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  1. Dropping 24p to make UX cleaner? People here should go work for Canon "Excuses Department". Why do you even bother justifying Canon for screwing things?
  2. Oh God, from the specs sheet, the video files are still being cut into 4GB pieces...
  3. Also, the Z6 has a quiet strong AA filter which the A7R IV does not have, therefore the A7R IV resolving better details...
  4. The A7R IV is better than the Z6 if you shoot mainly stills. This is not a main video camera and aimed at a different category (Z7). It is much better in resolution and focus system (I have compared the A7R III to the Z6 on field). So what is you point exactly?
  5. You dont even know which numbers to look at... The A7R III is competing the much newer Z7 by price level and MP and is still selling a bit better than the Z7 after 2 years in production... Z6 is competing the A7III and cannot touch its sale numbers.
  6. You are so blind you could not see a joke even when it hits you. I actually shoot with a Sony but could not live with the A7S II more than few weeks because of its color. Switched to an A7R III which you say its a bad video camera... Go check your vision man!
  7. The Sony A7R III got rid of this yellow tint and does not have it any more.
  8. DPreview says that in super 35mm mode, crop factor for 24p is x1.6 (not 1.5) and for 30p, its a x1.8 crop... For FF mode, there is not a crop for 24p or 30p.
  9. The only good surprise in video is the auto focus with real time eye and active tracking.
  10. https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr5-leaked-images-and-info-of-the-new-sony-a7riv/ What do you think, is it fake?
  11. I was referring to a significant firmware updates with real new features.
  12. Based on E-M1 II timing history, you will have to wait more than 2 years for that...
  13. Your claims are on a kindergarten level... and if you want to talk facts, then Sony is now number 2 on a world wide level while Nikon dropped to number 3: https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-unveils-they-now-have-24-of-the-overall-worldwide-camera-market-share-up-4-over-the-previous-year/ Anyway, who gives a fxxx about these figures? Are you a major shareholder in Nikon or Sony?
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