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  1. DNG 'looks' like it has sharpening applied with it's overly emphasised edges. Anyway who looks at a film at 300% an come to think of it who look at a film at 100%??? 'sharpness' is not the reason to choose BRAW anyway. Having the post production flexibility of not having and ISO curve and WB baked in is a bigger advantage than apparent 'sharpness' gains at 300%.
  2. I'm just about to take delivery of a GH06 head so I'll test it against my FSB4 for you.
  3. The BM 4k pocket has a bigger sensor so it would be worse. 0.71 is the reducer you need for APS-C lenses.
  4. Maybe I was a bit harsh on Yashica - they are good value lenses but nothing exceptional. Based on what the OP want's from a set of lenses that will work with future 6 and 8k capture needs then exceptional lenses are what are required.
  5. I do know about Yashica and it’s (inferior) relation Ziess - hence my comment about why would anyone want to use them on a 6k sensor?
  6. They will cover the frame but why choose such cheap lenses for such a good sensor?
  7. You need a version of the NPF sled with a transformer built in to step up the voltage.
  8. I’ve got a GH5 cage and I doubt will be enough extra weight. Try swapping your 12-35 for the sigma 18-35 as this is a very heavy lens on par with the 24-70. Glad the smoothness is an improvement and the legs work well at least! It’s a pretty good setup for the price.
  9. Just checked the Miller site and the entry level heads only have a 2 stage counterbalance setting and not a 0 setting. Seems counterproductive when you wanted a light and compact travel unit that you have to load it up to make it work. How is the fluid motion BTW compared to what you previously had?
  10. Most heads have a 0 counterbalance setting where the spring is disengaged and you only have friction - does the Miller head not have this?
  11. What do you hope to gain from these tests?
  12. Don't rely on manufacturers published write speeds for video. Data transfer to a computer or device is not the same as uninterrupted data streams for recording video real time without frame drops ( hence the need for the V rating). Always test it on your camera.....
  13. SSD's are hardly big so is portability really an issue? , reliability? - any experience of SSD vs CFAST vs SDXC failures with this camera? Size ( ee first point), Cables and ports can be protected by clamps if it's in a cage.
  14. If you know how to expose V-LOG and S-LOG 'correctly' how did you set it on your test video?. What IRE value on your scopes is the horizontal light in the test scenes?
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