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  1. so beautiful and heartwarming on a cold, rainy and grey day here in Hamburg (northern hemisphere ;-) ) Thank you very much for posting!
  2. That was a great way to spend 15 spare minutes! Really a pleasure and relaxing after a long day with much work! Wonderful video
  3. The Cinegon is a single coated 36 as well
  4. I think this is basically the same like many common 16mm Projection adapters. I. e. Sankors 16 F,S,C... Bolex 16 (not Moller!), Kowa 16 S. Proscar (?).All their design is similar. Only different labels. It is often said that B&H received the better ones. But who knows
  5. Of course the mighty Iscorama 54 is the best bet for Super 8. It was built for that purpose. Works great with the high quality Schneider zooms you could find on many different Super 8 cameras especially the better ones (Leicina, Braun, Beaulieu, Movexzoom, Fujica ZC, Nikon, Canon). But this is quite expensive. I have another suggestion but I am not sure if this will work (I sold my Sankor 16F about 6 years ago...): The tiny and cheap Canon 310 XL-S is a great camera and has a very small zoom lens. This could reduce vignetting significantly. This could be a cheap alternative. Good luck!
  6. Very interesting read and great footage and images. However I have to admit that some videos are so sharp... they almost hurt my eyes. I wish I had a Moller 16. But I think there is a little advantage of the small brother: With my Moller 8/19 I can focus taking lens and anamorphic at the same time (not with Nikon glass of course). And that is a wonderful light setup. Moller-Wedel has a very long tradition in optics and microscopes. I am often nearby their factory when I am around with my racing bike
  7. Stick to super 8 like me Your Movexoom is a good camera. Most of the cameras are ridicolously cheap but stock and processing is so so expensive. I think its not cheap in Japan either. Single 8 was very popular there btw and is maybe better than super8. The problem with super 8 and anamorphic is that 2x stretch is too wide. The film is just too tiny and too grainy. The grain look oval. Thats why all those Iscos, Mollers (for 8mm) had only 1,5 factor. Only the Baby Hypergonar with 1,75 was wider. So you could achieve true 2:35 cinemascope. But the image was too bad. Try to use Kodak 50D negative stock that has so little grain like 16mm and will work best with your 2x Sankor. Keep on filming !
  8. That Moller is fantastic! I would never ever sell mine.
  9. I have tested a lot of the popular anamorphics (except Lomo). I sold them all and only kept the most versatile and easy to us Isco pre 36 and 54. I still have the baby Moeller for the most beautiful image and it is also easy to use (you can pull focus with some practice). Regarding Kowas and Elmoscope I think they have to be considered as the best projection lenses and that is how I use them (Elmoscope II). Last but not least: Sharpness is overrated
  10. I bought cameras and lenses here and it was always ok http://www.dslr-forum.de/forumdisplay.php?s=c2db1c13bb03ef035817844351507695&f=6
  11. Lovely!!! Some really stunning shots. I enjoyed it very very much. Music is great. I will watch it again on the my screen. Yeah... great lenses and another proof that the GH4 is a very good camera
  12. there are some impressive shots in that clip! I should dust of my GH4 an learn to use it properly
  13. Although I have no idea how the exchange rate was in '79 but that 'Super 8 cinemascope' seemed to be a bargain shop compared to this...
