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  1. You do not understand what I wrote. I did not said there isn't M mode in video, I said something else. You are such a fanboy that does not want to understand what people write.
  2. I had a Z7 for 10 days and returned it. AF-C auto focus in stills mode was too bad. Color in video was good but did not find it special (tendency towards Yellow). EVF and back screen quality are great. The camera has some usability limitations in Video mode, missing some practical tools for video work. I am a hybrid shooter so hated the fact that you cannot switch to M video mode directly from P/A/S modes in stills, you always have to dial first to M stills then switch to video. In other cameras, no matter in what stills mode you are, you can switch directly to M video.
  3. Are you a young kid? kidding? Time lapse is not a video to be argued to show anything. Another joke is your laughter about the GH5 which is much more professional than the Z6 in so many ways. Your are talking so much about the RAW, lets see when it comes out first. We are still waiting for the promised Eye focus firmware update (Hopefully next month).
  4. No, the Z6 does not capture more details than Sony A7III. The Z6 has a strong AA filter that decreases details. https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr29_0=sony_a7iii&attr29_1=nikon_z6&attr72_0=4k&attr72_1=4k&normalization=full&widget=341&x=0.20082815032951964&y=-0.5766719152403976 Also No, the Z6 does not have better dynamic range than Sony A7III. We will wait and see the RAW output, but for now, its still not better.
  5. Again, there is some Orange in skin tone.
  6. Had the Laowa 7.5 mm f2.0, a great lens for the money.
  7. DXO published their S1 score and they suggest it has the same sensor as A7III and Z6.
  8. Indeed, the blacks in this sample looks crashed.
  9. Have the Russians broke into Canon's account?
  10. So what happend with that post? Was it just trolling of Canon USA?
  11. liork

    Olympus EM1X

    Are you going to heavy grade the output? If yes, than you will see some banding in Sky and so.
  12. In which frame do you see a blown out skin? Maybe your screen is not calibrated.
  13. I like it. From what I see here and in other S1 clips, there is an Orange color tendency, especially in human skin. In this clip you can see it in some frames but less in others. Do you also see that?
  14. Rolls-Royce is to waive the cost of repairing the Royal limousine attacked by rioters during a student protest as it carried Charles and Camilla. The Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, worth at least £250,000, was hit by paint bombs, kicked and had a window smashed as it was being driven to the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1343379/Rolls-Royce-repair-Prince-Charles-Camillas-250k-riot-car-free.html
  15. Because some people still argue this kind of staff these days:
  16. Even for a family vacation video, 4K is a must today, why bother with blurry 1080p? I want all my filmed memories to be in the highest quality available today. Stopped using Full HD some 3 years ago.
  17. So in this case, read it from bottom up 🙂 But, seriously, it took it from elsewhere, but its shocking to find same statements here. For example, looks like many EOS R users state they do not want or need to shoot 4K video.
  18. Olympus switched to video Phase focus with the E-M1x, so its much better than that of the E M1 II.
  19. Only 103 votes after 3 days, this is a small market...
  20. It should be interesting to see how making a 8MP out of 100MP turns out in term of moire, aliasing etc.
  21. 2.2 for REC 709 2.4 for DCI P3
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