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  1. I still have mine, still use it and probably won't ever get rid of it. Once it's kitted up, it's surprisingly reliable. With the Juicebox magicpower battery, I can shoot all day. The sandisk cards are getting cheaper and cheaper, so even long recording times are doable. I've used it as a camera for long event shoots and it's never once corrupted clips, even in the hot sun for hours, while my GH4 has. The SLR-Magic Vari - ND II helps make it more run and gun friendly outside. Works great with the Zhiyun Crane. RAW is of course, awesome, but Pro Res HQ and 422 are godsends for work that doesn't require that extra 5%.
  2. I've been having a lot of fun making micro shorts with this camera lately. I don't think I'll ever sell it, even if (when) I get the pocket 4K
  3. I still have and love the original pocket, but does anyone else remember alot of the early footage from it? It was terrible! The good stuff was amazing, but much of it was worse than DSLR offerings at the time, mostly thanks to people being in over their heads with the grading. So I'm reserving my judgement on the pocket 4K for a while. The early stuff looks solidly good, but I think the best is yet to come.
  4. I've been pleased with footage I've seen so far. I think it's getting harder and harder to be blown away with each new camera release, and I'll admit that I'm not blown away. But I'm solidly happy for what it gives for the price. I'll definitely be buying if there aren't too many of the usual Blackmagic issues, and that I will wait for the dust to settle.
  5. "....the alleged sexual misconduct towards employees included "grabbing, kissing, [and] making comments about physical attributes."[7][8] The alleged conduct became so well-known that, according to Variety, at various times, Lasseter's studio had "minders who were tasked with reining in his impulses"
  6. So let me get this straight....... you're all up in arms over free speech and the trigger happy trial by words, yet you ban a couple of solid members for their opinions?!?! Opinions that were expressed with conviction, but politely?! Certainly more politely than any of your retorts. My god the hypocrisy is mind boggling. Infuriating even. THAT'S more offensive to me than anything in this thread. I've seen this time and time again with internet debates. Come in all spitting fire. Rebutals ensue. Make up some twisted justification about "respect" and then ban them rather than engage in conversation? Frankly, that is a level of wimpiness that I cannot comprehend. Stand by your words, man. I mean, they're only words right? Or am I banned now?
  7. I also feel like right weather / right time of day is playing a role in the look of this footage.
  8. dbp

    Is 4k Any Better?

    I believe this is a misconception. Certainly RAW gives you the ability to push colors around more after the fact, but it still seems like there's an innate look to each camera. Otherwise no one would ever bother with an Alexa, given RED's RAW capabilities. Even with massive budgets and top colorists, RED footage is not really hitting the same highs as the Alexa by most people's standards. To answer your question with the 5D, for me it's the color science. The colors are just so damn pleasing with everything I see. I can't really dynamic range, because I don't think it's all that outrageous compared to current offerings. Certainly there are sharper cameras out there. The colors though, I definitely dig em'.
  9. dbp

    Is 4k Any Better?

    Yep, 5D RAW might still be my favourite looking footage out there, period.
  10. dbp

    Is 4k Any Better?

    I still shoot pocket Raw @ 1080p over the GH4 @ 4K. Better image in my opinion.
  11. Thank you! The more time passes, the more I realize this is my favorite video production related forum. It's got the perfect amount of users. Not too many. A core of regular users that keeps the forum pretty active, with a nice low signal to noise ratio, content wise.
  12. Obviously get the best you can afford, but stock video is one of those things where subject matter truly is king. My best selling clips are old 720p clips shot on a Panasonic HMC150. They still sell regularly today.
  13. dbp

    I hate big cameras

    Has anyone here had much experience with the Eva1? The more I look at the camera, the more it seems like the ideal middle ground. I feel like that would've been much more enjoyable to operate than the FS7, and the image looks great from everything I've seen. The C200 as well, but the lack of a better non-RAW codec is disappointing.
  14. dbp

    I hate big cameras

    Wasn't my choice, the production company wanted it so that's what we went with. That was the crux of my original complaint. I wish I had my say, but alas...
  15. dbp

    I hate big cameras

    A rant. I mostly shoot on DSLRs for my work. Got a big yesterday with a Sony FS7, big ass tripod, monitor, the works. Ohhhh fancy stuff by my standards! But here's the thing. It drove me nuts. Moving, positioning, getting shots was so damned cumbersome. Shot some Broll of a guy on a sailboat. I garauntee I could've gotten way more and frankly, way better and more interesting content with my trusty GH4 and gimbal. Blah blah specs, I don't care. Footage would've been nicer and more interesting to 100% of audiences. I know there'll be some "back in my day, cameras weighed 1000lbs" folks who will scoff, but you know what? Fuck large camera systems. Fuck them.
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