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  1. It must be awe inspiring living in a city with so much history ... I hope to visit some day . We don't have that in Oregon .
  2. Compare it with this video he shot at 1080 with Canon 1DC Zeiss Otus and a Atmos Pro Res recorder :
  3. And that's with an Otus? Wow, i'll take my 1DC any old day . I love this camera!
  4. Awesome lenses ! I think it's a better investment than cameras... Can't wait to see some footage.
  5. Wow. Pretty exciting ! What about Leica m glass? And, how insane would a Leica 50mm .095 be?
  6. Some of it looks interesting for a short while, but couldn't imagine watching it for more than a minute.
  7. Each camera has it's own merits and the cameras are not the limiting factors anymore. Each is capable of producing professional looking footage.  BMPC is small, great image and  cheap. GH3  has the best skins tones i've  seen as  the wedding video clearly shows.  The 5D3 Magic lantern is amazing because of the full vista vision size sensor with crazy depth of field when shot with fast lenses.  The video shot in Korea was incredible . Reminds me of Terrence Malick .Which was what  I think that was what he was referencing .     Being able to go shoot some thing like that with just a couple people is mind blowing. And, each of these cameras are capable of it.  Get over the camera and get to work. Because others are . Thanks, Tim   www.tjphoto.net
  8. I'm interested in what this magic lantern hack is going to mean for the future of film production . Whats going to happen when anyone can go out and buy a super 35mm raw cinema camera off craigslist for 400.00 , download a free copy of Davinci Resolve and make a movie?  Not saying my little test is anything special, but when i first saw it in person on my cinema display, my jaw hit the floor.  What does this mean for Red?
  9. I love Magic Lantern and what they do .  But,  i think they could be much better if they became more professional and charged for something for it. It's great, but its kind of a mess. If they don't someone will... I  bought the Andy's guide and am glad to support his efforts. 50D camera test after installing http://vimeo.com/70507862 Thanks, Tim
  10. Here's a quick test i shot on 50D with Zeiss/Contax 35 2.8 and Panasonic LA 7200 1.33 anamorphic . Ungraded and uncut . http://vimeo.com/70507862
  11. I got it!   Thanks guys, i owe you a beer if you ever get to Portland Oregon. Tim
  12. It would be fantastic if all the components could be in one folder complete. I start getting confused with adding and deleting the various bits that are needed to get it to work.   Starting to wonder if its just a waste of time right now for me.
  13. God, even the guys who are on it can't keep it straight ! But, i applaud your efforts . Thanks, Tim
  14. Ive been trying to install Magic Lantern on to my new 50D and i have had zero luck and wasted nearly a day trying. What a mess!  it makes hacking the GH2 seem simple . Help!
  15. Ah, I saw Redtails and I think it was the worst movie I have ever seen . I don't think it would be good enough for tv . So dumbed down,it was insulting to a really great story. Tim
  16. I think i like the look of the 50D better than the 5D. Looks really film like.
  17. The 50D didn't have a native video option and ML has unlocked video on it, right? Well, why can't the EOS 1Ds iii?  It has live view, but no video option .  Could it happen? Thanks, Tim
  18. I don't have a GH3, but the footage i have seen from it looks really nice. The color seems much better .    Here's  a video by Nick Driftwood : https://vimeo.com/54991683 Sorry.
  19. Here's a short shot with the panasonic LA 7200 and 5D iii from a few years ago and it looks suprisinly good. I think.   :  Correction : It was shot with 5Diii not 5Dii . No magic Lantern . http://vimeo.com/52401060   [Edited by EOSHD - just paste Vimeo URL no need for embed code. Cheers]
  20. Well, you cannot shoot raw on any vista vision sized sensor in the world besides the 5Diii. It is unique . No other camera can do it. I don't care if it's "pro" or not . It's a special tool. It will look differently than any other camera, People will find a way to make it work to get that "look". I wouldn't shoot everything on it, but for certain things it's killer. If you have shot something that looks better than what this guy shot on a 5dii I will eat my hat : https://vimeo.com/8646177. This was a high profile national spot that got prime time play in the us. Watch that an imagine it shot with the raw hack . This is why it's a big deal. Thanks, Tim
  21. Well, the next zacuto shoot out should be really interesting . Remember how well the hacked gh2 did in it.
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