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  1. Found this video with helpful explanation why engineers disallowed AF with A mount lenses except with static aperture in P mode; also shows that using MF in A priority you get good demo of effectively step-less aperture changes with A mount lenses suggest start watching from 5:52 mins
  2. would love to know where to source a grip such as this
  3. Thanks for the suggestions and questions, it seems my colleague is starting out with weddings so run and gun I imagine will be involved. I know you filmmakers who do short films will use MF, but anyone successfully using AF for wedding vids with Sony full frame mirrorless? One of the most usefull suggestions I thought so far has been get a 2.8 zoom... the G-master is the ticket except the ticket is large ;-) Is there a good mid range zoom with AF alternative? I've also suggested to him that he hire a lens from hireacamera people then purchase later.
  4. Could someone help by referring to a previous thread or share what they suggest as a good set of lenses for the A7S II in a general videography business please? Is there any sense in utilising the Sigma 18-35mm with speedbooster then shooting in Crop frame on the body? other than reduced rolling shutter?
  5. Try to get the constant f3.5 version, it's is ahead of the other Nikon 35-70 lenses in ways including distortion.
  6. link please to open source code for the OS. I doubt there is any public sharing by Samsung.
  7. Thanks Max for pointing out your 50D clips. Both the crop and uncrop were useful to see. I like the idea of avoiding the pink dots issue.
  8. I have EOS-M and am interested in your comment on the 50D. Do you have a view on what the pros and cons are of the 50D raw compared to raw on the older 7D? (other than 7D a bit more money)
  9. Olympus has released a camera with an open API that users with some coding skills can write ios or android apps to work along with their smartphone. They are making it a "hack and make project", incl making available some 3D printer files for some of the accessories and items to customise the camera. It's the same sensor as the EM10 I believe. 16 mpix 30p. I doubt the API allows very low level access to the sensor, (pity as 3K 15fps would suit me to extract stills from) but it's an interesting direction they are taking.
  10. I wonder if both would supply still frame grabs of identical flexibility in post?
  11. What's the fastest CAPTURE fps achievable with Quicklapse. Having looked at the original link, it seems it may be 4fps?
  12. I realised the guy did not have a dslr rig after I watched the video :-) Rather I'm guessing it was some sort of street sculpture?
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