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    Xrite i1 display pro IME is best cheap calibrator but the stock software lets it down and you can get much better results with DisplayCal.
  2. They both look terrible - more indicative of the users failure to expose, WB and grade + poor profile choice than the inherent 'colour science' of Sony vs Fuji
  3. Agree - no point in capturing in analogue if you are going to mash it up with a digital scan. Back in the day drum scanners did the best job with everything else quite a way behind apart from perhaps the Imacon. Not even sure if drum scanners are still around as the tech needed to run them is now obsolete.
  4. Nothing stopping you from doing this with digital if you just put your mind to it.
  5. The CEX website has some good deals but I'm not sure everything in the stores is up there. You have to ask where some of this stuff comes from if someone can walk in off the street with a bit of kit and then walk out with some cash.........
  6. Update - I have got the 850 to work in another enclosure https://www.startech.com/uk/HDD/Enclosures/usb-3-1-msata-drive-enclosure~SMS1BMU313 It's quite big but has ventilation holes. I picked up a used one for under £10.
  7. ebay but a long time ago but I'll check the transaction list to see if I can find it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/c/1091701075
  8. The thing I bought ( and works) has no branding unfortunately.
  9. See previous reply ? Something like this (but with a usb 3.1-C cable) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-3-1-to-mSATA-External-SSD-Drive-Enclosure-Case-Caddy-Adapter-Converter-Cable/323282979456?hash=item4b452aca80:g:gcwAAOSwEzJbER3i I think there are now USB-C to USB-C versions as well. As I said some versions may work and some may not.....
  10. The Samsung EVO 860 works but the 850 doesn't. Don't know the models of the enclosures as they are cheap no-brand ebay purchases.
  11. I've got a 1tb mSATA drive in a USB 3.1 enclosure that works with BRAW at the highest data rates. You have to be careful though as I've got a very slightly different enclosure and mSATA that the camera doesn't recognise.
  12. BRAW is better as it has more bit depth and no baked in ISO curve.
  13. Also Metabones are not amazingly well made and are over priced IMO. Optically I've not seen any evidence that the Viltrox is inferior.
  14. The IQ of the GH5 in 'open gate' mode is IMO better than in the UHD/4k modes. It's got cleaner detail with none of the obvious sharpening that some users complain about in UHD/4k and the shadows are slightly less noisy and have cleaner blacks. More importantly it's got no aliasing artefacts in fine detail (when suitably downsampled in your NLE) which is the major flaw with BM cameras using 1:1 sampling sensors. Just curious but why are you not a fan of h.265?
  15. 'Without artefacts' - please explain what reality this is?
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