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  1. Thanks to clarify that point, i was getting mixed info now at least i know for sure. My question is, there is anything similar to a speedbooster for full frame cameras? something to enchance the field of view of a lens and his aperture?
  2. Hello people, i am trying to find out some info on that matter, but apparently is harder then i though. First of all is a speed booster like the metabones or Rj turbo usable on a canon mark III? and if yes which version should i take considering seems there are several out there with different mounts. Thanks
  3. Hey, I am in need of one of those lenses, i manage to find one on ebay, but somehow seems not that legit considering the over 600 feedback on products for 1$ in they're list. Would love to know your opinion and of course if you sell one feel free to let me know. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221914845027?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Thanks
  4. Thank you guys for the heads up, so if you could choose one anamorphic lens over the others, what in terms of quality, flair etc would be the one you would choose hands down?
  5. Well aspect ratio, overal quality of the image, the fact that is panavision which is by itself a quality standard, i have seen lots of footage made with it and i simply love it, i had an hypergonar hi fi 2 (amazing lense) but its way too big and heavy and its a 2.x aspect ration lense which make stretching the image a huge loss.
  6. I would be interested as well in knowing whats the closest thing to this anamorphic lens.
  7. Hey directors!!. Was just wondering if anybody have seen one around, i can't find any of them an i need one asap. Thanks
  8. Just few quick tests i did with a canon 7d and the hypergonar..
  9. Thank you guys for the ideas, i am actually really into understanding what type of lenses they might have used, as BurnetRhoades point out it might be shooted with Alexa, for the tracking itself i know for sure its all motion control...
  10. Hello guys, Is with enormous sadness i have to sell my beautifull hypergonar, the lens have being bought by a eoshd member and its perfect! Mint condition, no scratches, spots, condensation marks, separation on glass (front and rear), no fungus, no dust inside mechanism works perfectly and smooth.. if someone is interested can email me at [email protected] or http://cgi.ebay.it/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251412124292 The lens comes equipped with a xume adapter (82mm) (priced at around 60 euro) that will enable you to mount filters or diopters just by applying them magnetically without gluing, taping or other weird (and slow) processes. Best
  11. really nice and i am aswell a Kubrick fan, but thats video for? :D
  12. @Rudolf yeah, i meant exactly the opposite, so almost black and white as you said :D @Chris thanks for the tips i am only interested in what could be a speculation on theyre shooting lenses/cameras i know for sure what they used for the cgi as i am a 3d generalist myself and i know people who have worked on the 3d on the video. @John thank you man, i was needing preciselly some info on lighting impressions.
  13. Cgi? what i mean is actually stricly related to the "mood" of the movie, wich honestly i dont agree to be liveliness, but of course that goes into the realm of personal taste, actually this reminds me really much of the 80's movies, this saturated "clinical" image, clean, but very rough at the same time. Maybe i have not understand totally yourmention about cgi, but this look its very analogic to me and i was curious to understand what lenses might have being used vs camera.
  14. Hello guys, i wanted to ask you a techinical opinion, a sort of breakdown of this video:
  15. Ah got it, so its a hack to obtain anamorphic bokeh, good catch :D thanks
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