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  1. Found this video with helpful explanation why engineers disallowed AF with A mount lenses except with static aperture in P mode; also shows that using MF in A priority you get good demo of effectively step-less aperture changes with A mount lenses suggest start watching from 5:52 mins
  2. would love to know where to source a grip such as this
  3. Thanks for the suggestions and questions, it seems my colleague is starting out with weddings so run and gun I imagine will be involved. I know you filmmakers who do short films will use MF, but anyone successfully using AF for wedding vids with Sony full frame mirrorless? One of the most usefull suggestions I thought so far has been get a 2.8 zoom... the G-master is the ticket except the ticket is large ;-) Is there a good mid range zoom with AF alternative? I've also suggested to him that he hire a lens from hireacamera people then purchase later.
  4. Could someone help by referring to a previous thread or share what they suggest as a good set of lenses for the A7S II in a general videography business please? Is there any sense in utilising the Sigma 18-35mm with speedbooster then shooting in Crop frame on the body? other than reduced rolling shutter?
  5. Try to get the constant f3.5 version, it's is ahead of the other Nikon 35-70 lenses in ways including distortion.
  6. link please to open source code for the OS. I doubt there is any public sharing by Samsung.
  7. Thanks Max for pointing out your 50D clips. Both the crop and uncrop were useful to see. I like the idea of avoiding the pink dots issue.
  8. I have EOS-M and am interested in your comment on the 50D. Do you have a view on what the pros and cons are of the 50D raw compared to raw on the older 7D? (other than 7D a bit more money)
  9. Olympus has released a camera with an open API that users with some coding skills can write ios or android apps to work along with their smartphone. They are making it a "hack and make project", incl making available some 3D printer files for some of the accessories and items to customise the camera. It's the same sensor as the EM10 I believe. 16 mpix 30p. I doubt the API allows very low level access to the sensor, (pity as 3K 15fps would suit me to extract stills from) but it's an interesting direction they are taking.
  10. I wonder if both would supply still frame grabs of identical flexibility in post?
  11. What's the fastest CAPTURE fps achievable with Quicklapse. Having looked at the original link, it seems it may be 4fps?
  12. I realised the guy did not have a dslr rig after I watched the video :-) Rather I'm guessing it was some sort of street sculpture?
  13. Picked up an EOS-M with kit lens just the other day and fair comment MattH on the Video capability, it doesn't seem to be up to the sharpness of even my Olympus PM2, although also just found out that my model of Olympus doesn't do auto-iso in manual video mode like this can. In case anyone is interested I noticed Argos in the UK have the EOS-M kit reduced to £199 with the 18-55 zoom and flash. Here's some output after visiting my daughter today using the EOS-M which is .mov footage out of camera. 1920x1080/25p 1/50th f4 then f6.3 in the living room AWB Auto-iso Manual Focus I'm discovering that ease of shooting is a main issue. I was manual focusing using the focus magnify of Magic Lantern on this EOS-M. Even with focus magnify, I find I still need to zoom in and focus then zoom out. Is manual focus the best approach?
