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  1. Fantastic! I loved the feel and also the use of all the folly. Really created an immersive experience. Amazing work!
  2. I got the lens in the mail just last week and got out today to run some initial tests. Neither the Vidatlantic or Jupiter 9 85mm has arrived, so I took it out with my 5D Mark II and 70-200 f2.8 IS Mark 1 and did a few test shots. Up close it is rather crappy as I expected, so I decided to shoot some skyline shots! Here are a few shots de-squeezed in Photoshop. This isn't much of a scientific test, but more of a first impressions. I was shooting wide open nearly the entire time @ F2.8 . My first observations is that the pink/red coating inside the lens gives off a haze if theres reflections (which is interesting!) and seems to perform extremely well around the 80-90mm full frame mark (despite the obvious barrel in the frame) with the shot being reasonably sharp -- That doesn't seem to be the case for the Hilux nearing the more telephoto spectrum; As it seems to really suffer from soft focusing at that focal range. Will post some more scientific results soon! (all the photos excluding the one have minimal editing/ mainly just dialing back highlights) (The one of the blinds was a actually really surprising. I shot out of my bedroom window into the garden out front, and it seemed to snag focus on the blinds about 3 ft in front of me (WHAT!) (this is the only shot/variant that I put a slight bit more of editing into. You can see the sensor dust as this and the one below where the only photos shot with a more narrow aperture than 2.8; These where actually shot at F16 [Something I'd honestly never do typically for landscapes anyways]) 70mm shots^ At 200mm it seemed to really fall apart ^ This one really shocked me. This was shot maybe 3 ft from the lens and for some reason I nailed focus perfectly? Kind of interested why this seemed to happen. -The tests will continue.
  3. Hi Leslie! It definitely seems to give off a different look and aesthetic from my initial tests today. It seems like the focus is a major pain because of everything being soft if not at the correct distance. Planning on posting my initial photos and findings later tonight. Thanks for your input!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to anamorphic projection lens and adapting them for video; and by relatively new -- I suppose entirely new. I bought a Hilux 264 anamorphic projector lens off Ebay and through all the research I've done could hardly find anything. Aside from it being a fixed focus lens @ 100ft and that they aren't very good for video purposes. Welp, already had bought it at that point! I figured before I bought it that since it was a fixed focus lens, I'd simply do a helicoid (bought a m65 to m65 17-31mm [I believe] helicoid off Ebay) at the back of the projection lens, and than the taking lens. So it would go; Projection lens (Hilux 264) -> Helicoid -> taking lens (Jupiter 9) I guess I'd like to stress that I'm completely new to anamorphics, and picking this one as my first was probably not the easiest or (working choice) but I'm theorizing that doing something like mentioned above would work? There doesn't seem to be nearly enough information online about either helicoids, the Hilux, or anamorphics in general, and all the sources I DO search for seem to be very outdated with broken links. I'm not sure if I'm trying to do something that is impossible and will just have a nice looking coffee table ordainment or if its an actually feasible project; And wanted to ask the community on any thoughts or suggestions. None of the components have arrived yet so I haven't actually tried it out yet, but any suggestions or words of wisdom would be very much appreciated! For information purposes, I downloaded the ebay listings photos and attached them. Thanks in advance for any advice, I think I'll be sticking around here from now on ? Reece
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