r, a7r2, and a ton of Sony A Mount + Minolta glass. I have been a gear whore much like yourself. Just stating the facts that the Sony 35 1.4 G Minolta would never be considered "opticially excellent" by anyone with attached retinas. I have a full time gig managing IT for a large gov't agency - I am not a professional shooter nor do I have time to "write blogs". That's your thing not mine. "Buy some gear"? I've posted a ton of threads on here and elsewhere about the gear I've used, including Sony FS700's, 1dx2's, 1dc's, C100, etc. If it makes you feel better to put down and argue with someone who has a dissented (and educated) opinion on the topic, so be it. It's your playground. All I see as a long time member of this site is you holding very firmly on your "opinon du jour" and insulting folks who disagree. Next week you'll be into another body, and everything before it will be trash. Then you can make some pseudo log profile or sell a how to guide. It's fine if that's how you earn your living - nothing wrong with that. But the F/3.5 AF limitation and "dying" mount is real, and screw drive lenses suck. Whether or not one can work around this is up to them. Have a good one. If I have ruffled your feathers too much here by voicing an alternate opinion and not simply "ooh Andrew, you're right - I'll go buy whatever you suggest" then feel free to delete my account. But don't be an asshole and tell me I'm sitting in an armchair not using gear and throwing rocks. That's a copout. Love, Shield3.
  4. First of all, you don't know me or what I shoot. One cannot shoot kids' baseball or softball and track players' movement without AF. I tried for years - just too tough fighting exposure with ND, monitoring DOF, audio, trying to stay out of the action, keeping the rig stable and anticipating the action. Not everyone shoots the same thing, and not all of us buy/use gear to be the next Martin Scorsese. Not going to waste time typing to someone so obtuse. Enjoy your F/3.5 Sony built in limitation, the ancient Minolta glass and the overheating. I'm not suprised to find the typical Sony fanbois; they're everywhere. Don't waste your breath. I would bet big money Andrew has never personally shot the "optically excellent" Sony 35 1.4 G screw drive lens. Do note he hasn't responded back to my question of "Have you used it personally?" The a99II is just another "camera du jour" for Mr. Reid - he'll find yet another new shiny penny next week.
  5. Hello? It's not even excellent at F/4, let alone F/2. Have you shot this lens on the a99 II? Here's some more good reading on this lens: http://www.imaging-resource.com/lenses/sony/35mm-f1.4-g-sal-35f14g/review/ For the price a lens this bad until F/4 is not worth the money. Add in the "screw drive" and it'd be the last lens I'd want. I had the 24/2 Zeiss though and it is nice, but this lens is in no way a replacement for the Canon 35L original from 1998. I won't even bring up the version II as it would be laughable. As for the a99 II - just can't get past the silly F/3.5 in video AF - it's a dealbreaker for those shooting moving video subjects and not setup / manual focus things. Viewers notice the wide shutter and aperture changes too much - looks amateurish.
  6. Wait, did he really just say the Sony 35 1.4 G is "amazing optically?" This is easily the softest lens Sony has for the full frame. It's ancient and shitty. http://www.photozone.de/sony-alpha-aps-c-lens-tests/389-sony-35-f14?start=1 "The resolution is rather poor at large aperture settings and this is, after all, the primary playing ground of this lens. The situation improves significantly when stopping down to f/4-f/8 although very high lateral CAs can decrease the sharpness perception if not corrected. Distortions and vignetting are very well controlled, less so longitudinal CAs ("bokeh CAs"). Some users mention a very good bokeh (out-of-focus blur) but we failed to see greatness here (note: the quality of the bokeh goes beyond the sheer depth-of-field). The build quality is excellent and the AF is fast enough for most applications. All-in-all a lens which surely had its time but it isn't really prepared for the digital era."
  7. Shield3

    Sony A9 - No SLOG 2/3????

