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  1. ​I'll have to check that out monica, thank you!
  2. Nice! I like the improved rolling shutter.
  3. Lots of fun! Excellent work! I really like that last shot.
  4. Geoff, thank you so much for not just watching but also taking the time to give me some excellent feedback! I can definitely see what you're talking about, that I hang on shots too long. That's a problem I've had in some of my other work. I need to get more sensitive to that detail. We had a lot of fun working with the dogs (most of the time) but it was definitely a time consuming process to include them. I'll just say that I don't think my dog, the bigger of the two, had any trouble getting into character. And my wife...she is insanely patient and tolerant of the things I pull her into. I'm g
  5. jpommier

    Pregnant Paws

    This is a recent short that I did. My wife and I were originally making it to use as a sort of announcement that we were having a baby (only our immediate family knew about it) but I also wanted it to stand alone as a fun little short. After shooting the bulk of the footage my wife went into labor the next day so we had to do all of the quick zoom/close-up shots weeks after. Better late than never! Since I was unfortunately in the video, I had to rely on my wife for shooting most of it and when we couldn't operate the camera ourselves, we called over my Dad and a friend in the middle of the
  6. Jacob and Andrew, thank you both! I'm sorry that I missed the article and forum post about the topic. I greatly appreciate the info!
  7. Hello, I've been using the Samsung NX1 for a few months now and the workflow I've been using is convert the H265 to Prores 422 HQ using the RockyMountains Movie Converter (ver. 0.2.00). Initially the added brightness from converting to Prores and then to H264 didn't really effect what I was doing. Now that I've used it for short narrative projects that I took the time to light, this shift in brightness from the conversion is bothering me a bit. A more recent example, I was doing some test shots for an upcoming project and the musician I'm doing the video for asked if I could send him over a cl
  8. ​Thank you dbp! It was an amazing place to visit. I only captured a fraction of it.
  9. ​Thank you! So far I'm really enjoying the image out of this camera. I was definitely lucky to catch that last shot.
  10. Hello, I wanted to just share a short travel film that I shot on the NX1 (pre 1.20 firmware) of my trip to the southern part of Iceland. http://vimeo.com/117027464 I was initially looking at a GH4 to replace my old 7D but opted to wait for the NX1. I wanted another hybrid camera that could do a decent job with stills and video. So far, I'm really enjoying the camera! There are a lot of things to like and a few things to loathe (i.e., rolling shutter, oh my god!). I just wanted to share and say thank you for covering the NX1 so thoroughly on the site. Jeremy
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