  14. Ohhhh that is really cool! You can have two lenses mounted and ready to go.
  15. Since the FM module appeared and later on Rectilux, Rangefinder many of these colorful Schneiders/Iscos appeared on Ebay for ridicolous prices. Before they were as cheap as they still should (!) be. All anamorphics raised in price when the DSLR filming began with 5DII GH1,2. Only the Iscorama had a couple of fans in the niche of small gauge film (and Kowas were used by some 16mm enthusiasts and had always a good reputation for projection). Prices always differ a lot: In 2010/2011 I bought the LA7200, Optex for €500,- each which was far too overpriced for nearly unusable glass. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you pay way too much: Just weeks ago I bought a mint Elmoscope II (Kowa 16H) for €150,- I don't think this will happen because this is a niche market. Of course making videos is popular but also in the recent decades filming was very popular. Schneider/Isco was focusing on that market and tried to make good and useful anamorphics for the enthusiast. They brought everything together. Including diopters, lenses, taking lenses, tools for projection, merchandising and trips with training courses. They even earned two acadamy awards for their technical achievement but that didn't prevent Isco from bankruptcy. I think all attampts from Panasonic (LA700), SLR, Letus, Moondog... are qualitywise on a low level (and unfortunately will be in the future).
  16. Well, as I said Hype is nice and little lens but honestly I think your're statemant is... maybe bold? Why did you sell the "Hyper-blower" btw? The biggest problem of the Babies in general is the small rear element. I had those Redstan clamps and they are by far best but I prefer having a proper solution with threads/screws (that makes the Iscoramas so practical - together just a great system including everything you need: Diopters, Iscostat for projection...). These clamps are always somehow annoying if you have to change lenses quickly. The Baby Isco you praise for run and gun is even worse than any double focus solution if you have to change diopters constantly to get a sharp imag I think. But I definately agree: To each his own.
  17. Gone very quick I sold mine about three years ago because I prefer the Baby-Möller. The only thing which is interesting is the 1.75 factor: If you film S8mm you end up in scope format. But the problem is that S8mm is not capable of producing a good scope image. Therefore Möller and Isco decided to go for 1,5 stretch. But don't get me wrong: no bashing here! Baby Hype is nice little lens with loads of character (when you have all clamps and diopters together)
  18. Grimor, thank you very much for your input! Very good to know. The footage looks like warp stabilizer... I was tempted to buy GH5 because of IBIS. But now I will rethink because I'd use it only for video with anamorphics. The GH4 with Lumix 35-100 F2.8 and Isco 36 seem to work well together. So I think the mesmerizer effect is only with IBIS...
  19. Millions were making films and taking pictures in the past. Maybe Super 8 was more popular than filming with DSLR? Don't think that billions of batteries and old DSLRs are so environmentfriendly. My cameras and projectors are 40 years old and still work. That's possibly better than buying a new camera every year... Back on topic: I think it should be mentioned that we are talking about reversal film here. And that is what makes it so fantastic. As for color stock we only have Vision left and you have to go to Andec-lab in order to let them make a positive. As a filmmaker I always prefer the projection. For me that is the point of film... (I am an enthusiast)
  20. Congrats to your Bolex-Möller! Sadly I never owned a Möller 16/32 but other Möllers and still love and use it's small brother the 8/19. My advice would be to search for a lens that enables you to rack-focus (which is possible with some practice) - of course if you don't use RectiRangeGripLuxFinderFM... With the small Möller this works very good with Canon FDn and also when I remember right with the Olympus 38 1.8. It depends on size and focus throw. Below is an old clip with some test footage and some double-focus-racking. However there is no perfect lens... But the Ultron could work nicely. Let us now if you have tested it. https://vimeo.com/72038962
  21. And now they are "investigating" of bringing back Kodachrome... https://petapixel.com/2017/01/09/kodak-investigating-take-bring-back-kodachrome/ Come on Fuji...
  22. That is old Agfa stock (I think for military use for planes?) I have never tried it: too grainy - especially because I prefer filming anamorphic. And sorry Mattias for misspelling your name above
  23. I am so desperate of fresh color reversal s-8 stock. I have only a dozen left in the fridge... so this is really, really great news. Lets hope Ferrania will pull out a cheaper option (they will for sure not be on the same level quality wise) like it was in the past with Agfa. Matters: I absolutely agree: I have 4 blurays but 100 S-8 feature films. Projecting a movie is so different and has some magic I can't explain. It has c-mount (comes with cheap Ricoh...) but many downsides. I would not buy it. There are enough better and cheaper alternatives.
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