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  1. havent seen any referene about this camera being weather sealed, i think is a reasonably big selling point for ignoring it in any product description
  2. No weather seal? this a big No-No for pros i guess.
  3. What I think is unfair is the fact that GH4 users that already paid for VLOG need to pay again if they want it on GH5. Panasonic should at least provide a reduced "upgrade" price.
  4. I just saw this on Cinema5d GH5 Firmware Upgrade Path: 4:2:2 10bit – Available April, 2017 6K/24p Anamorphic Video Mode (4:3) – Available Summer, 2017 (200 Mbps) FHD 4:2:2 10bit ALL-Intra – Available Summer, 2017 (400Mbps) 4K 4:2:2 10bit ALL-Intra – Available, Summer 2017 V-Log Color Profile – Available at launch, Cost: $100
  5. So this and a speedbooster xl is an 1.3x crop with 10 bit video and no rolling shutter.... Impressive. Hope they provide VLOG , paid or not
  6. Totally agree with your review if you talk with the professional photographer hat put on. For an enthusiast like me the article has no point. I love tweaking my A7s footage and photos, once you practice you can get good results in no time and with a better DR than Canon's. OT: i seriously dont get whats the deal with this grey-is-the-new-black look.
  7. I guess these lenses, as you said, are strictly for rental purposes. Any enthusiast, like me, can live with the "workarounds", as you said, of getting a separate adapter and a single focus adapter instead of spending that amount of cash
  8. Hi all. I am selling my beloved Iscorama 54 MC. It is in very good condition. Glass has no haze, particles or fungus inside. Cosmetically is in excellent shape. (You can see that from the pics) . I include the original caps and box. I also include a 0.25 Nikkor achromat in 82mm that allows it to focus from 1.3m (4,27 ft) Here are some pics i took in a hurry. Feel free to ask for more details. Asking 2900 USD. PS: if you are in Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Uruguay price will be lower.
  9. Excellent quality. Good for small scopes.
  10. Im sorry i forgot to give you an update on this. I bought one of these for around 80$ and i works! It makes the Isco 54 focus from 1.3m to 4m, which is great! It also improves the sharpness a bit.
  11. Who should buy this? doesnt seem a very appealing product to me.
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