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  1. Filmed really well. The story sort of let me down at the end, but I did really enjoy it!
  2. Interesting. Was it the first shots or was it the VO or something else?
  3. Ya I missed that post. Will check it out now! We usually use a fog machine which outputs so much more, but since things are all closed up I just used some fog in a can. Did the trick!
  4. I am sure it's impressive! Ya just trying to keep busy over here. Anything to create. It's hard not to feel stuck! Thanks, ya just a few lights and some fog. Thanks so much for saying that! So kind of you! Curious to know what everyone else is doing these days while being locked inside?
  5. Stuck at home like many, so I made my daughter the actor and my wife the grip and script supervisor What have you all been up to during these strange times?
  6. I would love to see the test. Cine D is very good in low light. We were going to run tests to see if could beat the a7sii, but never had time to do it. Certainly the codec in the S1 holds up much much better.
  7. Absolutely. I created a look based off of this image. I dropped the black point and brought the exposure up and pushed the shadows blue. I did my grade in Resolve. Since all my gigs are cancelled now I guess I have more time for Youtube videos sigh.... maybe I will post a video on what I did for that if anyone is interested? Thanks, glad it came out well. I always struggle with getting the nat sounds right in the mix.
  8. Thanks so much! Ya as it stand, we shoot with the S1 our A cam and the A7iii for any of our gimbal work. Also the A7iii is much lighter so it makes sense. You just really need to nail your exposure properly.
  9. Thanks for saying that Rinad, I appreciate it!
  10. No... unfortunately the AF isn't that great on it. We shot manual. That's the only thing that the Sony A7iii does better than the S1.
  11. We shot in Cine D so I can't really comment on Vlog, but I can tell you how it is exposing and the flexibility in the footage in comparison to the a7sii. It is so much more flexible. A few of the scenes we really had to push to the extremes of the dynamic range and we brought it back in post easily without anything breaking apart. It wouldn't have been possible to do that to A7sii footage. Shot in Cine D. The mavic 2 is so much better than the 1st version. You can really push the image around.
  12. We shot this over a few days in Canada on the Panasonic S1 and Mavic pro 2. Honestly I can't be happier with the S1. Having shot on the A7iii and the A7sii for the past years the S1 is quite an advance in image quality. There is so much latitude in post and the dynamic range is really great in comparison.
  13. Just put this video out about filming as many scenes as you can in one location and the reasons why you would want to do that. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!
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