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  1. Can somebody explain why the author consider A7S 3 instead of A7R 3? Isn't A7R3 more desirable 'all around' camera?
  2. Nice, this is as close as I envision it, picture is removed, only action is left and important. Beside obvious skills, an old DSLR, lenses, stabilization
  3. Tremendous respond from all participants in this thread. A lot to think about it. I need to digest all these and come up with solution. Though, I want to mention to clarify my needs for the project I am after not only nice footage but in a way "unusual" pictures, meaning, nice, clear, sharp photos will not do this time. Why bother with all these if iPhone can do the same thing In broad daylight, right? Please try to understand what I mean, I am not trying to be difficult or smart ass in any way. Rest assured I never assume that gear is all you need to get amazing results, either. Maybe GH5 is not the right tool for this project, danno, I have to start somewhere ...
  4. Thank you Flynn, thank you Jonpais, all excellent suggestions. For time being I decided to start with PL 42.5 prime, even though it is expensive by any standards ... but native, stabilized, fast with good bokeh. Another lens I am very tempting is Voight 17.5 or I'll try to get 50mm f/1.5 Nikkor AI to see what I can accomplish with. Based on my previous use of OM-D and bunch of Oly native lenses this time around I want to steer away from "generic" look ... Found this enlightening video if anyone is interesting
  5. I'll try to focus on my upcoming GH5 and get filmic look by special lenses ... thanks
  6. Thank you Flynn, thank you jase. I also have very limited use with Voigtlander, I think it was 17.5mm I tried it with my OM-D back then. I can certainly relate to jase experience awesome unique image, somewhat heavy, expensive even in second hand store no AF ... still it's a consideration. This time I am really after unique filmic look and the tip about Tiffen filtres is well appreciated.
  7. Old thread, but burning question if someone can answer, what he meant?
  8. Thank you all for contributing to my request. I looked at the videos, researched a bit more on the subject by reading on the similar thread, and decided to be more specific about my situation. Budget wise I have a limit of $5000 CAD which for time being I cannot stretched out. Body camera will cost a bit more than have of this, so I left with probably 22 - 2400 for lenses. I will get 2 lenses ONLY. So many choices of lenses ... Jonpais thank you for your comparison sigma vs PL, I even looked at your round I video. Both are good. I understand you chose PL over Sigma, right? Beside, they are evenly priced keeping in mind price of metabones? I have my very limited experience with Oly 75mm on OM-D camera - nice, sharp lens … but feel uncomfortable to work with due to distance to the subject. Santiago de la Rosa thank you for the suggestion. No experience with adapted lenses, UNFORTUNATELY. Speedbooster plus Sigma lences or vell regarded Nikon 28-70mm f2.8 IF D is my consideration. Or buy the announced revised version of 12-35mm f2.8? Please share your opinion, thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, Most certainly this year I'll be buying GH5. This will be strictly for family use and a special project I have in mind to take photos and movies of my 3 year's old daughter. We think that she has a talent for music (violin) and dance. Here is the request: would you please suggest 2 (maximum 3) lenses in the order of importance to have. Superb bokeh and very filmic look is a must. If you are going to suggest please state why this particular lens, thank you. If I need speedbooster no problem, just mention it. We might later present these files to promote her in appropriate agencies.
  10. Good to know Andrew. I understand jokes and anecdotes and all but that one did not sound like one. I agree with you on the rest ... and for the record please don't be so hard on personal-view.com, we all know who you meant, have used that site for quite few researches and it has been all but helpful experience. @Jacek I am just hoping that you know the people you referring killed much more Russian citizens in Russia that is why we call them dictators.
  11. Are you finished here? We totally got your position thank you, now Andrew would you elaborate on invading Russian forces during World War || clear and loud?
  12. So what are you trying to say that you are pro Nazi? What do you mean by Russian invading forces? Soviet Union was just protecting themselves... Germany was invading countries such as Poland and so on... Care to explain yourself Andrew?
  13. Andrew thank you for being open minded. Though, i remember your post "best and worst things for 2013" or something like that, where you said that E-M1 is disapointment among other things it has even more moire than E-M5. Nevertheless, this is not the purpose for my post here, what I want to tell you is that I would be one of the first to buy "The Olympus E-M1 Shooter's Guide" if you ever put one together :D
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