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  1. Great all round lens in excellent condition. Perfect working order. Amazon UK purchase by original owner with 2 years remaining on Sigma's 3yr Warranty Scheme. Email confirmation and original receipt will be supplied with the lens. What's Included: Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM Contemporary Lens - NIKON Original Amazon Purchase Invoice Sigma 3yr Warranty Confirmation Email Original packaging Price: £295.00gbp Including Postage. [UK ONLY]
  2. Bozzie

    Kowa 8z Anamorphic - Repair Help Needed

    *** RESOLVED! *** A few guys over on facebook suggested using a hair dryer. And it seemingly did the trick! That, WD40 and a shit load of hard taps to the focus barrel 😂 Here's the process I used: Apply WD40 into the grooves of the focus barrel. Wipe off the excess liquid and leave for 24hrs. Use hair dryer on low setting, high heat over focus barrel and inside grooves. Tap hard around focus barrel with palm. Try to twist barrel and tap some more. repeat step 2 (if needed). repeat step 3 (if needed). Hopefully this might be of help to others too. Next Step: Clean, re-grease, re-build and at some point -- TEST. Best, -- B
  3. Bozzie

    Kowa 8z Anamorphic - Repair Help Needed

    It's not been cut. I removed the distance marker ring to access the screws 😊 I'll keep that in mind! All removed. The focus barrel was ceased. I say "was" as it's now been resolved! Just about to post an update 👍
  4. Bozzie

    Kowa 8z Anamorphic - Repair Help Needed

    Thank you. Seen that vid before. The issue I have is that I'm unable to access the screws due to the focus barrel being stuck. Need to figure out a way of loosing it without breaking the damn thing! 😂 Hey @ken. Thanks for the pic! Modified? Please explain. How much are you wanting for that bad boy? 😉
  5. Hi All, Anyone have any experience with stripping down a Kowa 8z Anamorphic adapter? I've stripped down a couple of other scopes before but this one's giving me a bit of bother. The pics below are as far as I've got. Repair Issue: I want to access the screws (highlighted in red) but the focus barrel (helicoid?) is jammed - Won't rotate in either direction. Anyone experienced this before? If so, how did you release/fix it? I'm sure I'm missing something. @Tito Ferradans Maybe you might have some advice? Thanks in advance! -- B
  6. Selling my great condition Carl Zeiss Distagon 25mm f/2.8 T* ZF Lens Nikon F Mount. Cinema glass inside a prime body! (Posted a few videos on the forum with this lens paired with my BMPCC) No Scratches No Fungus No Dust No Haze No Oil Snappy Aperture The all metal body only shows signs of normal, careful use. Supplied with Original Box, Zeiss Lens Hood, Front/Rear Lens Caps as well as a 58mm UV filter to protect the front glass. Price: £395.00 (Postage Included) [UK ONLY]
  7. Spammer/spambot? Well F**k me. I had no idea! Thanks, Kieran. I personally wouldn't consider Prores LT a relatively low codec. The target data rate weighs in at around 100mbps. That's GH4/5 [4K] data rates! And double that of a Sony A7s which, from my understanding, comes in at 50mbps. It's plenty and then some 😊 Shadow Warriors was shot specifically for The Fighting Spirit Film Festival and hence was shot in RAW. Anything else you've see from me that says 'BMPCC ' is all Prores LT 👍 Two brothers (elliander pictures) shot their first feature film titled 'Cosmos' in Prores LT. They did numerous tests and found that this codec gave them the best balance of image quality vs file size. To me, their work is exceptional. Best, -- B
  8. Two main issue's I have with the Pocket is the native crop size (closer to 3.02x than 2.88x) and battery life. Also, the only reason this camera would eat up memory cards is if you're shooting high bitrates --> Prores 422/Prores 422 HQ or the main killer of card space --> RAW. My personal solutions: Use a speedbooster/focal reducer to reduce crop. Use a separate battery cradle that takes, in my case, Sony FP batteries. Shoot Prores LT (ALL my videos are shot in LT) In the case of online uploads, I see absolutely no reason to shoot in higher bitrates. The compression will kill any "extra detail" you think is justified with the much larger file sizes. As for the screen, you can pick up a decent 7" 4K field monitor (such as the FW760) for around £120.00gbp. If you're serious about getting a pocket, I'd say put aside another £200.00gbp for what I'd consider necessary accessories. The "pocket" part of the camera name actually means to put your HAND in your pocket! £££££ 😂 Hope that helps. Best, -- B
  9. BMPCC + Zeiss 25mm + Century Optics Anamorphic Adapter. Color Grade based on my BozBMDFilm to Rec709 LUT. Download Here: https://bulentozdemirfilms.wordpress.com/downloads/bmcc-bmpcc-bozbmdfilm-to-rec709-lut/
  10. Hi Bruno. Thanks for your interest, but it's a UK/EU only sale I'm afraid.
  11. Hey All, Bought this Moller Anamorphot 32/2x back in 2016 (imported from Germany) with the intention of cleaning out the fungus/haze inside both the front and rear elements of the glass. Alas, I couldn't figure out a way to do it so I left it sitting in a drawer ever since! From memory, I don't remember seeing any visible effects to image quality when I tested it. BUT am selling this as Not Working/Spares/Repairs. Please bare this mind! [UK ONLY]. I'll also include the step down/up rings which allows attachment of the unit to a 52mm front lens thread. Price: £199.00 GBP (Inc UK Postage) Payment via Paypal. -- B
  12. Hey all, Looking to acquire a Panasonic G80 (UK) Body/Battery/Charger in great working condition in exchange for a Mint Condition Canon EOS M + Accessories + £100.00 Gbp. Please DM me. [UK ONLY] Details & Pics Below: Canon EOS M Body (Mint Condition) with Magic Lantern Installed Nikon G/F to EOS M Focal Reducer - Effectively giving you Full Frame FOV! Sandisk Extreme Pro 32gb Class 10 SDHC Card Boz Flat_V1 Picture Profile (Installed) Original Battery Original Charger + Lead Original Body Cap Shutter Count: 1K - Very Low! An example of something I shot recently with this great little camera: Look forward to hearing from you. -- B