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  1. Thanks for all the input guys. I got to mess with my friend's BMPCC 4k today and to me its a no-brainer. The colors are just so much better. I need to figure out a battery solution but the camera is just incredible.
  2. Thanks IronFilm. I'm a freelance DP & I usually rent a cinema camera for my commercial projects so this camera would be used to just shoot smaller passion projects and the occasional event gig. I'm strongly leaning towards the BMPCC 4k but part of me see's the value in rigging out the FS5 with a Shogun Inferno + raw update. For me it all comes down to what has the most cinematic image
  3. I'm mostly shooting music videos & short narratives with it. I do need to occasionally get event b-roll coverage for an odd-gig here or there but main focus is doing stuff where I can light. I haven't invested in much rigging and accessories for the FS5. That's sorta what I'm bouncing between in my head right now: Rigging out the FS5 like Leslie said, or just jumping ship and getting things to use to frankenrig the blackmagic. thebrothersthre3 made some great points and I'm leaning towards going BM but figured I'd ask this question here in case anyone might have some intel that I'm missi
  4. Just curious if you guys think it would be wise to sell a Sony FS5 (mark I) to get the hot new Blackmagic if cinematic image & color is the primary focus here. I don't mind having to frankenrig up the pocket cam with cage + dummy batteries to get it useable. The Sony FS5 doesn't have the raw update nor do I have an atomos to take advantage of its more robust recording formats.
  5. I have an interview shoot that requires 2 cameras. I'll use my A7s for a medium-shot and for my closeup, I'll have to use a 5D II, as that is all I have for a 2nd angle. I have read this reddit forum but was just wondering if you guys have any other tips? I know this setup is not ideal but its all I have to work with and was looking for suggestions on how to make it work the best it can. I do not shoot SLOG on the a7s, usually cine gamma 4. For the 5D, its usually Visioncolor.
  6. I might be a little late to the party but I just upgraded to the a7s from a Canon 5D and 60D. I did a lot of research and figured that would be the best decision for my style of filmmaking. But my head is spinning with all the info out there about exposing for certain IRE values and customizing picture profiles, etc.. My question is- I'll likely be shooting most of the time with Cine Gamma 4 or 2, so is exposure as tricky as it is with Slog 2? Can I do the typical thing of exposing to the point of clipping highlights, and then backing down? I don't mind spending time in the grade, but the 3200
  7. have you tried testing the overheating issue with IBIS off?
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