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  1. Yeah it's the European moniker for the 2-liter, not-quite-GT4 model up until 1998. At least that's the title of the 5th and 6th gens that had the naturally aspirated 3S-GE, I'm not sure what's the reasoning behind the "i". The final 7th gen model however was sold as the GTS, so go figure.
  2. Now that is a damn sweet ride. Nissan has made some freaking nice sport coupes, even though I've never been a huge fan of their regular cars. Car derail is the best derail, so here are my babies. 2003 Mitsubishi Galant sport, which is my daily and bone stock save for some neon lights and the sound system, and a 1998 Toyota Celica GTi, which has a tuned/lowered suspension, a lightened clutch, catback exhaust and a short shifter. Starting it up wakes up my neighbours and it tries to kill me when I do highway pulls.
  3. Ehetyz

    Race to the bottom

    Low budget video work is getting worse and worse. Where I'm at I'm definitely seeing a trend where quality is getting completely sacrificed to keep costs down in lower budget ad agencies. There's a constant struggle between the demand do cut corners and make things just "good enough" and the actual desire for competitive quality. Often this means things get done unplanned and undermanned. The client expectations-client budget meme is so real it's not even funny anymore and often the budget dictaded downgrades destroy any chances the end product had. It's come to a point where my professional agency work is very rarely of the kind of quality I'd put in my own demo reel - it consists almost solely of productions that are commissioned directly from myself. I'm firmly in the quality camp and keep telling the agencies I work for that you can't keep making mediocrity - you will be eaten alive by hungry newcomers willing to put in the work for less money, and skewing the price/expectation ratio even further. I don't know where it ends. Maybe natural selection will occur, or maybe some kind of crash of video production companies as most become impossible to maintain. We'll see.
  4. This is the first time I've ever seen a thread redeemed by video game fanboyism ­čĄú
  5. I for one really missed the console fanboy wars of my youth between sega/nintendo and sony/microsoft and am overjoyed to see grown adults still acting the same as my 12-year old schoolmates, just about cameras instead of vidya games. Now may I interest you in a link to a youtube video of "Why Xbox 360 is the TRUE LEET GAMERZZ choice and why I switched over from the Wii"? It's very convincing and supports all my arguments I promise.
  6. Welp, we've reached a point where it's impossible to tell what's an ironic shitpost and what's serious fanboyism.
  7. I don't care about PR. I just think one could do some cool things with the 3d180. The depth felt really convincing even in the static birthday demo shot, so I figure making a high speed chase or a Hardcore Henry-like fight scene with that could produce some pretty interesting results. Of course it could also produce just motion sickness ­čśä
  8. I'm completely hooked on VR stuff so this is really tempting. Makes me want to do an action short in 3D180. Hook that thing on a face rig and pull some stupid stunts. Maybe a little reckless driving. Or maybe a first person splatter movie. Watching through Oculus Rift the sample clips looked quite nice. The 3D effect is very strong and I was actually surprised at how much more impressive it looked through VR when compared to desktop.
  9. There must've been something seriously wrong with your copy of the URSA, unless it was the 4K version (in which case sure it was a piece of shit). I can even underexpose pretty heavily on the 4.6K (Running on old pre-manual-blackmapping firmware) without issues with noise. No FPN at 800ISO, you get some fine grain on extreme underexposure but even that's fixable with a little NR. This is the first time I've heard there's noise on the midtones. The 120fps windowed mode is pretty lackluster on the OG 4,6K though, and you really need to ETTR to get a clean image because any noise gets heavily pronounced by the crop.
  10. Looks like the logical upgrade path for me. Finally some higher-tier HFR modes. Time to start saving up...
  11. This is intriguing. I've never worked with GH5 footage so this was pretty interesting to try out. Somewhat challenging compared to BM footage. Anyway, here's my take: Not a fancy grade/process, I wanted to see what it looked like if I'd just put it through the usual routine I use on my corporate/commercial work. Most work was on balancing the noise/NR on various tones.
  12. Ehetyz


    I may be going full retard on F1.2 lenses. The Pentax has been my workhorse-fifty for the past few months, it's served me well, but it has a few glaring issues, worst of which is the heavy green/red CA on high contrast areas. So, time for an upgrade. The Revuenon seems to do the trick, haven't seen any CA from my first tests with the UM4,6K and the bokeh is gorgeous. Seems a little sharper than the Pentax as well. Going to bring it along for a commercial shoot this weekend and see how it holds up.
  13. Yeah I'm continually impressed by just how nice stills you can get out of the P4K. I was visiting my parents and filmed their kitten a bit - she's more agile than mercury so trying to take actually catch her in focus for a photograph is kinda impossible. Especially if you're dicking around with a 1.2. Much easier to pull out a still from a video clip.
  14. Never heard of Empire until the scandal. Though i doubt it has much viewerbase in Finland in general. The whole Smollett hate crime hoax thing seems like symptom of an extremely sick culture and completely immoral media and it'll probably get increasingly worse. Hell, there were thinkpieces straight up lamenting it turned out to be a hoax, I mean jesus christ. How messed up do you have to think that way?
  15. Confirmation bias from people who have already made up their mind based on the brand/their wallet/having invested into other ecosystem and grasp for reinforcement for their belief.
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