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  1. Good god. That's a massive difference in size.
  2. Thanks for that explanation. =) Didn't know about the h.265 encoder chip. I'd been hoping they'd give us s-log3 with the next iteration of A7S (which surprisingly they did). Now I'm looking to the A7S II, with the promise of easier grading with S-log3/S-gamut3/Cine for run-and-gun shoots, for travel and documentary work I'm undertaking in a few months. Can't say I have much to complain (except battery life, like everyone else). Question: How is there not a bigger file size difference between a 4k 10 bit Prores 422 HQ file out of Ursa mini (110 MB/s) and the Sony's own 4k 8 bit S-log 3 file (100MB/s)?
  3. Disclaimer: Non-tech person here. I'm curious, what is lacking in the current hardware Sony A7R II / A7S II uses to enable internal 10bit 4:2:2 video, given that BMPCC has been able to do it for a while (granted with a smaller sensor)? And can it be solved via firmware update?
  4. Hi, guys, I'm considering getting a Lanparte DSLR kit for my canon DSLR film kit and was wondering if it'll fit fine with a BM Pocket (with lenses like SLR magic 12mm). http://www.hdvideoshop.com/en/kits-promos/94-lanparte-dslr-kit.html
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