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  1. So, that's why right now, for hand held shooting (while standing) IBIS is better without any sharpness / crop loss. For smooth walking, Gimbal + high quality digital IS is probably the best option.
  2. But there are some not so good aspects of that compared to IBIS: you loose some sharpness in picture and in most cases, you get another extra crop of the frame while using digital IS.
  3. Reminds the Pana GH4 behavior where 4K focus was worse than shooting in 1080 - lack of enough calculation power.
  4. You have to study how to do panning with IBIS, but If you do a hand filming in general, than IBIS is great for eliminating hand shakes, better than in lens IS. And it works with every lens of course. But, don't expect it to show Gimbal level performance. Maybe the new Olympus E M1 X will be close to that...
  5. Yes, but in Video, it works mainly or solely on PDAF, and when you use it in field, if you have used a contrast detect only camera before, you see the difference. As DBounce have wrote, it could be a matter of calculation power in 10 bit video.
  6. Its time for you to take a break from this forum. You keep posting in every thread here, whether you know something or nothing about the subject. Congratulations, you just became the official Troll of EOSHD.
  7. But the Z6 AF does not work on Contrast detection, so why do you write such a useless posts?
  8. Well.... https://variety.com/2015/artisans/production/the-revenant-cinematography-emmanuel-lubezki-1201661435/
  9. This is not a battle between brands. If a camera has a flaw, then it has a flaw. Its funny how a brand followers try their best effort to explain in the name of the company, why this flaw is not a flow. "APS-C video is good enough", so buy APS-C... "Only for 4K video does it apply a 1.74x crop". Are you serious? I have been shooting only 4K in the last 2-3 years. "Only"...
  10. Like some people say: "IT'S NOT A BUG, IT'S A FEATURE"...
  11. So, with your logic, even a full frame camera with a 1" crop is great because some people buy native 1" cameras and don't complain... Each camera with its own format, if you want APS-C crop, you buy a native APS-C camera with native lenses. I you want FF, you buy FF camera.
  12. Well, the 1DXMK2 focus is great, the EOS R less so. The crop factor of EOS R is very bad. Each fact to its own, the EOS R crop is not less bad because of the great focus of the 1DXMK2, this is a Canon fan thinking.
  13. No, its not over blown. None of the competition have such a severe crop and rolling shutter. You can only compare it to Canon stuff, so this is the shit Canon users are used for.
  14. What color gamut does the Nikon Z shoot in 4K 10 bit? In Sony cameras, you can choose bt2020, but I did not see this option in Nikon menu.
  15. This camera needs a sensor with much better image quality than E M1 II in order to justify the price. Hope we don't see here another m43 sensor without BSI.
  16. And how do you know Nikon does not have the same 12 bit ADC?
  17. Well, the Nikon D850 sensor is not "handicapped" compared to the A7R III. The banding problem in Z7 is caused by the fact That Nikon did not treat the PDAF pixels as it should be in the RAW files. Nothing related to Sony here.
  18. But who told you the Z7 can write that fast? With the fastest 400MB XQD card, the Z7 can write 250MB, so its got a hardware limit.
  19. In video, the AFC focus is great. And that’s from testing and not only reading in forums. In stills, AFC is not great. Yes, they have different performance. Z7/6 has wonderful face detection and object tracking in video AFC.
  20. liork

    Nikon Z6 Low Light

    The IBIS is not bad on the Z, even better than the Sony A7 III.
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