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  1. OK, here's some 10 bit that I shot after opening the box and inserting the card : No grading straight off the card. Hand held canon 85mm 1.4 IS I think I was testing the stabilization .
  2. Sure, just as soon as you show some GFX 100 footage . Just kidding. Yeah I shot a couple quick clips last week I would share . They were more of a autofocus test of pushing in on a slider of a guy dribbling a basketball . And it is kind of magic. Something you could never do without an AC . The full frame 24fps with AF Raw footage is fantastic, but major gotcha is file size . The raw files are about 1.5 gb for 20 seconds . Do you have a server to upload to? Looks like yours doesn't accept canon CRM . I will link them from my iCloud when done uploading.
  3. So glad I bought the 1dx mkiii instead. Canon just works .
  4. I recently purchased the Canon 1dx mkiii. The 6k raw is so hard to work with, it’s not worth it in my option. I have a maxed out trash can set up and final cut cut and Davinci just choke on it. I have a red dragon 6k and the footage pays like butter. I wanted the raw and autofocus, but it’s just isnt happening for me. I can’t imagine how bad 8k will be to work with.
  5. Dream on Sony lovers. Here's Sony's answer to canon's raw on C500 MKII :https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/04/30/atomos-sony-fx9-raw-recording-details-announced/
  6. Ok gotcha, thanks! I got mine last week and still figuring it out .
  7. Doesn’t do Dpaf in 5.5 raw, right?
  8. I do not have one but have been reading posts by owners who are astonished by how good the 2 K pro res looks straight out of the camera .
  9. You don’t know what you are talking about until you have seen 8K monstro FF downscaled to 2 K ProRes .
  10. Leica50mm

    Sigma FP

    Only question i have is, when can i buy one.
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