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  1. If its too much, I don't mind Nikon doing large crop for 4K 60p, like X-T3...
  2. Any word about the Z7? same problem?
  3. Well, Vegas Pro supports ProRes on Windows pc, so maybe they will add also ProRes RAW support.
  4. No, for that you need 12K.
  5. Panasonic manager says “8K on Micro 4/3 is complicated, if not impossible.” https://www.43rumors.com/panasonic-manager-says-8k-on-micro-4-3-is-complicated-if-not-impossible/
  6. Yes, probably its a hardware limitation that cannot be fixed by firmware.
  7. Do you think its possible to include 4K 60p even in 8 bit?
  8. Are you sure? I don't recall any change in 5D IV 4K crop.
  9. I guess it takes a lot of practice. Also, some lenses use focus by wire, some linear, some don't - what makes it more problematic...
  10. Yes it is. I prefer to archive the best available quality of today (for the next generations :-)) but each to its own.
  11. I agree its does look quiet good, but maybe its relevant for a very specific case : shooting faces from real close distance. If its the only or mainly the thing you shoot, than its OK for you. I remember the first Sony A7S had a great FHD quality (sharpness and details), but on most cases, I see a clear difference compared to UHD (on a UHD screen of course). Surely it will gain you much wider angle on the EOS R which is a good thing.
  12. A very big crop in EIS... Go out the house and shoot, then you will see the real difference between FHD and 4K. You know what, even a whole room shoot inside the house will show it.
  13. So the AF issue happens also in 8 bit N-Log? Hopefully looks like a bug.
  14. Well, some MILC oversample from 6K and there is still degradation in EIS.
  15. Well, still waiting for the first Mirrorless camera to show it. Right now, all present models show sharpness decrease in EIS.
  16. What happens to Z7 in that regard?
  17. So if AF is good with 10 bit non N-Log, it does not seem to be a lack of CPU power. The difference between N-Log and other picture style should be N-Log's BT2020 color space.
  18. Thanks for the test. So, from your results, 10 bit alone is not the cause of the problem. Is there more processing power needed in N-Log compared to other picture styles? I am not sure so. It could be another thing related to N-Log, maybe a bug, under expousre or so.
  19. But you can say "image good enough to tell a story" about most of the cameras in market today... even on some smartphones. You can also say "forget specs and just shoot" about any camera. All these general sentences teach nothing when you try judge a camera.
  20. So you use Gimbal I suppose. Do you also add sometimes digital IS in post?
  21. As you said, as long as the EIS has extra crop and softness, it cannot be "close or superior" to IBIS. On the day it will overcome these 2 problems, then I will prefer that.
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