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  1. I've long been a fan of your opinions and reviews @Andrew Reid I've read every article that you've published [pretty religiously] in the past 4-5 years. And so I feel that on good authority I can say "shame on you for publishing your last article." I'm, quite frankly, shocked with your unprofessionalism. You felt that John Brawley and BMD went low, and you went lower. You have always provided strong opinions based on sound-reasoning, specs and objectivity. However, in this case, you got your feelings hurt and are using your audience to fight back. Shame on you. You just lost major credibility with those who have trusted you for years.
  2. Add 4K60p and phase detection autofocus and I’m in!
  3. Can anyone validate whether or not a firmware update has changed the crop factor to 1.29x? http://www.canonrumors.com/crop-factor-change-for-4k-canon-eos-5d-mark-iv-included-in-coming-update-more/
  4. Isn't the pending XF-AVC update the "middle ground" you are talking about?
  5. I agree, MP4 at 150Mbps is not enough. I agree that that Canon raw lite is impractical. But the C200 announcement included another format that this article [conveniently] left out: a future firmware upgrade with XF-AVC. I can't help but read into this bias. Don't get me wrong, I left the Canon bandwagon a long time ago. But the C200 is truly the most exciting camera-announcement I've read about in a very long time. It checks off almost every box I can think of. I guess ProRes would've been nice. But it shoots internal-compressed H264 (for docs / quick stuff). It shoots internal RAW (for commercial work). And it's going to shoot efficient-HQ for everything in-between. Seriously, what else could you ask for!?
  6. I read that Resolve works natively with h.265 files. Is it only in the Studio version that it works? Tried importing NX1 files to no avail. I'd love to see how it works with NX1 files before I dropped money on it.
  7. jacoblewis

    NX1 / NX500

    If you want AF, you need to use the 16-50 S or the 50-100 S. In my opinion, of course. 16 is plenty wide, and it's f/2.0. It's a great lens. The 50-100 is pretty spectacular as well. If you have any prime needs, the 45mm is okay at AF... but I would just go third party lens and get an adapter. It sucks that Samsung bailed on what would've been a killer line of cameras and lenses. It's a great little lens. All their lenses are pretty good. Like I said, though, the 16-50 S and the 50-100 S are the only ones I would use with AF.
  8. jacoblewis

    NX1 / NX500

    1) I've only noticed the exposure drifting when you change the focal length / zoom in or out. So if you want a shot where you include zooms, I'd recommend using a third-party lens, then there will be no exposure drifting. 3) Yes. But AF is only good on the "S" series lenses. 4) 800 and below is clean. 1600 is useable. 3200 in desperate situations. 5) No. But don't use Gamma DR. You lose all the colors. And the NX1 has pretty good color science (way better than Sony). I use the FilmConvert recommended settings (Normal Profile, contrast -4, sat -2). See attached photos. 7) The biggest issue (that no one really talks about) is white balance. I would not recommend customizing your white balance using Kelvin. The colors drift, and you get really funky frames that jump magenta or green, then back again. It's a huge glitch, we own 4 NX1's and all of them do it. The nice thing is, you can customize any preset white balance. So we typically shoot with the "Daylight" or "Tungsten" preset and adjust the RGB to compensate for any weird lighting situations. It's proven to work pretty well. But it's annoying that you can't dial in a specific Kelvin. 8) Good enough for most productions. We plug the Sennheiser AVX directly into it for many situations, and it sounds great. No clients have ever complained. For clients needing higher quality / we're shooting Arri or RED with a Sound Devices recorder. For DSLR clients, the internal audio is perfect. 9) I don't think the camera needs hacking. Just stick with the out-of-the-box firmware, in my opinion. 10) It's a good EVF. Very useable. Very little delay.
  9. No way. Proxy mode in Premiere is slow and stupid. It doesn't work when you "interpret footage" in Premiere Pro. Not easily, that is. So good luck working with 60p footage you want interpreted as 24p footage.
  10. We use NX1's for everything. www.velare.tv Great AF (when using the 16-50 "S" and 50-150 "S" lenses) — Nearly as good as the 1DX II Best 1080p60 and 1080p120 under $5K NX1 Colors > Sony Colors (especially skin tones) Internal audio is great for ambient / atmospheric sound. For most audio we use the Tascam DR-10L 16-50 "S" lenses with internal DIS on the NX1 is up there with Olympus 5-axis stuff.
  11. How does the AF on the X-T2 compare with the AF on the NX1 [with the 16-50 S lens]?
  12. How do you know those are linear mode and not de-fisheyed in post?
  13. Where can you see footage of this mode?
  14. As a drone... Mavic > GoPro. It's more compact. It's more portable. Better flight times. Better range. More features (sensors, follow-mode, etc.). As a camera... Mavic < GoPro. Good luck getting ND onto your Mavic. I've also never been impressed with footage from DJI. Colors look weird and so many artifacts. GoPro undoubtedly produces a better image with ProTune (if you know what you're doing). I think the Karma also produces better value. $999 gives you a drone, a handheld gimbal and a gopro. "It's not just a drone." The Mavic is a single-use item. You can get a greater variety of shots with the Karma that will ultimately look and grade better than the Mavic. The Mavic looks like a pretty fun drone to fly though!
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