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  1. I was hoping this system would replace sony for me, since I really dislike the ergonomics and menus on sonys. But although the cameras look more than capable (on paper anyway), the size/weight/cost kind of kills it for me. Hopefully they might bring out some slimmed down lighter versions like they did with m43 later on. And Sigma might be able to release some cheaper if not smaller lenses. Looks like it will be a great system for some people, but unfortunately I think I will have to stick with sony for now.
  2. The system looks like it is going to be quite heavy and expensive. 50 mm F 1.4 Weight: 955 g around $3,000 24 – 105 mm F4 Macro OIS Weight: 680 g around $1,700 70-200 mm F4 OIS Weight: 985 g around $2,300
  3. Nice updates, but Its a bit disappointing they don't seem to be updating their 2nd gen products anymore.
  4. I'm having a bit of trouble finding consistent and reliable AF settings on my A7RII. And I am also quite confused by seeming idiosyncrasies between what AF modes can be used, and the function of various AF settings. In the Movie mode, things like Eye-AF do not work (I get a message about being unavailable in manual mode settings). However, with the dial set to custom, but the same manual settings applied, I seem to be able to use Eye-AF, as well as several other AF modes, that don't seem to be available in movie mode. On the other hand, things like framing guides do NOT show up in custom modes (but DO show up in movie mode).... Additionally, things like AF/MF Hold set to a custom button, seem to work only if MF is first set through the menu system, but will NOT work if set through a custom AF/MF toggle. All these little things, are causing me a lot of confusion when it comes to shooting video with the A7RII. I feel like all the AF settings on this camera are very confusing and full of caveats and workarounds. However, I have seen people praise the Sony AF as being quite good. So I'm wondering if anyone here can give me some advice on what settings are best to use for video AF. Especially for rapidly moving subjects. I've been experimenting with various modes, but am getting a lot of focus hunting and / or breathing, and don't feel very confident that my shots will be in focus. Any thought or advice on what settings or modes work fairly reliably for video C-AF on sony a7rii?
  5. I'm using a Sony A7RII and GH5. But I was under the impression I could use it as a manual system attached to the lens.
  6. I want to buy my first gimbal, and I'm wondering if the focus dials that some of the new ones (crane 2, moza 2, weebill lab) have are actually practical and useful. Having never used one, I can't really judge this for myself unfortunately. So is there anyone here who has used the focus dials on the newer gimbals, and do you think they actually work well and are essential? If not, I might as well save some money and get an older gimbal without it, since that seems to be the major improvement as far as I can tell. Thanks a lot for your advice!
  7. Do you feel that 5 inch is big enough to judge focus and composition? I'm also looking to get my first monitor, and wondering what size is best.
  8. Seems like good hardware spoiled by poor software. @Zak Forsman How has your experience with the app been? I really wanted to like this gimbal since it is nice and lightweight.. Most of the other new gimbals seem quite heavy.
  9. The only reason I can think of them doing this, is that they don't want to kill the m43 sales. Which makes sense from a marketing perspective. I think most people using the GH5 would abandon it for a FF version. But it's a bit of a pity for us if this is the case.
  10. I know. But according to dpreview: "The company says the 24MP S1 is expected to be used around 70% for stills and 30% for video, targeting people such as wedding photographers and photojournalists. The S1R will be "purely for photographers," the company says, with landscape, commercial and portrait photographers being explicitly named." And then there is that funny 3-axis LCD screen, which seems nice for photography, but not so nice for video. Also, DFD autofocus.
  11. Apparently, something like this: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-t3-first-impressions-review/3 A bit of a disappointment in my opinion. I prefer the GH5 one. About the sensor, not sure its is confirmed, but I thought one of the rumors specifically said they were NOT using a sony sensor but that it was a panasonic one.
  12. I don't think they really mentioned any except for 4k60p. Details were pretty sparse. But it *seemed* like the new cameras are more focused on photography than video.
  13. Ki Rin

    The Fusion thread

    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a lot of good training for Fusion out there. I did find a couple of good tuts on youtube, but its definitely got a pretty steep learning curve. I think this is the best intro video I've seen. It actually made me understand what was possible with the software.
  14. I don't think people hate it. It's just not terribly exciting on paper. Its too early to really judge yet though. I'd say the reaction to the Nikon is lukewarm. The Canon on the other hand... now there might be some hate there. I'd recommend waiting to see what the Panasonic announcement brings. Its the last big imminent announcement I think, and it could very well steal the show.
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