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  1. I was about to sell mine, but this thread brought me back to the reality that the BMPCC and BMMCC footage is simply so much more gorgeous than the 4k. I would sell the 4k, but need it for work since we use the URSA Mini Pro and it marries well there. Like everyone, I wish BM would bring some of this old mojo back!
  2. I'm about to sell some high-priced gear and was going to use eBay. Not anymore. Sorry this happened to you, Andrew.
  3. The size and usability are really huge, but to me, it doesn't compare well to a Kowa, which has so much character. Still, it definitely makes up for being so much easier to use, and WAY lighter!
  4. Yeah, black pro mist and using diopters to further enhance my depth of field, which can aid in the look I want.
  5. Didn't realize I don't have a 67-77MM step up ring. Hoping to get a variety of light, then can put up some quick clips.
  6. So mine arrived. I love how small and light it is. Haven't had the chance to go out in the streets with it, but will this week. One thing it is definitely not is a Kowa! I picked up one of Tito's oval disks to see how that helps. First initial thoughts are that I love how light and small it is. Ease of use is the strong point. Anamorphic character is not really there in my limited time with it, but I think we all kind of know that. I'm hoping taking it into the world opens up my senses for the possibilities. I feel if I can Tito-fake this into giving me that anamorphic vibe with disks, diopters and bpm, it's worth having for size and ease. More later ...
  7. I'm not afraid of lenses with character so looking forward to trying some of these out in the BM4k crop when I can.
  8. Thanks. Going by your comments over the years and by looking through past threads, I figured you'd have some good suggestions. I appreciate your time.
  9. Pardon if this was discussed elsewhere, but which c-mount lenses are your favorite with BM? I'm curious to give the 2.6k a try.
  10. She isn't speaking here, so it could easily be pre-rolling the shot while everyone is taking position.
  11. I've always loved the image out of the F3.
  12. As much as it has crossed my mind, I just cannot let either the Micro or the OG pocket go. Even if I rarely use them, they just produce such a beautiful image.
  13. Thank you, Andrew. This is the kind of thing I love about EOSHD.
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