    This is a poor analogy. A sports car might go 200 MPH but you can't just give it Prius type fuel economy with a tune (firmware upgrade). Sony could have added this if they wanted to; they chose not to.
  8. Shield3

    Sony 16-70mm F/4.0 OSS or 18-105 F/4.0 OSS

    I have owned both. I kept the 18-105 - plenty sharp, more range, smoother zoom and focus rings, plus the power zoom.
  9. Sorry for the bad pics here - don't have a good flash for my A6500 I took these with. Included in this listing: Canon XC-10 4k Camcorder in excellent low use condition 1 new (used once) genuine Canon LP-E6N battery 1 OEM charging AC adapter LCD Loupe / viewfinder USB 3 CFast card reader No box. Price - $1350 for the camera alone or $1600 with the 256GB CFast card (this will record 4 hours of the highest quality 4k). Camcorder is in excellent condition. Just have the C100 II and tend to use it much more. I will guarantee this product for a 3 day inspection for guaranteed functionality and condition. Shipping is free to CONUS and I cover all Paypal fees. Ohio seller, ship immediately. Can do local pickup in the 43085 zip code. Email me [email protected] thanks Feedback - ebay id archiecomics4me (since June 2000).
  10. Shield3

    GH5 focus excellence

    Yes I do the same with my c100 II - I have assigned the handle custom button to toggle AF. So pardon me if I've missed this, but have your or anyone else simply told Max and/or the Photo guy on Youtube what settings you used?
  11. Shield3

    GH5 focus excellence

    On the first video, were you toggling any buttons, like AF/AE or half shutter press? At the end of the day can I throw this on a gimbal with your settings and NOT have to touch the camera (i.e. set it on continuous AF and let it do it's thing?)
  12. Shield3

    GH5 focus excellence

    Ken (Ross) - I would love to see your first test done with faces instead of a lens filling 75% of the screen but I will admit it's far better than Max's tests. I am more confused than ever. The 2nd test was just a very slow movement test and it cut off at the end before it refocused on the background (not saying you intentionally did this - it just cut out before it was getting good). Still, the first test had pulsing and was very abrupt, but still - far better than everything Max did with his human subject. Again, more confused than ever.
  13. Shield3

    GH5 focus excellence

    Ken, can you simply show us footage of your GH5 shooting a subject at F/2.8 (doesn't have to be 6" from the lens, but a reasonable distance to blur the background) and show the camera autofocusing from the foreground to the background? I mean, if you "never had an issue" this shouldn't be a problem. Very simple test, and tons have done it with a slew of cameras (see Philip Bloom's 3 part AF test). In the real world shooting weddings one might need to AF between subjects that aren't close to one another, and showing us tests of you slowly moving from a street sign at F/16 to a car just isn't the same. I get Max's "suddenly pop into the frame" tests are extreme. But there is a middle ground, and I don't feel you've backed up your claim of "good AF" with the sample videos you've provided in this thread. So. Put something large and contrasty on a table 3 feet in front of you. Have a wall 2-3 times further away. Show your GH5 focusing on the foreground subject, then the background, then to the foreground. I can shoot something with my C100 to provide to you if this seems too complicated. Don't need anyone suddenly popping in the frame - just a simple pan at a reasonably shallow DOF. Thanks.
  14. Shield3

    Anyone not that excited about the GH5?

    Despite starting this thread, I hope Panasonic sells a ton of the GH5's and all their other bodies. You have to get behind any company that is giving you their all to COMPETE, along with being rock solid workhorses. Never had any issues ever with Panasonic bodies.
  15. Shield3

    Anyone not that excited about the GH5?

    True, very true. In fact the only reason I even started this thread was all the front page topics gushing over the GH5 and Andrew saying how Canon needs to get on the ball. Canon is still #1 in the camera world, has excellent stills cameras and wonderful video AF - there's a reason you see them all over all pro sports venues. Canon could release a camera with all the tech they have now and sell a billion of them - IE 80d body with a FF sensor, the EVF from the C300/C100 II, 305 M/bit codec, 4k60 and 1080p120. You also know Canon sure as hell could make fast STM primes - their bread and butter are with stills photogs though who want the much faster USM focusing.