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  1. Hello, I wanted to share with you a vid we filmed over a day a few weeks ago about Alzheimer's. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
  2. We just finished our cinematography reel from some of our favourite images that we have filmed over the past years. Some of the images were captured in the magic of the moment and some were staged with lights etc... SEE YA 2020!
  3. I colour and sharpen and add grain for each clip so it's a bit hard to explain. The render out is h264 on best settings from Resolve. Hope that helps and thanks for the kind words!
  4. Thanks! We shot with the sigma 50mm f1.4. Very nice lens....
  5. I can't remember if I already posted this, but we shot this with mostly S1. Couldn't believe the quality of the image. Truly amazing.
  6. Haha nope. That was a trick to help shy videographers get over taking portraits.
  7. I think I saw in the Sony release vid that it has a 10% crop in 120fps. Too bad, but not a deal breaker I guess.
  8. Just put this piece out. I actually ended up losing an internal drive right at the end of this edit and I hadn't backed up for a few weeks. I found it so so hard to go back and redo all the work I had lost. Learned my lesson haha... Let me know what you think and if you have any Qs!
  9. Did they mention if there is a crop on 4k 60p or 120p?
  10. mojo43

    RED Komodo

    Is there any RAW footage anywhere with difficult run and gun situations to download?
  11. Filmed really well. The story sort of let me down at the end, but I did really enjoy it!
  12. Interesting. Was it the first shots or was it the VO or something else?
  13. Ya I missed that post. Will check it out now! We usually use a fog machine which outputs so much more, but since things are all closed up I just used some fog in a can. Did the trick!
  14. I am sure it's impressive! Ya just trying to keep busy over here. Anything to create. It's hard not to feel stuck! Thanks, ya just a few lights and some fog. Thanks so much for saying that! So kind of you! Curious to know what everyone else is doing these days while being locked inside?
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