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  1. As much as it has crossed my mind, I just cannot let either the Micro or the OG pocket go. Even if I rarely use them, they just produce such a beautiful image.
  2. Don't forget to add the boring filter.
  3. I need you to go ahead and guess that I will be a multi-millionaire by year's end.
  4. I have one, but am afraid to try it. I've been happy with the audio through XLR on the P4k as well.
  5. I haven't had any issues either. I started with the Voltrox, but couldn't shoot wide open with it so was forced to grab the Metabones. Didn't want to chance it again with Aputure since I know for a fact Metabones work well.
  6. As much as I continue to add Resolve more and more to my workflow, there are times when Adobe is just plain easier and I hate that. My hope is it's me and I'll improve.
  7. Nothing in yours either, Leslie.
  8. I don't know, but I'll surely be looking out for it with all my cameras. I don't recall ever seeing it though.
  9. I can't replicate the issue with blue sky clips. I attached a BRAW frame. Maybe I'm missing something. Only thing I can see is a lens that needs cleaning, lol. A008_06142150_C201_000.braw Pushed it a bit here to see if I could see anything, but still don't. I'll be the first to admit my eyes aren't what they used to be, though! Looking at this image after it posted, any artifacts appear to be from web compression, perhaps. It looks pretty clean to me on my monitor.
  10. One of my favorite artists of all time.
  11. Yeah, a monitor setup on top can help, but in a lot of ways I still like carrying extra batteries over a v-mount. If I really want to carry something that heavy I'd just grab the Ursa because once you add that, it may as well be, like you said.
  12. I don't know, I shot over a weekend with it when it first arrived with nothing but a shoulder strap for stabilization and it worked just fine for me. It was still a joy to use and nobody would I know I didn't have all kinds of crap hanging from it.
  13. By the time DJI updates the action, the Hero8 will be out. Competition is great for all of us.
  14. Yeah, but it's also $700. (II)
  15. In drm's defense. Sorry about the shaky phone clip. batterytest.mp4
  16. I messed this first test up pretty badly. I don't recommend deciding last minute to go shoot a test as the sun is going down, but hey, at least I finally did something. I'll shoot some more with the P4k and Micro on this holiday weekend and do it properly. Bonus points to the first person in the forum who doesn't live in my town who can name the famous movie this location is featured in. Knowing you guys, this is too easy.
  17. I feel bad I never did this. Going to head out after dinner and grab some clips with a Micro and a P4k. Both RAW 3:1 to start.
  18. I agree completely with all of this. I haven't built my micro up to the extent of yours. (Still pressing those horrible buttons on the camera) The image with the micro and Pocket is beautiful, but when I go out to shoot, the P4k goes with me. Usability is becoming more and more important for me these days. Until I come up with that artsy project where that image of old is a must, these guys are watching over all my shelved gear. The thought of what it takes to use them and rigging them up makes me lose interest quick when deciding which cam to take.
  19. I agree. One didn't learn from the other.
  20. GoPro's last ad was created entirely by all of us, the consumers. Not a single clip was made in house.
  21. Agreed. They shouldn't even bother with these specs.
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