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  1. Again Andrew you don't know anything about our election system. And these throw away statements are offensive. That simply is not the way things work in my country. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/zorn/ct-polling-ignorance-facts-trump-zorn-perspec-0106-md-20170105-column.html I assure you PC culture is not why elections go a certain way in my country. What the FACTS are are often irrelevant. Often times it doesn't matter what you do or what you say. The voter will vote a particular way for reasons completely beyond your control... like say the color of your skin or what is/isn't hanging between your legs.
  2. It's not a novel. It's called reality. If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. I have clients from all walks of life. Some are Trump voters and some are Hillary supporters. I can't just go around the internet posting Trump supporters are idiots, or Hillary supporters are babies. No one will organize a boycott of my business or picket my offices. But I will quietly lose contracts. 99% of businesses know this. That's why when a business attacks Trump or Hillary or one of their voters they make the news. Most business owners know they service a diverse population and strive not to piss anyone off. First thing you learn when dealing with the public. It has nothing to do with PC, Trump, freedom of speech, etc. If the customer says it is offensive... it is offensive. That's how free market capitalism works... perhaps you prefer communism?
  3. We have a Constitution in the United States and it explicitly says you have all the freedom in the world till you start impinging on other people's rights. We also have something called property rights in the United States. Disney is free to determine who can work with one of their properties. If your behavior does not comport with Disney's code of conduct they have every legal right to tell you to take a hike. Gunn has every right to open a studio and make whatever movies he wants. He can even make porn movies with borderline simulated rape scenes if that is what really makes him happy. And Trump supporters have every right to repost his past reprehensible tweets. Gunn has rights, Disney has rights, Trump supporters have rights. Your problem is you want to pick and choose rights. You only want to have rights you agree with implement in ways you agree with. Fortunately that is not the way it works. People have the right to do things that I find reprehensible. And I have a right to not allow them to work at my place of business. We all have rights. In a society where everyone has rights the best course of action is to offend as few people as possible. I like the Gunn movies I have seen. I am sorry to see him go. But I 100% understand Disney's position. The only one to blame here is Gunn... and perhaps the people that raised him.
  4. I never said Trump. I said "Trump supporters". There is a difference. I think there is something clinically wrong with Trump. I don't think there is something clinically wrong with everyone who voted for him. You could run an old shoe on the Democratic or Republican ticket and get close to 40% of the votes. That's just the way it works. Our elections are about 10-15% of the population at most. If you have a positive opinion of something that is a form of endorsement. Really if you have to try and split hairs that fine you may want to question your opinion. As other posters have indicated we don't know what your point is. You go on this screed against attacking people for what they said years ago and then turn around and write a warm positive review of Trump voters... who attacked a man for what he said years ago. Which is it then? You don't know anything about politics in my country. And I don't know anything about politics in your country. Let's refrain from telling each other what is wrong with each other's countries. I've lived a significant amount of time in my life overseas and I quickly realized I did not have a clue about the nuances that drive things like elections in other countries. Hillary Clinton did not lose simply because she was a "bad campaigner". Here is a fact. There has only been ONE presidential election in the last quarter century where a Republican won the most votes. I'm going to guess you didn't know that. Kind of makes you wonder what else you don't know about the American electorate and electoral system. Who ends up sitting in the Oval Office is the result of a sometimes opaque interplay between a myriad of factors. The probability a foreigner with scant knowledge of our culture and history would be able to sum up one of the most bizarre elections in our nation's history in two sentences is zero. Honestly the attempt is offensive on a certain level. Please leave our election out of your attempt to justify grown men telling sick unfunny jokes. You have every right to your opinion. I just ask as a courtesy you leave us out of it. Make your point on your own, please.
  5. Sorry. It's been common knowledge for over half a decade. You'll just have to google around if you want to see the myriad of posts concerning the matter. I certainly was not the originator of the story. Unlike you I am not 1000% certain about everything I post. Years ago the online forum consensus was there was something funky with their supply chain. What the specific issue was is really irrelevant. Fill in whatever reason makes you happy. The fact was a decent number of customers were not getting advertised speeds and they had to buy and exchange. That's the main take home message. And as I stated in my original post 100% of my experience and knowledge of the brand was from years ago and regarded CompactFlash. I have not heard anything regarding Cfast 2.0 or any product in 2018. I was just providing some free information so people can do their own research and make an informed decision.
  6. Lol. That was genuinely funny. https://www.cnet.com/news/pentagon-reportedly-bans-sale-of-huawei-and-zte-phones-on-us-military-bases/ https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/14/16890110/new-bill-ban-huawei-zte-phones-tech-congress-mike-conaway-cybersecurity https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/09/business/att-huawei-mate-smartphone.html https://www.reuters.com/article/us-australia-china-huawei-tech/australia-prepares-to-ban-huawei-from-5g-project-over-security-fears-idUSKBN1K111O I left facebook years ago. I never bothered with twitter, instagram, or any of the other social media platforms. It was clear fairly early on which direction things were going to go. The only thing that surprises me in 2018 is that people are surprised. I guess the same thing will be true of Chinese phones ten years from now. At least law makers are somewhat ahead of the curve on this one. It is great that they are banning these phones.
  7. Kind of like how you and Andrew didn't read the sentence that clearly states it is the Trump supporters you guys are beatifying that led the online attack that took down Gunn?
