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  1. My guess is that will be indeed around the £1700 zone (maybe a bit lower excluding VAT) and I confirm that will be delayed further and propably after november.
  2. I still get info that FP will be priced under 2000$/€ (including tax)
  3. the biggest issue is the non internal RAW recording capability. That's a huge disadvantage.
  4. previous model was superb but not bright enough for outdoor use. I would buy that even if they have increased brightness only , imagine with all those features they have it loaded I don't find that possible. They must have signed an agreement with atomos in order to use prores raw. I would love Sigma FP to could use that recorder.
  5. Also 2500 nits brightness is a superb advantage to avoid further outdoor solutions.
  6. You forget BMPCC6k ( and upcoming Red Komodo).
  7. Atomos would have an itch...😃
  8. 500$ for an anamporphic glass ? With their profit in this price ? And you have great expectations ? 😃
  9. There is plenty of time till they release a good number of lenses in order to consider buy one. They may fix AF too 😄
  10. Ι believe it's a problem that could be solved through firmware. Has anyone notfied Panasonic for this ?
  11. https://diglloyd.com/blog/2019/20190905_2142-FujifilmGFX100-FujifilmGF120f4-qualityControl.html Not everything full of roses ?
  12. nathlas

    Sigma FP

    First cameras will be in testers hands on next week propably.
  13. High fps that are A9 trademark is a hard spec to merge with high quality video hybrid camera.
  14. Ι don't know about ibis but if you need 8k and you can't afford RED helium or VV there is always mother Teresa of indy cinematographers I know BM is working on that.
  15. And after all we blame BM for this choice.
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