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  1. There is an option for the evf but not for the lcd
  2. Hey guys, I just bought an a7iii and noticed that if you compare the lcd to the evf there is a shit to magenta in the highlights. The raw files looking fine, same look on evf and computer. I went to a Sony store in Berlin and experienced the same thing on on the exhibited camera. Did nobody noticed it ? I found just two post on that topic on dpreview. Cheers
  3. Bought a c100 mark ii a few weeks ago for 2100€, had kind of the same question here. Its a breeze to use, super fast, crazy small files but editable enough for me just nail the exposure and thats not hard with the ND´s and awesome Iso performance. Got the Tamron 24-70 2.8 on it, stabalizes pretty good, everything I need for now. With a 128gb card you can shoot a whole day and that redundant. I think the camera said around 450 minutes or so, its crazy.
  4. sqm

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Body without accessories is around 200g more then the 5d Mark iii (1125g), the limit is 3,6 kg so you have plenty of room.
  5. sqm

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    I´m making my way through it ? Wednesday I have a client meeting, if it going well it will be kind of instantly paid of. I know spec wise there are many other better options, but like with the 5d iii its joy tu use und I love the pictures coming out of it sooc. Thanks for all your opinions
  6. sqm

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Sadly 50/60p is a must have for me. Never shot with the F3 but with the fs700 but was not that happy with the image, a big thing is that I have to put so much more work in grading with the Sonys, while Canon just looks awesome right out of the box. Its funny were all bashing Canon for the lack of features but at the end I buy them anyway. 3 Years ago I was in for a ne FF stills camera, bought a Nikon D750 liked it but then tried the old 5d iii and was totally sold. Even if the Nikon is the better camera on so many levels, its just the easy of use und the colors out of the box that are worth it. I also bought an X-T2 a few months ago as a small hybrid for privat and travel stuff. I also shoot weddings here and then (stills) and use the X-T2 as a second cam to my 5D iii just on a modded Acros Profile. Never liked black and white that much but with that camera its mind blowing, its making shooting fun again. 5d Raw is crazy no question, but the workflow is a pain and on paid jobs I´m to scared something will fuck up (drop frames and so on) but I totally can see myself using it for small shorts. Can someone maybe send me a 50/60p clog file to play around with ? Didn't saw any interesting downloadable files on google.
  7. sqm

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    GH5/S is not an option for me, i dont like the image that much, just saw a few "filmic" videos that i really liked. In my eyes its to "Video". Bigger (not a red one ? ) is a Plus for me, clients are blindet by big cameras. leave the fact that i dont like the Gh5, this package would be almost double the price. But thanks for your reply Thats the work i do, if i do something bigger i will rent a RED. Plan for this Camera would be, image films, music videos and shortfilms... maybe a doc someday. Sorry i should gave you guys the infos earlier
  8. Hey Guys, I got an offer, 2000€ for the C100 Mark ii. You guys think its still relevant today? I know the Pocket is right around the corner but damn, there is something about the c series. Crazy battery life, build in ND+ XLR, ergonomics, AF and just the ease of use. What do you think ?
  9. Did you guys so this one ? Love the colors, but 120p looking pretty soft and what happened to her hat starting at 01.00min.
  10. should have read your post more carefully haha. I don't find a way to delete that post.
  11. I´m thinking about buying the a7iii I know, nobody tested the 7iii yet but it should be identical to the 7riii on video quality right? I had the original a7s back in the days, it was great for video but not that much on the stills side. How you guys think the a7riii stacks up to the old original great 1080p? Looks like the camera ticking a lot of boxes for me as a hybrid cam. Cheers
  12. Renting for sure. Every project needs other equipment the only thing that I´m renting almost every time ist the Panther u-bangi. I own a 5d Mark iii that is fine for photos and small video like event stuff, but renting is pretty cheap here in Berlin, I don't know about the US Tho. You pay like 3 € for a 1kw Arri tungsten a day... c100 + 15kw light and a slider for around 200 a day, so a now brainer to rent it. Downside: you have to check the equipment every time and it takes me around a day to pick it, check it and bring it back.
  13. This camera would tick a lot of boxes for me. Coming from the 5d mark iii 70%stills 30%video this looks superb. Is here any photographer that uses L lenses with the Metabones on a Sony? Would you say its reliable enough for professional work? Don´t want to sell my L lenses
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