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  1. Hey everyone! We shot this a few years back in Massai Land Kenya. I thought that I would share with you all since it was filmed pretty low key with a couple of DSLRs. A7sii/GH5 and an Rx100. Let me know what you think and GO Maasai Land!
  2. Hahahaha.... what’s funny is that a lot of these points could be directly applied to your post 🤔
  3. mojo43

    Davinci Resolve 16

    They fixed easing in/out of position keyframes!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!
  4. mojo43

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Amazing. I moved to Resolve last year and haven't looked back. For my editing I think I have sped up my workflow by about 30-40%. Plus it doesn't crash every 5 minutes. Bonus!
  5. There are so many differences. I am just really privy to the nuances of what they are. Normally we are hired to bring in a westerner's point of view to a country. For example our last couple of gigs were in Japan and their culture is pretty much the complete opposite of ours, but we weren't there to shoot like a person from Japan would or else they would have hired someone from there.
  6. Interesting discussion. I believe that it has peaked for people who watch and have watched travel videos since the beginning (like myself). There will of course be other styles that come out that will push it further, but essentially I feel like it is becoming more of a cliché than anything. Story is what will change the genre in the future imo. This video however was us going out and shooting for fun. We are pretty much always shooting what the client wants so it was nice to put story aside and just shoot some fun transition shots in an epic place where no one really films travel videos haha... That all being said, most of the world has never seen a travel video with transitions like this and are still new to this genre. We were specifically targeting an Asian audience with this video so hopefully it will be new to them and Taiwanese people will see Taiwan like they have never seen it before. Thanks for opening up an the discussion!
  7. Thank you... I wanted to get out of hand a bit on this one and just have fun. Hopefully it wasn't too much
  8. Really excited to see what everyone thinks of our new video! We shot this mainly with an A7iii an A7sii and a GH5. Mavic pro 2 of course. Let me know!
  9. You too! Coming up soon! No I haven't tried that one yet, but I have tried others that are similar (ish) like the AK4000 and Crane 2. They are all a bit too big for the setup I use so I haven't totally been paying attention to those. Do you like it?
  10. This is what I said in my review as well. I am pretty sure they are being paid to say that, but from what I have seen it is a good gimbal, but much heavier that the weebill. Also, if you look at the comments on my review, there are people telling me that I am not praising it enough and people who are asking me if I am sponsored because I am praising it too much. The truth is that most of these people have no idea what they are doing with a gimbal so take their opinions with a grain of salt. The other day I received a message about someone who was having a problem with a gimbal and I asked for a video to demostrate the problem. It was a kid of probably 10 years old who was pointing the gimbal up at the sky (maybe shooting clouds and birds) and waving it around like a gimbal should not be waived around. I learned something valuable that day. Just an example... Last thing is that Zhiyun did add a new firmware and now you can change modes in the app so it is possible to have full follow while on a monopod. Honestly Walter, I am pretty sure you would be happier with the Zhiyun Crane v2, plus or Moza air 1 or maybe 2 depending on how good it is. I would never use the Weebill as my A gimbal on a paid shoot. That being said I am flying a heavier cam than you. If you are looking for examples I did a pan+tilt example half way through my video.
  11. Seems like a heavy setup? Are you getting stable footage with it? It is no more lightweight than any of the other gimbals like Moza air or crane v1 / v2. If you check out the vid I show an example of them laid out and they are basically the same size.
  12. Not sure how to delete this post....
  13. Hey everyone, I am getting tired of bad gimbal reviews. I rarely have time to make them, but trying to do more and more when I can. Here is my honest opinion on the weebill lab.
  14. Hey everyone, I am getting tired of bad gimbal reviews. I rarely have time to make them, but trying to do more and more when I can. Here is my honest opinion on the weebill lab.
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