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  1. It's funny the same people who complain about detail loss say the 4k image is too sharp. I'm not one to pixel peep everything I shoot, but I'm not noticing a massive difference from DNG to BRAW on mine. If it's there it surely isn't enough to be of any concern. Not even with green screen, at least in my use.
  2. But for smaller passion projects, that camera is a beast. I'd much rather have the Pocket. We have a few Ursas as work and I'll bring in my Pocket for most shoots. The ursa is pretty heavy with a vmount and the screen is so much better on the pocket. Do love internal NDs though.
  3. After shooting with an FS7 for years at my work, I just found Sony cameras to be a total PITA. The menu system alone. If you haven't tried a BM camera before you'll be in heaven just from a usability standpoint. They are simple and to the point. Beautifully so. I don't want to spend weeks getting used to a menu system. It keeps me from doing what I'm there to do. I know I'm both exaggerating and dramatic, but not really.
  4. I used BRAW for a big project all last week and I agree with you. No reason for Prores for me moving forward.
  5. Really?? I have to try this later. 50 1.4 wide open is totally unusable with my Viltrox Nikon adapter.
  6. When you're suddenly being sued by Red you've clearly got them concerned. Keep stirring up the industry, BM!
  7. Everyone talking about how much easier things would be if this camera were the Micro. That thing is a pain in the ass. I love it, but real pain. Nothing easy, not small, really when you have to add everything to it. Comparing to Pocket 4k - which, all you need now is the camera, lens and SD with BRAW.
  8. If that's the case I'm a very lucky man. ?
  9. I love this look. BTW, had a little delay as weather, deadlines and more work piled up on me. I'll do my best to shoot our comparison shots this week after work.
  10. Really?!! You have better eyes than I do. To me, outside in the sun this screen is useless. This is why I bought a Zacuto loupe for it when not using an external monitor.
  11. Just be careful and you'll be okay. Ive shot a ton of sports, handheld and with a gimbal. Taken it on trips and my micro HDMI is still okay. I use ultra thin HDMI cables so they are extra flexible and this helps. Still, if you can rig it up, this is best option.
  12. I will never get rid of my OG pocket. The image out of it truly is magic. With that said, I will use it with purpose, but grab the Pocket4k for almost everything. I use the Hoya IR cut with the OG Pocket, Micro and 4k, wether it needs it or not, when using NDs. It is crazy how spoiled one gets with the Pocket4k though. After using it, it really is hard to use the OG since it requires external batteries and a monitor for my eyes. You will be in love with the image though!
  13. I ordered Nov 30th so you have to be getting close! Stoked I haven't experienced this! Hope they "resolve" it for you.
  14. Shooting first location up in the mountains this weekend. Will post next week.
  15. Luckily I haven't had a single issue with mine.
  16. I don't know about full RAW but 3:1 is a dream in Resolve too. Meanwhile I was given a job that was a mixture of Sony A7SII and Fuji Xt3 and my MacPro choked on it. It was horrible.
  17. Yeah, I honestly believe a lot of why the Pocket4k looks so clean is the 4k, but i think we all know that definitely plays a role. I don't think the pressure is on too bad. You are helping to facilitate something that gives these clips to the whole forum to give it a shot on their own. I'm really looking forward to what people do with the clips. I definitely think we should at least shoot them all 1080 Prores. I'll put a color checker in all shots. I'm going to add 4k too as most will shoot 4k with this camera.
  18. Our weather is crappy through until about Wednesday so I'll start doing some outdoor shots first since they are the easiest. I'll shoot each in succession and pay attention to shooting things that don't have a ton of change from minute to minute. All on 24-70, and closely match focal length. I'll match the f stops and shoot all with and without IR Cut.
  19. I don't have a gh5, unfortunately, I have access to the three cameras mentioned as well as an Ursa Mini Pro, but that isn't part of this conversation. I have Kino Flos and Astras, bounces, etc.. A adorable eight year-old I can use as a model or can find someone to help, and I live in a pretty beautiful place (San Diego) I'm looking forward to this. If anyone in the forum is from around here and has a GH5 they want to bring, I'm all for it. I think so many are really interested in matching the new look to the old look though. Shooting simultaneously makes sense unless we light it, then I don't think that matters as long as we get the movement to be close. My lenses are all Nikon mount: I have (nikon) 85 1.8, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 vr1, 35mm f2, Sigma 50 1.4, Tokina 11-16, Tokina 100 macro, Helios 44-2, jupiter 9, helios 40, slr magic variable nd 2, hoya ir cut --- Both OG Pocket and Micro have Speedboosters, P4k has Viltrox. I would love to collaborate if anyone in Socal wants in on this.
  20. I can shoot the same scene with a P4k, a OG Pocket and a Micro Cinema if you want. Tell me what you want shot and I'll do it and share the raw files.
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