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  1. I do not have one but have been reading posts by owners who are astonished by how good the 2 K pro res looks straight out of the camera .
  2. You don’t know what you are talking about until you have seen 8K monstro FF downscaled to 2 K ProRes .
  3. Leica50mm

    Sigma FP

    Only question i have is, when can i buy one.
  4. I was thinking about this the other day. . I have the canon 1DX mkii and canon zooms . It seems like the auto focus would keep focus through out the zoom . I tried it and it works . Why wouldn’t it?
  5. Excited to see the new Leica SL Ii . Should be coming soon and I think it will have the same sensor. Considering how good the SL is for video it should be amazing. I just bought one second hand for 2800.00 Also, love to some nice Leica SL glass like the 24-90 on this. Should be good.
  6. i just read canon's coming out with two more very fun sounding 1.2 lenses . 24mm 1.2 and a 85mm 1.2 . Might have to get one just for these killer lenses.
  7. Why would you want 4 k when that looks so good?
  8. Ok i’ll Try that Thanks, Tim Hi Tupp Thanks, those do look good and I canon color a lot. But, I already have the 4/3 to PL lens adaptors which are really nice. Thanks, Tim
  9. I got the camera a couple days ago after reading Andrews post. I wanted something to replace my Black Magic pocket camera for these old Zeiss s16s super speeds set I have . To put it bluntly, I’m not getting the results . The first two shots on his video sold me on it. Didn’t even watch the rest. I’m used to shooting with a red dragon so maybe I don’t know what I’m doing . But, I can’t get the stabization to work very well . Thinking of returning it on Monday . Sad, because I really love these lenses and would really like a viable s16 camera. I also have a Zeiss s16 10-120 which is awesome to shoot with . Small, light weight and s35 its a 20 240 f2.0 . I also like the s16 look. I had just watched The Wrestler the night before and that was shot on s16 so, that probably influenced my purchase as well.
  10. And, why does the footage and images it produce look better than anything else?
  11. The footage from the Devin Supertramp video looks like a movie. Its the first camera ad i have ever been able to make it through . Wow. Pretty excited about this now. 1080 version :
  12. I'd not worry about the apps. With their cameras, they have opened it up to private developers . For instance, Fool Control . Which makes the cameras 100% easier to operate and even works as wireless focus for canon lenses. It is amazing!
  13. I think Jarred at Red has seen the future and it's a smart phone.
  14. Leica50mm

    Gh5 or 5d mk iv?

    I shot this hand held with autofocus an 85 1.4 wide open 1DXmkii at 120 fps while doing a still shoot . The 120 fps is a little soft but useable. Still needs to be color corrected between shots
  15. Whats the big deal? Canon 1DX MK II does 16 fps with live view, and it works great. Are sports photographers going to switch over four frames a second?
  16. Wow, rotten color at 20 fps! Can't wait ...
  17. Andrew, don't stop ! I enjoy your contentious content. Keep it up.
  18. eBay item number: 112280393466
  19. Selling my Canon 1DC which is in great condition. it has a few small scratches on the prism and some wear around the tripod mount. comes with all the original accessories and box. Asking 3900.00 USD Thanks, Tim
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