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  1. And MFT. They would have sold thousands of that lens in MFT ....surely more than fuji X mount
  2. They allready have just not in every mount yet https://cvp.com/manufacturer/fujinon
  3. Sure but it can be operated easily by one user only. Superb camera.
  4. Ι had same thoughts so many times. Then I have a look on this comparison and forget everything.
  5. Too expensive. Normally a set like that (even if 65mm is missing) costs half of that price in market. I just hope they will go on and not give up as there is some time they didn't release a new video. They are in my top 3 technical youtubers anyway for many months now.
  6. I would pay the difference only for manual focus clutch that olympus PRO have. I can't comply with focus by wire only lenses
  7. I bought it 1230$ plus taxes last month (adapter kit) Since mark II is coming this is typical.
  8. nathlas

    RED Komodo

    Along with a RED ranger underneath
  9. I would prefer the olympus Zuiko 40-150 f2,8 PRO hands down Much better lens
  10. Propably mark II is allready on door. We gonna see more offers like this soon.
  11. I suppose you all using speedboosters ?
  12. Has anyone tried successfully (meaning iris, AF, IS are working properly) a non booster adapter for EF lenses on BMPCC4k? I tried Metabones BT2 that with new firmware is ok but noisy on iris especially on older lenses. I tried Viltrox EF M1 that AF is not working on any lens I tried !! Any other similar try like commlite or Kipon or else ?
  13. nathlas

    RED Komodo

    They haven't told him that its price is more than double than his product
  14. Sigma confirms LOG picture profile, Raw over HDMI coming to its fp camera via firmware update
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