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  1. Not to digress, but this is big news for me. I'm regretting not getting the lens when I had the chance. Looks like I'll have to save up now.
  2. Well, that sucks big time. Luckily, I do have a 45mm too.
  3. Question, guys: I can't get my 30mm to work on manual focus. Despite setting it to MF through the functions menu, it automatically returns to auto focus when recording starts. Any solution?
  4. Tried out FFmpeg. Seems to work quite well. Insane how big the file becomes. I was going to try out the Rocky Mountains too (downloaded RMMC- but couldn't find the .exe file anywhere. Any advice?
  5. Man you guys are quick to judge. That snowballed quickly.
  6. I recently bought the Asus ROG GL552VW, installed a 500GB M2 SSD, so now I have that and a 7200 RPM 1TB drive. I'll most likely reinstall my Windows 10 onto the SSD, and somehow try to install Yosemite on a partition from the 1TB. So far, that mountains of info feel incredibly daunting.
  7. A hypothetical question. Would a hackintosh be able to use Windows 10 through Parallel 11 for Mac?
  8. So the 5-axis model becomes the Lite version by converting one of the two existing grips, or do you have to buy an extra "Lite" version pistol grip?
  9. Haha. Ed, I imagine this is how they see you by now. =)
  10. You're right. It does perform like a webcam more than a proper phone camera. Also, if the blackness of the material is significantly proportionate to its light (and presumably heat -- cooling must be a pain) collecting abilities, I'd be interested to see what they'd make of the blackest man-made material, carbon-nanotube that absorbs 99 percent of light.
  11. I wonder, would it be a massive technological hurdle for Samsung to give their video crowd internal 10bit?
  12. You can use the Nebula4200 5-axis gimbal with a pistol grip (single handle) of the Nebula4200lite 3-axis stabilizer too?
  13. Man those kids are interested in sensor technology! I get a feeling they spend long hours in forums. Haha But seriously that was quite amazing. I hope we can see a release in a not-too-distant future (Quaaantum film! -- sounds right out of Back to the Future).
  14. Oh. Makes sense. And that's still good news. Much more than the current competition.
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