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  1. 1) How's evf experience in terms of opticals ? like a sony A73 ? better? worst ? 2) How're builded NDs in terms of mechanism ? Seems pro enough ?
  2. nathlas

    R5 vs R6

    High iso / low light capability ? Is there a difference to mention ?
  3. Perhaps they have gone indeed back to redesign that . Especially against S1H. Ι believe R5 was a surprise for them.
  4. Ι can understand the love for such a lens. But not using that on a modern camera. CA seems terrible.
  5. nathlas

    RED Komodo

    And Canon battery usage as well. I notice that Canon released C300 III with an EF mount not a RF . They would obviously see the Komodo's chance in market before they abandon the popular EF mount.
  6. Ι would love to see who is going to be successfull on focus on 8κ in a FF camera Unless AF is superb this combination will be a hell.
  7. Last ping pong was among S1 adn S1H . Now seems R5 is on finals and making Sony get better
  8. Αpart R5 a BM 8k is beeing develoled If Canon also enters the 8k arena with cine cameras as well I foresee 8k avalanche the next two years.
  9. Αll foveon users I have asked ( I also use previous foveon system) prefer SD1 instead of all Quattro bricks. Just a thought.
  10. And MFT. They would have sold thousands of that lens in MFT ....surely more than fuji X mount
  11. They allready have just not in every mount yet https://cvp.com/manufacturer/fujinon
  12. Sure but it can be operated easily by one user only. Superb camera.
  13. Ι had same thoughts so many times. Then I have a look on this comparison and forget everything.
  14. Too expensive. Normally a set like that (even if 65mm is missing) costs half of that price in market. I just hope they will go on and not give up as there is some time they didn't release a new video. They are in my top 3 technical youtubers anyway for many months now.
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