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  1. Why is an apology required ? We should apologize to canon. This is going to be the best 3800.00 camera ever !
  2. Fix is on the way, but don't expect unlimited 8k recording .
  3. Whatever it takes because the video out of this camera is incredible .
  4. Not that hard to do . Let's call it a cooling housing.
  5. Oh man, that's just butter! And, with the worst lens .
  6. Wow, its getting kinda hard to hate canon at the moment !
  7. I'm quite honestly blown away by the footage from the R5 and by the gimbal like stabilization.
  8. I think this camera is every bit as revolutionary as the original Canon 5D
  9. Right, and who in their right mind would be using this for a commercial ? You guys seem to think that somehow this camera is going to end up being used on high end productions . It’s so astoundingly ignorant.
  10. I only know how I use them . And it’s exactly like that . I love that canon gave me a perfect tool..
  11. These folk here can’t understand that. The average shot in a commercial is about a second . i think their brains are hit with the Almighty ‘cripple hammer “ which they refer to constantly. i can’t wait to see the.great creative work done with this awesome tool. And it will be .
  12. “shoots alongside the c300 mkiii “ so, if you have a 300 mkiii why would you need an R5 ? logicaly , it would be used for a few wide establishing shots and on a gimbal for a few . And, This sound s about well within the camera’s capabilities . If it overheats , you put it away and keep right on rolling with the old 300 mkiii. i don’t see anything too damning in this . So what’s the problem?
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