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  1. As an owner of E M1 II +12-100mm F4, you won't get gimbal level smoothness while walking.
  2. Why do you think that? We are not sure at all, as we know Canon, 1080p could be very realistic...
  3. No word about video specs, maybe they are waiting with the surprise of 1080p only...
  4. Talking about sensor size and capturing light. So this is why the huge crop of EOS R in 4K is so stupid.
  5. In 4K PAL mode, the Sony gives only 25p. If you want to shoot 24p or 30p, you have to switch to NTSC mode, format the SD card and then every time you switch on the camera, an annoying "NTSC" message will appear on the screen for some time. All other manufacturers allow you to shoot 24p/25p/30p in PAL mode. Have any of you addressed Sony with this matter?
  6. So why best auto focus cameras use Phase detection? Only Panasonic discovered it has an "image defects"?
  7. Of course it makes a difference when you see a 8MP picture on a 2MP screen. Details and noise goes away.
  8. Same sensor as the E M1 II, same 12 bit.
  9. As you can see here, the A7S II is down under in sales. The hottest cake is A7III. So why bother rushing? https://www.bcnretail.com/market/detail/20190113_101128.html Reasons for that may vari: sensor resolution too low for stills, outdated specs or price. Maybe next model will be more of a hybrid to attract more customers.
  10. Then You can buy the E M1 II for less money, same video modes (missing only 1080/120p), same codec, almost same ibis.
  11. Even the GH5 has good weather sealing with the flippy screen.
  12. The real test will be in a less bright place, a room for exampe with not one person but few. Then we'll see how it track faces.
  13. Tell that to Andrew: https://www.eoshd.com/2013/11/new-h-265-codec-test-prores-4444-quality-1-file-size/
  14. It is 72 in HEVC so more like 140Mbps in H.264.
  15. You need to add the Atomos price to that. The S1 will be also 2K$, we'll see what it offers. I think auto focus will be also a very important factor.
  16. Its similar to Nikon Z7 which has a nice auto focus in video... Weight 900 grams... that's heavy.
  17. Why? Are you going to use them on another camera?
  18. Launch is almost here, Full Frame with 4K 60p, maybe 5K, many Video options, Auto focus is still a mystery...
  19. No, its not a "much tougher" camera comared to the E M1 II. You could wash the E M1 II in tap water and have no problem, you can go into water falls taking pictures, I had no problem doing that. Working in minus 10 Celcius degrees? Done that, No problem. Olympus always gave us impressive weather proof bodies, so I don't see any real E M1 X advantage in this area.
  20. They just did nothing to improve video quality, same codec, such a shame.
  21. Agree, total fail.
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