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  1. New skin but he manipulates the image path with optional inserts and coatings... https://nofilmschool.com/2013/03/dog-schidt-optiks-modifying-vintage-russian
  2. Not even close ... there is a small badge of a dog in a squat on the lenses. Truth is Richard takes marginal glass and makes it sing. But is humble enough to acknowledge the fact he was not using Zeiss or Leica or Schott glass at that point. Loved the lenses ... which quickly escalated to levels that most cannot afford. Tongue in cheek ... not immature.
  3. Guys the Ninja 5 video shows eye AF in video mode with the blonde model ... already working ... just need to give us the keys.
  4. No cropped like the internal ... it is 10 bit 4:2:2 ... shame it is not FF.
  5. 90 percent of my lenses are not AF Nice for certain shoots but not a deal breaker... FF 4K 10 bit is a valuable addition to the mirrorless range of cameras. It was the Z 7 or the Canon C200 ... not missing the Canon at all.
  6. Correct I have Andrew Reid's ZLog but most of my shoots are controlled on a major tripod and video head ... external recorder ... and again ... AF seems to be acceptable for me on the Z 7 with Nikon Z-Log in 10 bit. If I am traveling with the camera ... without all the ephemerata of recorder etc then AR ZLog will be great.
  7. N-Log is only 10 bit and only to an external recorder ... you can simultaneously record UHD 8 bit internal but not N-Log. Nikon restricted it to 10 bit as most Log is kinda challenged with the limited color space in 8 bit. Canon has a decent 8 bit log ... but probably because their color science is good enough people are not pushing it in post.
  8. On the Z 7 there are 493 AF PDAF sites ... on the Z 6 there are 273 AF PDAF sites ... do not have a clue if this would account for the difference. My setting for AF is AF-F Wide area ... not messing with face detect ... so it also may not be good if the issue is face detect.
  9. External 10bit N-Log with the Z 7 AF is quite good ... have not taken the time to compare as I always use an external recorder with 10bit N-Log when using the Z 7. Is this AF on the Z 6 with the 24-70 or with all three native lenses?
  10. Purchased it 2 months prior to the Z 6 release ... and no low pass filter.
  11. Seems like resurrecting a dead horse ... or camera. Z 6 da bomb ... Z 7 .... what? Spent the morning with the camera and lens ... 38F the high ... 25 mph winds ... glorious sky and light. First half is full frame ... water scenes DX crop to gain a bit of reach with the 300. AF was more than adequate for my needs ... YMMV. Here: https://vimeo.com/308603511 Bob
  12. Here: https://blog.kasson.com/nikon-z6-7/how-fast-is-the-z6-silent-shutter/
  13. docmoore

    Nikon Z6 Low Light

    Noise ISO Light ... not always a camera fault ... http://www.xdcam-user.com/2018/08/noise-iso-gain-s-log2-v-s-log3-and-exposure/
  14. Nikon Z allows three user settings ... 3 in stills and 3 in video. Probably best if you set the user setting in stills ... U1 for instance then setting for video on U1. When you change from stills to video in U1 you can go from P in stills to M in video ... should work ... have not tried it as I do most everything in M. U1 could be 4K 24P and U2 1080 crop.
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