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  1. Thanks but that's the Rapido I remember seen a cheaper DIY list of material somewhere else.
  2. Hi, I recalled seen somewhere a list of materials to order a DIY anamorphic lens housing similar to the rapidotechnology jacket. But I totally lost track of it. Can anybody olease help me to find it?
  3. Hi, I notice lot of times when I use the Speedboser a 50mm with a Kowa 2X, an anoying white vignetting cover most of the edges of image I guesss because of the sun reflection. I wondered if there is any way to avoid this during the day? When I use the 85mm I didn't notice that. I wondered if a Rangefinder or CoreDNA minimize it
  4. Hi, Do I need any sort of adapter to attach a Rectilux Hardcore DNA to a Kowa 8z 16H?
  5. I just bought a Kowa 8z and I'm trying to decided if I should do the Speed Booster Route or not for my GH5. The two option I thinking are: a) Sigma 30mm F1.8 and Sigma 60mm F2.8 with the Kowa 8z b)Speedboster XL 0.64 + Nikon 50mm F1.4 and Nikon 85mm F1.4 with Kowa 8z Do you think there is a Huge different in the DOP and Quality of the Final footage? The only thing I own is the Kowa and the GH5. so I need to buy the rest
  6. Andrew, I think you have some facts wrong, Most information I have found reads the F55 can do 4k internally but in order to record RAW you need the external recorder
  7. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=354.msg2219#msg2219 date=1330904868] Andy. Don't be such a negative man.  ??? I don't understand how you can put such a negative spin on performance like that. It is genuinely ground breaking. It is soft because of heavy compression for the web and the in-camera noise reduction (probably) turned up high. Turn that off, and see what the 91Mbit ALL-I files look like before passing judgement on the fineness of noise grain and resolution. To have ISO 12,800 that clean is extraordinary quite frankly and I don't understand all the insane anti-DSLR negativity around. Frankly wish they would shut up! [/quote] I really respect you man, reading you blog introduce me to the GH2 which I love, but to be honest I think this video is very disappointed.  that tree in the left is really soft even the gratify (or whatever is in the bottom of the mill) I'm just saying based in this poor quality video the 5d MKIII doesn't look really spectacular.
  8. [quote author=tungah link=topic=354.msg2212#msg2212 date=1330893794] EOS 5D Mark III ISO 12800 MOVIE [url=http://vimeo.com/37879608]EOS 5D Mark III ISO 12800 MOVIE[/url] What do you guys think? [/quote] that can't be true,  if is it will make me rally sad about the 5DMK3, I seelost of details in the MKIII footage, I just did a test applying denoiser  (default settings) to MKII and  is better than the 5dMKIII in resolution. [url=http://vimeo.com/37914980]Canon 5D MKII vs MKIII[/url]
  9. Looks like you already make you mind before even trying the d800, most of you expecualtions are based in a poor resolution video, shoot by someone else with a pre production, I preorder boths will do some test and them return one. for me clean 4:2:2 is a must really hope the nikon to be a good contender but never would make any desicition without trying it my self, dynamic range, holding in post and  low light performance are important for me.
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