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  1. Αrri has done that before bring Alexa mini. Noone liked that
  2. Studios are not really wellcoming working their projects on 8k especially for feature films where the files are really enormus. Many studios that priority one for them is giving their films feature proof by having the largest possible resolution prefer using RED for that reason. Since Arri just released their first trully 4k camera and following that rythm they will touch 8k not really soon, RED will continue to play in that field for all those reasons
  3. Sure That's why so many films that costs hundrends of million dollars use them. https://www.red.com/shot-on-red
  4. It's not poking it's my opinion. If he doesn't like that he couls surpass that easily as i do with opinions like those.
  5. Well on my opinion if not be jealous on them concentrate on what makes you happy and most of all better on your job and don't spend energy on those you believe they have nothing to offer in comparison with you.
  6. 327K subscribers on his channel. They can't be all idiots and you alone have identified his true nature 😀 Jealous ?
  7. BM were not fools to abandon that raw of their first Bmpcc4k to have their Braw. They knew what was coming. I can't understand why Nikon could't.
  8. this is something that audience decides not someone alone. I would love to be a master chef and all people watching that to love my cooking advices in youtube but if the comments are negative I would understand that I am not the right person for that . And visa versa People seems to love him for the way he communicates his reviews as also prefer to watch and advise from him.
  9. Nearly perfect hybrid camera said the Sony guy. Not bad assuming that he didn't like the R5
  10. Barbie cameras are available. Barbie cameras that shoot 8κ not many Sony A1 (that someone could compare with) is 50% higher in price and shoots obviously in lower bitrate and with inferior capabilities in video image.
  11. I would agree on that issue if all cinematographers in this planet would't choose an external battery for power up their camera Some times half sized from their cameras . So you want to act as a professional and shoot your job at 8k ? Act like one and do what all do. The fact that in this camera is a excellent photo camera that can be used with internal battery as all of its kind it's a bonus.
  12. I would love to see a comparison between a braw BM camera and the new Raw light of C70 as well
  13. nathlas

    Olympus OM-1

    where to ? 😃
  14. Exactly. We can't ignore the image results even if at the moment our post production cannot handle that easily.
  15. Τhat was exactly the question back when 4k appeared with Red One .
  16. I really believe that when you belong to a proffesional cast you should never leave suspicions about your competitors. What you need to do is do your job as best you can and that will be what will bring your customer / viewer to you instead of your competitors. It is called professional discretion. I would never allowed such a thread to my crown/forum.
  17. It doesn't matter. If he decided that for his kind of jobs that camera suits him fine why not ? I don't have a problem to use any kind of camera in my job. But I will rarely pretend that a camera suits me if it will cause me more problems than using a more suitable solution. Sigma FP L is a fine camera from a superb company and I really hope that they will try improve that in the future and not abandon that project. But this specific camera is not of any really professional usefall use as it is.
  18. I wouldn't say he is a Sony guy. He is using BM cameras as well and he seems always loyal to simplicityon working sets. He offered not to release his opinion on FP-L as he knew that he couldn't hide the truth he discovered. That's very fair for him and honorable for Sigma that didn;t try to cover up his gray opinion. I trully respect him.
  19. Because he feels that wat I suppose. Since he realises all those negatives specs according to the price why not tell that ? He is not working for them. I feel gratefull that there are few like him to stand really neutral on marketing . Anyway he proposed which is the right way for this camera to have a chance in market. Sigma has to drastically decrease price as at this range there are better cameras to spend your money.
  20. Too thick and bulky. They could build a thinner option .
  21. nathlas

    BMPCC 6k PRO!?

    Maybe admins could rename that thread in order we could locate that more easily ?
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