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  1. Oh my fault for not looking! Sorry. Thanks for bringing these to my attention!
  2. I’ve just come across a guy in my area that’s selling his Aivascope 1.5x Pro. Seems like a good option too? Anyone use it?
  3. Thanks Tito! I’ve been following your stuff for months (it’s incredible!). I appreciate you weighing in and love that you’re a fellow Canadian! Why do you recommend the Samyang primes for modding? Is this a better option than the Ironglass lenses? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hmm, we’ll since renting is not really in the cards due to my location, maybe I go the adapter route. My biggest concern is usability and sharpness. I move pretty fast on set so a double focus system is right out. Since the budget for the project will pretty well pay for any adapter, I’d love recommendations on a good option for paid client work that would be simple to use on set or location. Any advice would be amazing!
  5. That’s an interesting idea. I hadn’t looked into the SLR Magic lenses as I assumed they were MFT. They might be a good option! When you say that imitate anamorphic, what do you mean?
  6. I have a Helium. Glad I don’t need to cover full frame!
  7. I would! But I’m in an area that doesn’t really have any options for rentals and driving to the big city isn’t really feasible on a regular basis.
  8. Hello! I’m new to anamorphic shooting but I’ve been researching for the last 8 months to trying make a decision. Hoping for a recommendation. Here’s my situation: I shoot on RED and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K. I work with mid-budget clients, mostly with Canon Cinema lenses and a great set of vintage Canon FDs (which I love!). Most of my projects are simple commercials and corporate videos though a few times a year I get a project where I think anamorphics would be ideal. I also live in a location where rentals are really inconvenient and time consuming to pick up, so that isn’t ideal. A purchase really is my best bet. Because I’d be using the lens or adapter on paid, mid-budget work they may or may not be run-and-gun, I’d like something that is sharp, with nice pronounced flares and single focus. Weight isn’t a huge factor. One more thing, I have a potential project with a generous budget that would cover most of the cost of one new Xelmus or Atlas Orion lens, or a nice Iscorama or something. The third option would be a full set of Ironglass anamorfakes. Having not used anything, I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on my situation. The idea of a full lens is appealing, but I couldn’t afford a full set, so perhaps a really nice adapter with some diopters and use my Canon FDs as taking lenses? The Ironglass anamorfakes seem like a good option- easy to use and fairly inexpensive so I could get a full set. I’m just not sure if they are suitable for client work. My apologies for the long post. Any thoughts are welcome!
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