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  1. Also Metabones are not amazingly well made and are over priced IMO. Optically I've not seen any evidence that the Viltrox is inferior.
  2. The IQ of the GH5 in 'open gate' mode is IMO better than in the UHD/4k modes. It's got cleaner detail with none of the obvious sharpening that some users complain about in UHD/4k and the shadows are slightly less noisy and have cleaner blacks. More importantly it's got no aliasing artefacts in fine detail (when suitably downsampled in your NLE) which is the major flaw with BM cameras using 1:1 sampling sensors. Just curious but why are you not a fan of h.265?
  3. 'Without artefacts' - please explain what reality this is?
  4. I may buy another one and sell my 'original' model to a cDNG'ist for a healthy profit!
  5. Shirozina


    I had a couple of FDn 35-105 F3.5's and they had amazing central resolution but the outer edges were horrible but this was on full frame so I'm sure they would work very well on M43.
  6. You may like to shoot the messenger because you don't like what he says but it's the cDNG 'ultras' that have issues with myopia (at 300%).....
  7. If the GH5 was released today it would be hailed as a 'game changer' (apologies if I've said as much before)
  8. The P4k is a fantastic camera in many ways but the use of a 1:1 sampling sensor and no OLPF means that for high resolution / fine detail capture tasks it's never going to be ideal no matter what codec is used. If your application requires the highest clean rendition of fine detail then you have bought / are considering buying the wrong camera for this task.
  9. There's not such a big difference between the 400Mbps GH5 codec and the P4k RAW - depends how much you want to bend it in post or how much you need to recover mistakes in capture. Yes the RAW is better in a lot of respects but the 400mbps is also very good
  10. That's why the P4k can't replace my GH5 - but maybe a future GH6 will replace the P4k......
  11. The IS lock feature is amazing and can replace a tripod for a lot of situations.
  12. Been there done that. Yes there are slight differences if you look at a magnification beyond anything you would see in the final film ( that's the tradeoff for smaller file sizes). Your language is hysterical and bears no relation to reality and gives a totally false impression to anyone wanting informed information on this topic.
  13. I'm still waiting to see the evidence of this 'strong sharpening and NR'. What exactly is your clip showing?
  14. and I'm saying ( from the experience of actually owning a P4k) that there is no more DR in RAW than ProRes.
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