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  1. Tried out FFmpeg. Seems to work quite well. Insane how big the file becomes. I was going to try out the Rocky Mountains too (downloaded RMMC- but couldn't find the .exe file anywhere. Any advice?
  2. Man you guys are quick to judge. That snowballed quickly.
  3. I recently bought the Asus ROG GL552VW, installed a 500GB M2 SSD, so now I have that and a 7200 RPM 1TB drive. I'll most likely reinstall my Windows 10 onto the SSD, and somehow try to install Yosemite on a partition from the 1TB. So far, that mountains of info feel incredibly daunting.
  4. A hypothetical question. Would a hackintosh be able to use Windows 10 through Parallel 11 for Mac?
  5. So the 5-axis model becomes the Lite version by converting one of the two existing grips, or do you have to buy an extra "Lite" version pistol grip?
  6. Haha. Ed, I imagine this is how they see you by now. =)
  7. You're right. It does perform like a webcam more than a proper phone camera. Also, if the blackness of the material is significantly proportionate to its light (and presumably heat -- cooling must be a pain) collecting abilities, I'd be interested to see what they'd make of the blackest man-made material, carbon-nanotube that absorbs 99 percent of light.
  8. You can use the Nebula4200 5-axis gimbal with a pistol grip (single handle) of the Nebula4200lite 3-axis stabilizer too?
  9. Man those kids are interested in sensor technology! I get a feeling they spend long hours in forums. Haha But seriously that was quite amazing. I hope we can see a release in a not-too-distant future (Quaaantum film! -- sounds right out of Back to the Future).
  10. Oh. Makes sense. And that's still good news. Much more than the current competition.
  11. Which does the 1.6kg refer to?
  12. That would suck. Since it all looks like it uses the same motor (judging from face value).
  13. j.f.r, you've missed my point. I wasn't suggesting that it isn't possible to create beautiful videos from the A7S series.
  14. The extra time spent pulling hair in every project grading the s-gamut could definitely be put to better use elsewhere. That's why recently I canceled the A7S II order for a Samsung NX1 (order placed already). For 1/3 the price, it's a much more capable machine (skin tone, battery, build). The major trade off being dynamic range. I'm fine with not having IBIS for 1/3 the price; I was already planning on a Nebula 4200lite, even if I had gotten an A7S II. But I am still rooting for Sony. Like Samsung, on a greater scale, they are kicking a lot of asses. I do hope Sony pulls through with future models. There's no excuse for getting the basics wrong (like poor battery life) on a $3000 dslr-sized camera from a company with such tremendous goals (like their possible 21-stop sensor.)
  15. That's excellent news. And why 1.2kg---as in minimum?
  16. Which models are the 1.2kg-1.8kg limit attributed to? The catalogues seem vague about this. I'm particularly interested in the Nebula4200 Lite.
  17. That isn't cheap! Oh man. But thanks for the heads-up. There seems to be two versions: http://www.amazon.com/Novoflex-Adapter-NX-MIN-MD-Minolta/dp/B003Z6QFN2 http://www.amazon.com/Novoflex-NX-MIN-AF-Integrated-Aperature/dp/B003Z6QFMS (nearly $500 for aperature control)
  18. According to another blog, the Coelux currently costs £40,000 to buy and around £5,000 for installation. Hopefully the technology (along with the price) is adopted for the masses.
  19. To reiterate, anyone had any experience with the Konica Minolta 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 APO Lens for video? It looks sharp. I'd like to use it on a Samsung NX1, but I'm guessing there'd be no way to switch aperture.
  20. Whilst on the subject of LED, this was featured in blogs last year quite a bit. Fascinating for those who haven't seen it.
  21. Thanks, jcs. I'll skip the bicolor model as per your and John's advice. And LS1/2 would be stretching my budget a bit. For now the 672S should suffice (along with some warm gel). A shame the 672 series doesn't have barn doors. And I can't find any add-ons either. So I guess it's DIY. Awesome modifier, John. Just what I've been looking for. This works well with spreading the light for the "S" model. It looks like I don't need an adapter ring for that, too. I might opt for the Andoer 95cm / 37.4in Octagon Umbrella Softbox with the Honeycomb Grid.
  22. John, that was a big mistake I almost made. (And the price difference is only like £20!) Also, I was exactly looking at the H198 / C for a smaller unit. About the HR672S, I come from a photography background, and I've never worked with light that natively outputs a narrow angle of light (I guess the equivalent would be using a snoot for photography). I'd probably try to shoot the HR672S through a umbrella, or my 6' reflector---which, when stripped, doubles as a 6' diffusion sheet---for interviews. Or would a HR672W be more practical for my need? Also, do you recommend the HR672C or just getting CTO gels?
  23. That's good to hear. And I like the idea of converting a Surface Pro (never occurred to me).
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