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  1. No, just goes against the back of the camera when the monitor is off to the side . Looks like they knew this was a problem a while ago. Now you can do 50 minute 120 FPS takes !
  2. Here's couple quick clips from 1dxmkiii raw 24fps
  3. I was reposting from a thread on Reduser . I don't know anything about "Technical Artists" .
  4. Holy smoke, someone was actually able to shoot with this camera. Hard to believe .
  5. This is why we don't 120 fps for 11 minutes ...
  6. Say it with me, a canon R5 is not a production camera . Repeat often.
  7. Of course it was shot with Zeiss Supremes , so there's that .
  8. That's a camera that is used with a full production crew, DP, AC, Focus Puller, Director, Assistant Director . I doubt many shooting with the Pocket Camera Full Frame will not be. Full Frame with out really good AF is useless in my opinion .
  9. Full frame without DPAF is useless to me .
  10. I believe your just leading this ridiculous campaign to promote your blog . Which is perfectly fine . But, do you really expect a camera that cost 3500.00 to do what a 79,0000.00 dollar Red Monstro does? Every sane person knew it would be limited. And the Red doesn’t have the crazy good AF. I think a lot of people are going to take advantage of the amazing capabilities of this camera, and produce some lovely work. And, from what I have seen it looks pretty fantastic. We have come a long way since the 5D.
  11. Oh, hell yes! Then you should definitely show up on set with it .
  12. Want to shoot continuous 8k for 3500.00 , good luck.
  13. I find it ridiculous that anyone expects to roll 8k, Slomo footage continuesly with this camera.
  14. Who is shooting “onset” with a 3500.00 hybrid camera ?
  15. This post must be that Ed David guy in hidden disguise. He has a freaky weird hatred of red .
  16. Yes, it’s posted on their Instagram page.
  17. If looks anything like that Monstro footage, I'm in.
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