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  1. I do not have one but have been reading posts by owners who are astonished by how good the 2 K pro res looks straight out of the camera .
  2. You don’t know what you are talking about until you have seen 8K monstro FF downscaled to 2 K ProRes .
  3. Leica50mm

    Sigma FP

    Only question i have is, when can i buy one.
  4. I was thinking about this the other day. . I have the canon 1DX mkii and canon zooms . It seems like the auto focus would keep focus through out the zoom . I tried it and it works . Why wouldn’t it?
  5. Excited to see the new Leica SL Ii . Should be coming soon and I think it will have the same sensor. Considering how good the SL is for video it should be amazing. I just bought one second hand for 2800.00 Also, love to some nice Leica SL glass like the 24-90 on this. Should be good.
  6. i just read canon's coming out with two more very fun sounding 1.2 lenses . 24mm 1.2 and a 85mm 1.2 . Might have to get one just for these killer lenses.
  7. Why would you want 4 k when that looks so good?
  8. Ok i’ll Try that Thanks, Tim Hi Tupp Thanks, those do look good and I canon color a lot. But, I already have the 4/3 to PL lens adaptors which are really nice. Thanks, Tim
  9. I got the camera a couple days ago after reading Andrews post. I wanted something to replace my Black Magic pocket camera for these old Zeiss s16s super speeds set I have . To put it bluntly, I’m not getting the results . The first two shots on his video sold me on it. Didn’t even watch the rest. I’m used to shooting with a red dragon so maybe I don’t know what I’m doing . But, I can’t get the stabization to work very well . Thinking of returning it on Monday . Sad, because I really love these lenses and would really like a viable s16 camera. I also have a Zeiss s16 10-120 which is awesome to shoot with . Small, light weight and s35 its a 20 240 f2.0 . I also like the s16 look. I had just watched The Wrestler the night before and that was shot on s16 so, that probably influenced my purchase as well.
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