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  1. Hello Bold I had the Optex anamorphic adapter which is very similiar and the main problem is that these adapters (LA7200, Century, Optex, Generic...) are very soft (especially at the edges) and you have to stop down at least f 5.6. Otherwise you won't get a sharp image. All these things were made for DV to produce a 16:9 image so... not so much resolving power. On the other hand they are super easy to use (focus-through), and versatile and therefor not bad for a start. Maybe better than a huge impractical Rectimascope Hope you enjoy anamorphic shooting!
  2. I was just looking for a used GH2 because I thought there must have been a pricedrop meanwhile - no way!!! There is no significant decline in price that speaks for itself. 'Staffpick' - well deserved :)
  3. Yes, I agree very interesting and creative
  4. Just beautiful and who cares about distortion?
  5. Thank you very much for watching and your Kind feedback. For the first clip I used a Schneider Optivaron 6-66 1.8 with Isco 54 and Leitz Cinegon 10mm 1.8 with Isco pre36 The second clip was filmed with several Canon FDs and Isco pre 36. You hit the nail Gabriel regarding the imperfections:)
  6. I am stunned! Very Impressive attention to detail. The colors, Locations, atmosphere... and the image qualitiy is amazing. Is the GH2 superior to GH4??? Shouldn't have sold mine ?
  7. I am not a pro filmmaker - just enjoy making some music and having fun with mostly super-8 film. As many of you might know a lot of the Iscos were developed with the film enthusiasts in mind (the 54 for example were built in to fit most of the Braun Nizos, and Schneider Variogon lenses with their 62mm threads) but sadly there are very few movie clips online. So here are two clips I made last year. I think the Iscorama perfoms very good even with the small film format. Focusing is not easy and sometimes the image becomes very soft. But for me that is not so bad as I am not into that super crisp and ultra sharp look. And when the film is projected with the Iscorama in front everything looks even better (and it will be always stretched perfect ).
  8. The Iscorama Cinegon for Beaulieu is a c-Mount Anamorphot
  9. The Moeller 32 (which is still one of the most underrated anamorphics out there) could be an option. Regarding imagequality, sharpness, and especially character there is not much left to be desired. The downside is of course you cannot go wide (less than 50mm on mft) and focusing is anyoing. The Moellers are my favourites and despite Lomo and all the colorful and huge projection-things there is not much left I haven't tried in the budget area BTW with modern sensor you don't have to worry about losing quality on 2x stretch. That was different in the old (small gauge) film days and was the reason why many adapter have the 1.5 stretch.
  10. Impressive work. Very, very well done! Also great soundFX (which is often underrated)
  11. I was thinking about the NX1 as well but went for a used GH4 (€1.000). What I like about the GH4 is the fact that it is very reliable and a "grown up" camera system with lots of glass. I only own 14-140mm and the 35-100 and use them very rarely. For video I use FDs, Nikon and M42 with cheap speedboosters and anamorphic adapters. You could buy a cheap Canon FD 20mm 2.8 plus 100$ speedbooster and you are pretty wide and fast...
  12. I've had GH2,3 and now 4 but don't use Panasonic lenses for video. I think the glass is at least (maybe more?) important than the sensor. Andy Lee gave so many great tips for very cinematic lenses - especially for Panasonic cameras. I am looking forward for the update btw. and think Panasonic are doing a great job
  13. This is a niche market ! Isco/Schneider with half a dozen Academy of Motion Picture Achievement awards tried very hard to introduce their products to a larger number of film enthusiasts. They even organised trips to Israel for example with experts and several Iscoramas for demonstration for the interestred enthusiast. All their effort and their great concept and their absolute consistent productline (great concept with different sized anamorphics for different purposes, achromats and solutions for projetcion) did not prevent them from bankruptcy. So, there won't be something like an Iscorama again! The Iscoramas were made for film. With 4k and cropping no Iscorama would have ever seen the light.
  14. many popular artists (painters, musicians, filmmakers, actors...) or whanabees behave often like assholes. There come so many examples to my mind that I even won't mention anyone. Sadly Clarksons "punch" (that guy doesn't look like a serious puncher but that is probably not the point) was the final bombshell to end the show. Otherwise I totally agree with Andrew!
