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  1. I agree. One didn't learn from the other.
  2. GoPro's last ad was created entirely by all of us, the consumers. Not a single clip was made in house.
  3. Agreed. They shouldn't even bother with these specs.
  4. That's old news. They've been making a rebound. Who knows what the future holds, but the Hero7 Black is awesome and considering history, a new cam could be unveiled in a few months.
  5. Speaking of dark, but unrelated. My buddy and I bought tickets to see The Passion of the Christ, but by the time we entered the theater the movie had already started. The beginning of that movie is pitch black so we couldn't find our seats. I didn't even know if I was standing in the aisle or in front of someone. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. It was both uncomfortable and hilarious for a very inconvenient amount of time. First world problems, considering the film we were trying to watch.
  6. I'm assuming you weren't actually looking for a response. Hook has been helpful when he's had time. Why go this route? I'd love for his input to remain a part of this forum. Omit the emotion when asking the question so we have a chance at an answer. I know this topic has come up before and he's responded to it. Things are always changing. Lets keep it real in here. Even if I missed something I don't know about, that post isn't getting any of us anywhere. My two cents.
  7. I always liked the look of it. The really poor low light kept me away from it though.
  8. They are dramatically different. I think resolution goes a long way in how an image appears to us, for sure. I see points for both. It's been said over and over how great those little cameras are, and it's all truth.There's something about them. (OG and Micro) With Ursa you get so many options though. Same with Pocket4k, but they look like the same camera in a lot of ways when reviewing the footage to me.
  9. We have an Ursa Mini Pro at work and just shot a big project with both that cam and the Pocket4k both maxed out and, yes, in certain scenes the DR advantage can be seen, but for the most part they look very similar. So much so, that to most, no one could tell the difference. I guess it depends on what you're shooting. I have both the OG pocket and the Micro. Not sure I should keep both, but I too love the image. Even when we were shooting a lot of projects with the FS7 I thought the Micro blew it out of the water. Just a beautiful image.
  10. I would be too if I was security at a place that dead. I'm going to look into golden west hotel now. Thanks for the tip. .... just looked into it. That place is awful! Yikes. An asylum or jail cell. It definitely fits the role of either.
  11. Nice work, Kaylee! I recognize my neighborhood in there. You live here too? I like the compositions and also appreciate the color.
  12. I can't speak for Moza Air, but have it working well with Ronin S. The weight is definitely no joke. IMG_6748.HEIC
  13. I agree with @webrunner5 the BM wins by a big stretch. That being said, its still pretty good for 2009. I remember being blown away by ML RAW on it when it became available.
  14. This happens to you, Andrew? I've had mine for quite some time and have yet to experience this 50% shut off. Like someone else said, my new batteries last about an hour. I haven't timed it, but that seems about right.
  15. I'm looking forward to testing BRAW with all my lenses now that some huge projects are over.
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