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  1. 2.2 for REC 709 2.4 for DCI P3
  2. In body stabilization? Only digital one with more crop, no IBIS.
  3. Yes, you need a Windows picture profile for the new computer.
  4. Maybe it is "old" (from last year...) but it has HDMI 2.0, DCI P3 and even HDR 10 if you need it. I Don't know any Samsung PC monitor that is aimed at pro video editing.
  5. The 3200 model does not support DCI P3 which is a shame for this price and the HDMI is only 1.4 verson = 30Hz. This one is nice: https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-32UD99-W-4k-uhd-led-monitor
  6. All these things are not relevant to the EOS R/RP models.
  7. Yes we know it, but in this case, could Panasonic be using a BSI sensor and hiding this fact?
  8. I buy whats best for me, whether its a Canon, Nikon or Sony and Olympus.
  9. Buying an EOS R/RP thinking its a "winner" camera is same like buying Peugeot 3008 thinking its the same model that won the Dakar Rally competition...
  10. This is a BSI sensor. Have you seen any indication that S1 sensor has BSI?
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