  15. ​John, I promise I will try for sure and do my best. The Moeller headquarter is as I mentioned on my usual cycling route but I am cycling right now (only indoors). But as soon as it gets warmer I'll have a visit. Or maybe I try it by phone first to make an appointment I am looking very forward for the tests of the rectilux and hopefully owning one togehter with my Moellers. If I had more cash I would have ordered one already but unfortunately I have spent too much on my hobbies.
  16. I really like the Tokina 28-70mm 2.6 (which was recommended by Andy Lee in the lens thread). This fits perfect with the 54 and is the first and only zoom I am confident with an anamorphic and has none of the quirks most of all zooms have. It feels also parfocal although it is said to be it is not. But mine seems to be quite okay even for zooming. It produces a very nice image. But maybe it is not modern enough for your needs cause of it Angenieux desing... it is also very heavy! I am not sure if this lens will work with your EF as it does with my GH4 with lensturbo for Nikon mount.
  17. Great! Looks very good and not offbeat. These lenses are definintely worth considering - I think especially for a camera like the GH4 to add something special
  18. Honestly I think capturing random people out on the streets in certain situations can not be called filmmaking. There is a big portion of voyeurism in the game. And it is also annoying to have more and more self righous people around capturing every stupid single moment in life with all their DSLRs, cellphones, Ipads, Googleglass, drones, Googlestreetview, satelites and whatever and published to the world next day. Just had been too a great concert and it was so annoying to see all these stupid Iphones everywhere (Why don't the people just enjoy the music and the moment for great memories?). The only good thing is that we become so used to all the surveillance that maybe one day no one cares anymore of any imaginalbe humilation in public caputred and published on fucking Youtube by hard-working filmmakers
  19. ​It is a focus through adapter and as all focus through adapter not sharp beyond 5.6 or so. Therefore it is no competition for an Iscorama. What I like about it is that it is light. And maybe it is not that bad to blur the too sharp GH4 especially with modern lenses?! Otherwise I'd prefer the other new kids on the block like FM or Rectilux. Unfortunately I haven't seen real life tests from the Rectilux yet otherwise I'd go for that with Moellers. Also no support needed and easy swap as John pointed out. Furthermore I don't expect the SLR 2x to be sifnificantly cheaper then one of the above mentioned competitors.
  20. ​Ah... I think I got it: Video means broadcast cameras and digital film is for digital cinema (plus digital projection)?! Ok, that's different then: Comparison between "digital film" and film. However this digital film looks great
  21. Clayton, thank you very much for posting the link! I adore these cars. Wish I were there at SPA!!! Great footage. For some time now I have the GH4 (since the GH2 and GH3) but I have not used it yet. I am not sure about it. Sometimes it seems to me the GH2 had the most intrestiing image of all the GH's? The problem with the GH4 is that the m4/3 lenses are not very good for what most people call filmic look. But this video is great. I like it very much. Never mind it looks like video or like film.
  22. That looks so gorgeous and I would love to own such a great camera and play around with it. But this ratrace for tech and gear is exhausting and these permanent comparisons between video and film are unnecesssary. Video is video and film is film. What's wrong with that?
  23. I live 20 minutes from Möller Wedel (that is nearby Hamburg). Maybe I take my racingbike for a spin and ask them about it... I know a camera guy who is specializiad on old Olympus and I recall he knew the doughter from Möller. Will you send me a Rectilux if I send you the patent? It is kinda funny Möller as well as Isco/Schneider really dont't care about their older products. Isco have trashed all their Iscorama bits and parts and adapter rings. I had a call and asked for something some time ago. Luckily Heliopan helped me out. Great little company! I absolutely agree: Butchering old beautiful things like lenses, cars, bikes... is bad and upsetting!
  24. These films could have been really good if they were shot anamorphic: Citizen Kane, The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption, Godffather 2, Schindlers Liste, Goodfellas, a couple of Hitchcock films. Sad the lack 'the look' By the way Walter Mitty: Funny how they mix spherical and anamorphic and nobody cares about sometime very obvious round bokeh (same with Dark Knight). Me too, although I always use anamorphics (everything else bores me) with video (except for film sometimes).
  25. Did you read the article? This seems to be more a decision from "professional" buisiness people. Many small and for "different" more artistic films important cinemas cannot afford the knew technology for digital projection. If this coninues only the mainstream multiplex cinemas will survive.
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