  14. Hello, Steve Huff (more of a stills photographer) certainly raved about the Olympus EM1. You can see his review here. On this forum another user >posted a topic called "Still like my EM1" It's this video of skin tones that really got me wondering...if my own next camera purchase was really off. Most people seem to find it a joy to use the EM1 filming handheld with it's excellent built in stabilisation, also hugely useful for stills and being in New York that frame rate of 30p might well be liveable with? For portraits your partner might like the forthcoming LX100 you mentioned. It's 4K "photo mode" while recording video, means he could extract 8Mp stills from any frame of video(this link illustrates process and a try out with professional still photographers using video stream from a 1DC). Everything I've read describes "photo mode" on the LX100 as a feature you perform in camera.... hoping there may be post processing option on that too! You'ill want to hear about the still quality of the A6000 from the point of view you mentioned, ie coming from full frame, from someone who has both cameras. A portrait photographer could potentially stand further away from their subjects using the longer zoom range of the FZ1000, perhaps making them feel more comfortable but it does have a smaller sensor...and doesn't go near as wide in video as the LX100. Check if the LX100 can go long enough for your partner. If m4/3 is too small a sensor, I found this video tutorial most interesting; this tichy wee camera reportedly has the same sensor as Canon 7D and with adapter can take all canon lenses as well as the excellent native EOS-M fit 22mm f2 which is reckoned pretty sharp. Even the native kit lens is better quality than Canon's Dslr kit lens as the distance from rear element to sensor is less. The video was a great demo for me personally as to one way to rig for audio monitoring and capturing high quality audio. Bear in mind the EOS-M (with focus magnify feature of ML loaded and working DURING record) camera can record decent audio but it's preamps are not up to professional grade, but by feeding a properly amplified signal in, there is no post syncing. A pretty decent tutorial I thought and well worth a watch perhaps. How about this for a new EOS-M body and f2 lens :-)
  15. This was a very interesting post for someone (me) thinking about purchasing the LX100 same sensor? as GH4... I can't afford putting the amount of money required into a Nikon D750 body, and while I have a couple of Canon lenses, 50mm 1.8 and 135mm 2.8, I was taken with the video I've just seen on the thread "Still like my EM1". If you haven't seen it yet please head over and share your thoughts please! You could influence my next purchase.
  16. +1 on static human subjects! the dog on the Nikon D750 video seemed to go out of focus a lot, so I found it hard to evaluate the camera's image.
  17. Thanks for sharing this. I truly love the way your camera handles skin tones and handheld with a 90mm eq lens is amazing. I like to ask how you were holding your camera? Were you using the "optical" viewfinder against your face? I'm considering getting the new LX100 for it's 4K photomode, and this camera is about the same price for the body and I already have the 45mm lens and it does render people beautifully. So I hope I'm not going to miss out on something special here. I learn much more about a camera from seeing this kind of footage over dark streets or green vegetation.
  18. Selling your 60D and buying a Panasonic G6, you could just about end up with a modest profit, if you buy and sell carefully and you retain your Canon 5D III for stills? Fantastic stills for 50% and Fantastic video too.
  19. Yes this is on the button, and why picking up a Canon prosumer camcorder with 2 megapixels might not be a bad option for good lighting conditions.
  20. I love the way Olympus not only enables the use of Art Filters in their cameras, but these are also available in their PC software and can be applied to their raw files on your PC while post processing. My experience is that shooting this way is faster, as the camera only has to save one file to memory, and I'm still able to enjoy the creative uses of the Art Filters on my PC while previewing them on my large monitor. With relation to the LX100 my interest would be different. Grabbing 8Mb stills from selected progressive frames in a standard 4K captured video file is of course not camera specific, but the ability of the LX100 to switch on Photo Mode and capture 4:3 (among other resolutions) video thereby increasing the vertical resolution beyond 2160 horizontal lines is extremely attractive as Andrew already has covered. I've read that the camera will capture the last 5 clips each up to 2mins each in this mode, and I don't quite follow the usefulness of implementing this feature this way. I understand the photographer can review these "Photo Mode" clips in camera and press the set button to write a Jpeg still complete with Exif data however I would prefer to do this in post. But I'm really wondering if the 4:3 video capture in "Photo Mode" will be limited to 5 clips of 2mins each as I think I would want to use this capture setting all the time or most of the time.
  21. I think the main thing for those that ordered at the summer sale price and are still waiting for delivery is not to cancel said order out of frustration. Having said that, it seems strange that Blackmagic say they need the space and me having space at home... :-) but no camera as yet.
  22. I can understand the recurring question of one camera for stills and video, but for landscapes and video, this makes this a very interesting question. I will watch this thread with a lot of interest! A couple of questions, is it for paid work? What volume of landscapes say per month are we talking about?
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