  8. Cool. Just didn't want people to have the wonderful experience they had with the BMPCC and the microHDMI port. The little handheld demonstration they did with the BMPCC 4k USB C port is definitely going to result in some broken hearts down the road. The problem is there are significant speed differences with other brands and models. Only time will tell how low you can go. Are you aware of Komputerbay's business model? I haven't kept up with them for the last couple of years. I am looking right at a Komputerbay Compactflash card I bought for my 50D raw magic lantern shoots years ago. Back then they would buy factory rejects or something like that from people like Lexar and sell them at cut rate prices. The problem was sometimes people had to return the cards because they did not perform as advertised. Komputerbay seemed to be good about replacing the cards. There are a number of stories of buying and returning on the internet. I don't know how they do things these days. Just thought I would add my 2 cents.
  9. I think this blog needs to stay away from this topic. The camera information seems to be pretty on point most of the time. That's why I come here. Unfortunately the rest of the "reporting" tends to lose the plot right out of the gates. It is basically fake news. There are so many factual innaccuracies and omissions it basically makes the reader go on google and do all the journalistic research to find out what the true story is. Trump supporters are the "hysterical" people who started this attack on James Gunn. I mean if you like Trump that is your choice. But nothing about this episode justifies anyone voting for him. No. Fighting terrorists in Afghanistan is dangerous. Writing poorly research screeds is not dangerous. This is the age of fake news. Anyone can post anything on the internet no matter how nonsensical, because... free speech. I will say I was savaged by several posters on this forum because I stated that I like multiple Marvel movies. James Gunn's work at Disney has been first rate. It is interesting how I was a piece of shit for liking the guy's work but now that people have found out he made jokes about raping little kids he is some kind of genius. EOSHD crew just working overtime to be edgy. It makes perfect sense that a company founded to entertain children fired a guy for making pedo jokes. Disney has a brand to protect. Once this stuff came to light and the Trump supporters said they were going to make a scene at Comicon WTF was Disney supposed to do? Hilarious. I often wonder what people on this forum actually do for money. It never occurred to me to put something like that in writing. I would be fired from any job I've ever had as an adult. I'm not some famous Hollywood director and even as a 22 year old fresh out of college I knew my name in print was potentially a fireable offense.
  10. I would touch that USB C port as little as humanly possible. No way I would routinely plug it in to my computer just for downloading content. A Sandisk CFast 2 card reader costs less than the sales tax on a 256 GB Cfast 2 card. What are we really trying to accomplish here? If someone doesn't have $50 they should stay far away from the Cfast 2.0 game.
  11. Your confidence never ceases to amaze me.
  12. Not looking to blame anyone least of all Blackmagic. Just illustrating for people some thought, care, and patience is advised. If people went into these things with a bit more patience and real world information there would be a lot less noise on the forums from people complaining about this and that. We asked for a high performance machine and Blackmagic has delivered again and again. But it is a high performance machine and needs to be respected. No sense rushing in and then posting complaints all over the internet. Cool. I'm not dropping hundreds of dollars on unreviewed cutting edge tech for a camera that isn't even out yet. I at least want the opportunity to return something if it doesn't meet my expectations. It's a free country. Anyone can do whatever they want with their money. But as Brawley pointed out people have a tendency to create a lot of unnecessary noise on the internet after they rush into something.
  13. I respectfully disagree. Tons of manufactures were using SD cards to record pictures and video internally for years before Blackmagic got into the game. Blackmagic merely wanted to write data at a higher volume than most. No one that I know of is using USB C drives to record raw externally straight from the camera. It is a completely novel approach unlike SD cards when the BMPCC was announced. I can't understand how you can be so confident about something we have never seen in the wild. I hope it works as advertised and it is something I definitely want to pick up in the future if it pans out. But it is insane to say this drive or that drive will work flawlessly at this stage. The Samsung T5 looks interesting but I couldn't possibly comment on other drives. Just have to wait and see. And I certainly wouldn't buy anything until I had the camera in hand so I could test it all myself. Other manufactures do raw to internal cfast cards no problem. See Canon's C200. And of course Blackmagic's own URSA Mini Pro 4.6K. Cfast cards are a proven bullet proof solution. If I had to guess I would think internal recording to Cfast cards would be the "best" way to record. The problem is Cfast cards are damn expensive. Some people in this thread have mentioned USB C port reliability. Obviously you have to mount the USB C drive somewhere and then you have a cable snaking around your rig. It introduces multiple points of possible failure. I haven't seen a port protector solution for the USB C port yet. I am surprised there aren't more people working on that issue. If someone came up with a mounting and port protector solution for external power and the USB C port I think they would do well. I don't mean to be negative about the USB C route. But looking at the situation objectively raises a number of questions. Actually I remember Blackmagic "clarifying" things. And I also remember after the "clarification" them removing cards from their recommended list. At launch Blackmagic themselves couldn't tell us with 100% certitude which old tech SD cards would work. I certainly don't think an anonymous person on the internet can list for us all the USB C drives that will work with the BMPCC 4k before the camera has even launched.
  14. Anyone can say anything in their marketing materials. I've bought enough tech that has had enough quirks that I know only real world usage will reveal all the issues. I guess you weren't around for all the trial and error with the original BMPCC and SD cards?
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