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  1. The C200 is my dream camera for sure.
  2. No idea what 200 Euros = USD (too lazy to look) but sounds like for about $800 you can have a pretty dope 35mm F/1.8 equiv 4k beast with good in body IS. Why am I shooting Sony again?
  3. Won't the card write speed ultimately be the shortcoming here?
  4. Remember, Andrew - the C-Log on the 1DC was manual exposure only as well? I do, and it was frustrating. It's not that way on the Cx00 series. Silly Canon. Is there an additional crop from 24 to 30p in 4k? (or 25/30 for you across the pond)?
  5. Assuming I agree 100% with everything you said (I don't at all). Why are you here? Ask yourself why? You're not shooting when you're posting this nonsense either Mr. Hypocrite.
  6. I have an 8 plus. You shoot anything besides casual walk around good light close up items? I'll post my best MOON pic with a real camera, and you show me yours with a phone. $1000 cash says mine is so much better. What phone is going to shoot my kids playing sports with ANY sort of detail at 200 feet away? Talking video. Up next, I'll show up and do another wedding video with my phone. Clients will love that; I'll tell them webrunner5 sent me. I have to get out this thread; can't waste any more time arguing with people who just don't get it.
  7. Show me how easy it is to see the damn phone screen in bright sunlight. Make mine a EVF every time. Shot some footage at Gatorland in June during mid-day and I had to point and "guess" with my iphone. Literally could not see a damn thing with that Florida sun.
  8. And you could get walk around with easy manual focus / peaking with that sweet Nokton 25mm F/0.95 with 5 axis stabilization. I still have some GH2 footage I shot wide open with that lens from 2011 and it holds up pretty well 7 years later. It's not the worst idea I've seen on here and I love the price. Some people shoot things far away....like sports, wildlife. What 300 2.8 amI going to put on my iphone 8 plus and shoot my son playing travel baseball from beyond center field? What 600-1200mm equivalent can I shoot the moon with and get any detail on my phone? No offense, but for YOU perhaps it doesn't make sense, but you don't speak for everyone else. All tiny sensor phones SUCK in low light. So yeah - shooting casual video of things up close and in good light - you may not see that big of a difference. Throw a bright lens on a micro 4/3rds in difficult light and it sings.
  9. Adobe is killing Lightroom? Do you have a link for the changes? Or just Lightroom classic?
  10. This thread has it all - not released yet; but "beat every full frame camera ever, past present and future" (despite all the lack of info we have right now) to "camera sucks". Only on EOSHD can you get such a wide range of speculation! The crop monkey is not pleased.
  11. I had the 1dxII after owning the 1dC and multiple 1dx's. For me it' didn't have the mojo of the 1DC or C100 Mark II if I'm completely honest. Hated working with those huge files, no EVF, 1080p120 was very, very soft. Great sports camera but I didn't love it for the money. But I'm a hobbyist.
  12. I thought it'd be given on the a7sII, which came out after the a72 and a7r2. That's why I will mention it - should have been in the last version.
  13. Like I've said the very first thing is dumping the slow CDAF that's in the A7s/A7SII and implementing PDAF for better AF tracking. Seems like video AF is on everyone's radar these days.
  14. I could see Sony reusing the existing A7sII 12MP sensor and updating the memory slots, battery, menu and a couple other new tweaks and calling it a day. Got to save something for the A7sIV you know...
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